Cabaret Voltaire Drinking Gasoline (2014 Reissue)

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    • New LP + Download Code CABS24£13.99
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    • Cabaret Voltaire – Kino (CD only)
    • Cabaret Voltaire – Sleepwalking (CD only)
    • Cabaret Voltaire – Big Funk (CD only)
    • Cabaret Voltaire – Ghostalk (CD only)
    • 1. Kino (CD only)
    • 2. Sleepwalking (CD only)
    • 3. Big Funk (CD only)
    • 4. Ghostalk (CD only)
    • 5. Introduction (DVD only)
    • 6. Crackdown (DVD only)
    • 7. Diffusion (DVD only)
    • 8. Sleepwalking (DVD only)
    • 9. Slow Boat To Thassos (DVD only)
    • 10. Sensoria (DVD only)
    • 11. Automotivation (DVD only)
    • 12. Big Funk (DVD only)
    • 13. Kino (DVD only)
    • 14. Ghostalk (DVD only)
    • 15. Fadeout (DVD only)
    • 16. Just Fascination 7" Mix (DVD only)
    • 17. Sensoria 7" Mix (DVD only)
    • 18. I Want You 7" Mix (DVD only)
    • 19. I Want You 12" Mix (DVD only)

    Cabaret Voltaire, alongside Human League, Throbbing Gristle, Fad Gadget and The Normal, were at the forefront of the UK electronic movement of the late 1970s. Way ahead of their time, Cabaret Voltaire’s blend of dance music, techno, dub, house and experimental made them, without a doubt, one of the most influential acts of the last 35 years.

    ‘Drinking Gasoline’ was originally released in 1985, consisting of four songs from the legendary ‘Gasoline In Your Eye’ videocassette. These songs rank among Cabaret Voltaire’s more infectious compositions.

    ‘Gasoline In Your Eye’ is now included as a DVD together with the CD of ‘Drinking Gasoline’, featuring videos shot and edited by groundbreaking director Peter Care and Richard H Kirk.

    All audio remastered from the original tapes.

    ‘Gasoline In Your Eye’ DVD includes ‘Sensoria’ and promotional videos for ‘I Want You’ and ‘Just Fascination’.

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