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    Yan TreggerCatchy (40th Anniversary Edition)Farfalla Records
    Reissue of the sought-after 1978 instrumental disco LP 'Catchy' by Yan Tregger, a European composer who also experimented with pop, soul, jazz and rock....
    • Yan Tregger – Carry On
    • Yan Tregger – Catchy
    • Yan Tregger – Gimmicky
    • Yan Tregger – Sunny Wing
    • Yan Tregger – Light Heart (Parts 1 & 2)
    • Yan Tregger – Riff On
    • Yan Tregger – Lyric Soul
    • Yan Tregger – Muscle And Heat
    • Yan Tregger – This Time
    • Yan Tregger – L'Amour A La Bouche