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    • Zanmari Baré – Déor in Paradi
    • Zanmari Baré – Monmon bib
    • Zanmari Baré – In sor
    • Zanmari Baré – Mwin Gaby
    • 1. Déor in Paradi
    • 2. Monmon bib
    • 3. In sor
    • 4. Mwin Gaby
    • 5. Lo vyé bob
    • 6. Voun

    Widely revered in his homeland of Réunion in the Indian Ocean but little known beyond its borders, Zanmari Baré is at the forefront of the renaissance in Maloya music. 'Voun' boils down the 6/8 rhythms of Maloya to their essence: subdued percussion, plaintive vocals, Kayanm (shaker & principal instrument of Maloya) and the “bobre” - a musical arc similar to the Brazilian berimbau. Recommended!

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