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  • 1. kindred
  • 2. loner
  • 3. ashtray wasp

Hyperdub's purveyor of ghostly garage breakbeats, returns with this hotly tipped three-tracker a whole year since "Steet Halo" dropped!

"Kindred" has the desperate, melancholy feel that made us fall in love Burial all those years back; clanging metallic, kinetic swinging garage beats, barely-audible vocals and thunderous dark soundscapes.

"Loner" delves deeper into the dark, taking on a sinister tone with paranoid arpeggios that dart in and out of rumbling low-end, prog-chords and ghostly chants. The EP ends with the hopeless, grainy gloom of "Ashtray Wasp".  The dark can be so beautiful. Buy!