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    • Clive Field Marshall – state trooper style
    • 1. state trooper style
    • 2. island in the sun
    • 3. rent man
    • 4. sheep skin gone clear
    • 5. love is what you want
    • 6. ting-a-ling a-ling
    • 7. what happen to the hostage
    • 8. dance pon de corner
    • 9. poor house rockers
    • 10. old mas charlie
    • 11. jenifer charm
    • 12. money man time

    The rhythms nod again to The Heptones at Studio One, and Bob Marley; others are voiced elsewhere in the Wackies catalogue by Barrington Spence, Junior Delahaye and the Love Joys; some had appeared on the Presenting Prince Douglas set the previous year.

    Clive himself is compelling, witty and ebullient in the dancehall style pioneered by Lone Ranger, ranging over subjects including JA tourism and landlordism, Carter and Reagan, banks and bulldogs, and — outstandingly, on Delahaye's ineffable but unissued Acting So Strange — the in-thing beaver hat and sheepskin coat.

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      Prince JazzboGet Tonight BrotherClocktower

      rootsy dee jay cuts from from 1973

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        General Echo and U-U MadooStereo Phonic (1977)

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          Wake the Town and Tell the People:Dancehall Culture in Jamaica - By Norman StolzoffDuke University

          This is the one essential book on Dancehall (after Soul Jazz Records' "Dancehall", of course). A seriously in depth anthropological study of Jamaican Dancehall. Quite wordy but as close an insight into the lifestyle, the studios and the music as you will ever find. 

          Stolzoff brings a fan's enthusiasm to his broad perspective on dancehall, providing extensive interviews, original photographs, and anthropological analysis from eighteen months of fieldwork in Kingston.Stolzoff argues that this enormously popular musical genre expresses deep conflicts within Jamaican society, not only along lines of class, race, gender, sexuality, and religion but also between different factions struggling to gain control of the island nation's political culture. Dancehall culture thus remains a key arena where the future of this volatile nation is shaped. As his argument unfolds, Stolzoff traces the history of Jamaican music from its roots in the late eighteenth century to 1945, from the addition of sound systems and technology during the mid-forties to early sixties, and finally through the post-independence years from the early sixties to the present.

          "Wake the Town and Tell the People" offers a general introduction for those interested in dancehall music and culture. For the fan or musicologist, it will serve as a comprehensive reference book.


          100% essential read!

            Horace AndyExclusivelyWackies

            Appearing originally on the Solid Groove label out of Croydon in South London, Exclusively is sometimes misconstrued as the UK issue of Dance Hall Style. The tracks from both were recorded at the same sessions - with Bullwackie joined at the controls by Junior Delahaye and Prince Douglas - and issued close together in 1982-83, Croydon first.

            Half of Exclusively non-exclusively versions four tracks from the Stateside release - three are re-titled - and also Eating Mess, which appeared on the first pressing of Dance Hall Style, though unlisted on the sleeve. The mixes are all different (and without dubs). Five further specials include the funky Musical Episode, a superior Bob Marley tribute, and a version of Rougher Yet.

            • – bob lives on
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            Originally released in 1980 aka "Have A Little Faith" on Micron Records.

            Check "Danger": kiler DJ cut!

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