Arabian Prince Innovative Life: The Antholgy - 1984-1989

Stones Throw Records
  • 1. Strange Life
  • 2. It Ain't Tough
  • 3. Take You Home Girl
  • 4. Let's Hit The Beach
  • 5. Innovative Life
  • 6. Innovator
  • 7. Situation Hot
  • 8. Panic Zone
  • 9. Professor X (Saga)
  • 10. Freak City
  • 11. Simple Planet (CD Bonuns Track)
  • 12. Beatdabeat (CD Bonus Track)

The latest release from Stones Throw gathers the finest of the recorded catalog from pioneering Southern Cali producer Arabian Prince, who was actually a founding member of N.W.A. and influenced not only Dr. Dre with his electro-driven beats and grooves, but also an entire burgeoning scene in the mid 80s! Arabian Prince's story is undeniable. His life reflects the innovation of the early West Coast hip-hop scene, from his days amongst the likes of electro-rap legends Egyptian Lover and the World Class Wreckin Cru to his work with N.W.A. This anthology, a collection of his groundbreaking electro-rap work recorded between 1984 and 1989, not only compels the listener through sound, but through prose. Through Arabian Prince’s music and life story, Stones Throw Records is proud to present a glimpse into an overlooked chapter in hip-hop’s history.