Spatial The Spatial Sessions - EP1

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    • Spatial – Unify
    • Spatial – Dubfiction runout
    • Spatial – Cara gatti
    • 1. Unify
    • 2. Dubfiction runout
    • 3. Cara gatti
    • 4. Dubfiction runout

    First of two EPs of dark and heavy cuts from Spatial on the excellent Stillcold label


    'Unify' sees the seasoned producer bare a previously unseen set of teeth - twisted dancefloor material, with hoovering square bass and a head-wrecking brutality of drums.


    'Cara Gatti' plunges from a complex mockery of his "future-garage" pigeonhole, into an atmospheric and altogether deeper trip through rhythm and weird electronic experimentations.


    Two dread dub cuts serve as runouts, occupying the spaces in between ambient doom-scapes, digidub and the sound of plugging a jack in.


    at times this record makes you worried what the guy is capable - KILLER! TIP!

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