Zulu Stomp! South Africa Garage Beats

    No Smoke
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    • A-Cads – Watch Your Step
    • Freedom's Children – Satisfaction
    • John E. Sharpe & The Squires – LSD
    • 1. A-Cads – Watch Your Step
    • 2. Upsetters – Daddy Rolling Stone
    • 3. Freedom's Children – Satisfaction
    • 4. John E. Sharpe & The Squires – LSD
    • 5. Ronnie Singer – I Want You
    • 6. Bill Kimber and The Couriers – Come On, Come On, Come On
    • 7. Bats – Get Your Baggies On
    • 8. Invaders – Thinking About You
    • 9. Hookie Coochies – I'm A Boy
    • 10. A-Cads – Roadrunner
    • 11. 004's – I've Got News For You
    • 12. John E. Sharpe & The Squires – Walking The Dog
    • 13. The Zeros – Work All Day
    • 14. Johnny Congos and The G-Man – 900 Miles
    • 15. Navarones – Blue Blue Feeling
    • 16. The Kynd – Hideway
    • 17. Hank Squires – Sick and Tired
    • 18. Finders Keepers – Man of The Sea

    While national newspapers portrayed them as 'hordes of sloppy, aggressive, be-jeaned louts and their girlfriends who cause so much trouble in South Africa,' a whole new generation of garage rockers was flooding the clubs with savage, primitive fuzz sounds. No doubt South Africa was the in-place in Mother Africa in the '60s, with a strong scene as can be heard on the Cazumbi compilations and this new Zulu Stomp that is exclusively dedicated to that country. Expect some of the best garage music you've ever heard from Africa, and don't miss this one if you liked Cazumbi... This release includes an insert with liner notes plus a bunch of rare photos. Great remastered sound as well.

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