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  • 1. Don't Be Short
  • 2. Northstar
  • 3. Mist Of The Early Morning
  • 4. Life Is A River
  • 5. Friends And Neighbors
  • 6. Country To The City
  • 7. Home Again
  • 8. Cross Country
  • 9. Lament For The Walking Dead
  • 10. Seacost
  • 11. Hulk

First time on vinyl in over 30 years!

A Cadet gem! Smooth, laid-back, soulful jazz-rock, similar to contemporaries like Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears, and Ballin' Jack.

Archie Whitewater was not a person. (No one in the eight-piece band was named Archie Whitewater.)  This is the group's only release, originally released in 1970, the group's self-titled album blends a healthy mix of jazz, psychedelic and rock, landing squarely in the middle of the musical revolution occurring at the time. 


Spanning 11 tracks, Archie Whitewater is filled with many standout cuts, from the frantic guitar and horns of "Home Again", to the powerhouse instrumental "Hulk." The album's center-piece however, is the mellow ballad "Cross Country", famous among crate-digging circles as it has frequently been sampled into hip-hop tracks by Akinyele, DJ Premier and Common to name a few.