Sun Ra God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be (2018 Remastered Edition)

    Cosmic Myth
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    • Sun Ra – Days Of Happiness
    • Sun Ra – Magic City Blue
    • Sun Ra – Tenderness
    • Sun Ra – Blithe Spirit Dance
    • Sun Ra – God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be
    • 1. Days Of Happiness
    • 2. Magic City Blue
    • 3. Tenderness
    • 4. Blithe Spirit Dance
    • 5. God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be

    'God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be' is something of a rarity in the Sun Ra catalogue - a cohesive album with none of the stylistic eclecticism and musical chair-shifting many of the artist's self-released LPs were known for. Recorded at Variety Studios one day in 1979, the album's five tracks comprise a solid jazz trio set.

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    • Sun Ra – Sleeping Beauty
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    Sun RaOf Abstract DreamsStrut
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    Sun RaSpace Is The Place (Soundtrack)Sutro Park
    Available on vinyl for the first time ever is the soundtrack to the legendary Sun Ra film, Space Is The Place. Featuring...
    • Sun Ra – It's After The End Of The World
    • Sun Ra – Under Different Stars
    • Sun Ra – Discipline 33
    • Sun Ra – Watusa
    • Sun Ra – Calling Planet Earth
    • Sun Ra – I Am The Alter-Destiny
    • Sun Ra – Satellites Are Spinning
    • Sun Ra – Cosmic Forces
    • Sun Ra – Outer Spaceways Incorporated
    • Sun Ra – We Travel The Spaceways
    • Sun Ra – The Overseer
    • Sun Ra – Blackman / Love In Outer Space
    Sun RaSpaceways (RSD 16)Org Music
    LP - £28.99Record Store Day 2016 Release. Receiving its first ever vinyl release for Record Store Day 2016, 'Spaceways' features live performances by...
      Sun RaJazz By Sun Ra (RSD 16)Poppydisc
      LP - £18.99Record Store Day 2016 Release. Limited edition RSD pressing (500 worldwide) on Neon Yellow Vinyl. 'Jazz By Sun Ra' was the debut album length...
        Sun RaSpace Is The Place (1973)Impulse!
        Totally essential deep astro jazz with the full twenty minute version of the title track! One-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world, wonky space anthem! This...
        • Sun Ra – space is the place
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        Sun RaDiscipline 27-11El Saturn Records
        Released in 1973, the title track is a 24 minute slow groove of Afro-black cosmic consciousness featuring the Space Ethnic Voices of June Tyson and co....
          Sun RaWhen Sun Comes Out (1963)Saturn Research
          When Sun Comes Out finds Ra working with the Arkestra once more.T he sound is given a cosmological context and cut with an exotic ambience.
            Sun RaHoliday For Soul Dance (1970)Saturn Research
            This album of standards is delightful. It is only 32 minutes long and contains one vocal track. Recorded mid-60s, released by Ra in 1970.
              Sun RaContinuation (1963)El Saturn Records
              Hyper-rare El Saturn LP, recorded in 1963, early in the Arkestra's NY period. Sun Ra (piano, space organ); John Gilmore (tenor sax); Pat Patrick (baritone...
                Sun RaStrange Celestial Road (1980)Celestial Recordings
                The band Sun Ra had at the end of the '70s was surely the funkiest he ever had.
                  Sun RaUniverse In Blue (1972)Saturn
                  Featuring Arkestra stawarts John Gilmore (tenor sax) and June Tyson (vocals). 
                  • Sun Ra – Universe In Blue Part I
                  • Sun Ra – Blackman
                  Sun RaMedia DreamsArt Yard
                  Recorded in Italy in 1978 this is Sun Ra at his most obscure. The group features John Gilmore on sax, Luqman Ali on drums and Michael Ray on trumpet.
                    Sun RaAngels And Demons At Play (1967)Saturn Research
                    Seminal deep jazz with 'Tiny Pyramids'. Recorded in Chicago late 50s - a true high point! All-star line-up, essential recording.
                      Sun RaDisco 3000Art Yard
                      Legendary session recorded in Milan in 1978, this quartet recording gives John Gilmore, Michael Ray and Luqman Ali the space to improvise and solo more...
                      • Sun Ra – Dance Of The Cosmo Aliens
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                      Sun RaThe Night Of The Purple MoonSaturn
                      Super rare early 70s set Sun Ra with John Gilmore on percussion as well as tenor sax. Includes "Love In Outer Space". Super deep and funky! As featured...
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                        • CD£13.99
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                        Sun RaCosmos (1977)Inner City
                        Recorded in Paris in 1976, this album has an eerie, outer space vibe. Featuring John Gilmore on tenor, Marshall Allen on alto and flute, Danny Thompson...
                          • CD£13.99
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                          Sun RaFate In A Pleasant MoodSaturn
                          Early Arkestra genius, orginally released in 1960, and was later reissued on Impulse
                            • CD£9.99
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                            Sun RaMonorails And SatellitesSaturn Research
                            Incredible album of solo piano from Ra!
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                              Sun RaMy Brother The Wind Vol. IISaturn
                              Beautifully done reissue of this very rare album.

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