Rrose Tulip Space

    • Rrose – A Row of Cylinders
    • Rrose – Squared
    • Rrose – In Place of Matter
    • Rrose – In Place of Mortar
    • 1. A Row of Cylinders
    • 2. Squared
    • 3. In Place of Matter
    • 4. In Place of Mortar

    The first solo EP from Rrose since 2019's critically acclaimed full-length Hymn to Moisture, Tulip Space combines dancefloor and experimental elements with a confounding cohesiveness. The opening track clocks in at 133 BPM and is generated from a single distorted kick drum processed and sculpted to form multiple layers of percussion. With the addition of a 909 hi-hat and snare drum, Rrose proceeds to melt the dancefloor without a synthesizer, melody, or chord in sight. "Squared" quantizes the sound of a creaking metal hinge to create a destabilizing psychoacoustic rhythm riding in and out of sync with a throbbing sub bass. On the B-side, "In Place of Matter" is a driving piece of resonant analog synth-led techno that manages to feel intensely frenetic at just 96bpm. The EP closes with a spiraling piece of rhythmic noise that melts into a low frequency stew, a parable for the times.