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  • 1. johnny, i love you
  • 2. cleveland now
  • 3. children don't get weary
  • 4. tank's lament
  • 5. blues in the gutter
  • 6. we've got johnny wells
  • 7. down at ralph's joint
  • 8. deadwood duck
  • 9. run tank run
  • 10. time is tight

This is the soundtrack to Jules Dassin's seminal 1968 black action film 'Uptight!'. We reckon that this is not only is this the first black action film, but also the first black action film soundtrack (predating Shaft, Super Fly, Sweet Sweetback by a good two years). Includes the long version of 'Time Is Tight' - as included in Soul Jazz Records' totally fab 'Can You Dig It' album. (We would say that wouldn't we).