There and Black Again The Autobiography of Don Letts

    Omnibus Press

    Don Letts filmmaker, musician, DJ, broadcaster, social commentator, husband and father - has always defied conformity. A British-born son of Windrush parents, he seamlessly pivoted between London's punk and reggae scenes earning his reputation as the 'Rebel Dread'.

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    The Final Days of EMISelling the PigOmnibus Press

    The Beatles. The Beach Boys. Blur, Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Kate Bush and Coldplay. EMI was one of the big four record companies, with some of the biggest names in the history of recorded music on its roster. Dominating the music industry for over 100 years, by 2010 EMI Group had reported massive pre\-tax losses. The group was divided up and sold in 2011. How could one of the greatest recording companies of the 20th century have ended like this? With interviews from insiders and music industry experts, Eamonn Forde pieces together the tragic end to a financial juggernaut and a cultural institution in forensic detail. The Final Days of EMI: Selling the Pig is the story of the British recording industry, laid bare in all its hubris and glory.

      The Electric Muse RevisitedThe Story of Folk into Rock and BeyondOmnibus Press

      Folk music has been evolving and adapting for centuries, but in the 1960s and 70s came an extraordinary period of change and innovation. Rock musicians borrowed from traditional songs, while folk musicians re-worked ancient ballads using electric guitars and drum kits. From Dylan to Fairport Convention, Richard Thompson and Steeleye Span, the fusion of old and contemporary created a powerful new style: folk-rock. Since then, new and experimental folk fusions have continued, involving anything from rap to electronica.

        Led Zeppelin on Led ZeppelinInterviews and EncountersOmnibus Press

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        In a series of more than 50 interviews that span seven decades, many never before seen in print, this is the story of Led Zeppelin told by the people who knew it best--the members of the band. This book shoots down the folklore and assumptions about Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, and presents the band's full history. 'Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin' captures the ideas of all of the band's members at the time they created classics like "Whole Lot of Love," "Stairway to Heaven," and "Kashmir," but also captures the idea of the band itself as it created the music that changed popular culture.

          Torn ApartThe Life of Ian CurtisOmnibus Press

          Cloaked in mystique, Joy Division's extraordinary vocalist Ian Curtis tragically took his own life in 1980, leaving just two haunting albums and a depleted band that would famously evolve into New Order. 25 years later, the enigma of Ian Curtis has deepened to an unprecedented level. Devotees make regular pilgramages to both his hometown of Macclesfield and to Manchester, where the story of Joy Division and Factory Records has left a profound mark on the city. This book examines his life, his work, his relationships and the cultural environment in which he lived and died.

            The Cake and the RainA Memoir by Jimmy WebbOmnibus Press

            The Cake and the Rain promises to be a gripping tale of "sex drugs and rock'n'roll". Following Webb from the early 70s and across the whole of the preceding three decades that led to him weeping over the piano keys as his fingers finally remembered what they had been born to do. Jimmy Webb still plays and records like there's no tomorrow. This is the memoir of one of the greatest songwriters of all time: a man with unfathomable talent - and luck.

              Mystery Train : Images of America in Rock 'n' Roll Musicby Greil MarcusOmnibus Press

              Classic book about birth of rock - essential!

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                The Death Of Rhythm & BluesBy Nelson GeorgeOmnibus Press

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                  Divided SoulThe Life Of Marvin Gaye by David RitzOmnibus Press

                  In this intimate biography of the Prince of Soul, David Ritz provides a candid look at a star and a friend. Ritz had been working on Gaye's story for several years before the singers tragic death, and had conducted a series of extraordinary interviews in which Gaye discussed his deepest secrets. Drawing from these interviews, Gaye's life is recounted in his own words and the words of those who knew him best: his family, friends, and colleagues. What emerges is a full-scale portrait of a charming but tortured artist, a brilliant singer with a divided soul. Here is Marvins story, from his early years as an abused child in the slums of Washington, D.C., through his rise to the top of the Motown industry, his fall from grace, and his comeback, to his death at the hands of his own father. But it is also the story of his music, and the music of Black America over the past four decades from gospel to doo-wop to soul to funk. The result is an epic tale whose cast of characters includes Diana Ross, Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, and Stevie Wonder, among others.The definitive biography of an enormously gifted and sensitive man, Divided Soul takes us deep into the life and music of one of Americas most soulful and most troubled singers

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                    Catch A FireThe Life Of Bob MarleyOmnibus Press
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                      The Life Of James BrownBy Geoff BrownOmnibus Press

                      This book is the definitive biography of James Brown, an extraordinary and controversial superstar, that encompasses his entire life until his death on Christmas Day 2006. For decades, James Brown dominated the changing face of post-war popular black music. Others have been as inspirational in the short term and several of his successors have been bigger pop stars, but none has matched Brown's independent authority, sustained influence or commercial longevity.

                      But while generations danced to the pulse of James Brown, at the end of the 1980s the man himself was back in a Southern US jail, a mile from there he was incarcerated in his teens. Between two internments, is the compelling story of a man who, by reaching from his roots and striving determindly for himself, came to represent in music and personal power, the post-war emancipation of black America. It is illustrated with rare photographs and includes a comprehensive discography.