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    • Silk Road Assassins – Overgrown
    • Silk Road Assassins – Split Matter (feat. Kuedo)
    • Silk Road Assassins – Armament
    • Silk Road Assassins – Vessel
    • Silk Road Assassins – Familiars
    • 1. Overgrown
    • 2. Split Matter (feat. Kuedo)
    • 3. Armament
    • 4. Vessel
    • 5. Familiars
    • 6. Bloom
    • 7. Pulling The String
    • 8. Bowman
    • 9. Shadow Realm (feat. WWWINGS)
    • 10. Taste Of Metal (Instrumental)
    • 11. Saint
    • 12. Feeling Blu
    • 13. Thorns
    • 14. Blink

    Instrumental grime experiments from Silk Road Assassins, who drop their anticipated album debut via Planet Mu. Features extra production from Kuedo and WWWINGS.

    Other Releases on Planet Mu

    Rian TreanorATAXIAPlanet Mu
    Angular, experimental and asymmetrical club tracks from Arcola / The Death Of Rave's, Rian Treanor, making his anticipated album debut for Planet Mu.
      Mr. MitchDevoutPlanet Mu
      Grime, pop and electronic soul music from the hugely-tipped, Mr. Mitch! 
      • Mr. Mitch – Intro
      • Mr. Mitch – Priority
      • Mr. Mitch – Lost Touch
      • Mr. Mitch – Fate
      • Mr. Mitch – If I Wanted
      • Mr. Mitch – VPN
      • Mr. Mitch – My Life
      • Mr. Mitch – Pleasure
      • Mr. Mitch – Honor Oak
      • Mr. Mitch – Our Love
      • Mr. Mitch – Black Tide
      • Mr. Mitch – Oscar
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      Teengirl Fantasy8AMPlanet Mu
      Teengirl Fantasy, the duo of Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss, return with ‘8AM’, their first full-length since 2012’s ‘Tracer. The album takes...
        • CD£11.99
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        HervaHyper FluxPlanet Mu
        Herva's second album for Planet Mu channels more futurist chaos, expanding upon the smashed, processed rhythms that we've heard previously.  
          • 2×LP£20.99
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          • CD£11.99
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          KuedoSlow KnifePlanet Mu
          New release by Berlin-based producer, Kuedo, inspired heavily by Japanese and US sci-fi. Airy synth tracks combined with body-popping...
          • Kuedo – Hourglass
          • Kuedo – Under The Surface
          • Kuedo – In Your Sleep
          • Kuedo – Bending Moon
          • Kuedo – Slow Knife
          • Kuedo – Floating Forest
          • Kuedo – Approaching
          • Kuedo – Love Theme
          • Kuedo – Broken Fox - Black Hole
          • Kuedo – Breaking The Surface
          • Kuedo – In Your Skin
          • Kuedo – Warmer Light
          • Kuedo – Halogen Light
          • Kuedo – Lathe
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          AntwoodVirtuous.scrPlanet Mu
          Antwood lands on Planet Mu with an album of sharp sounding, electronic futurism. 
          • Antwood – a.l.i.c.i.a
          • Antwood – Anthracite
          • Antwood – Overlay Network
          • Antwood – Lung
          • Antwood – Interlude Part II
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          • CD£10.99
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          HervaKilaPlanet Mu
          The Italian producer put together 'Kila' for Planet Mu using modified software and hardware to explore a smeared, dubby brand of house and techno. It's...
          • Herva – All Good On Your Side
          • Herva – Trying To Fix Invisible Textures
          • Herva – Seat Behind Mirrors
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          Venetian SnaresMy Love Is A BulldozerPlanet Mu
          Planet Mu veteran Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares first long-player since 2010's  'My So-Called Life'. Meshing sometimes sonically thunderous...
          • Venetian Snares – 10th Circle Of Winnipeg
          • Venetian Snares – 1000 Years Play
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          HeteroticWeird DriftPlanet Mu
          Mike Paradinas and wife, Lara Rix-Martin follow-up ‘Love & Devotion’ with the added talents of Vezelay, a.k.a. French singer...
          • Heterotic – Self-Importance
          • Heterotic – Rain (feat Vezelay)
          • Heterotic – Boxes (feat Vezelay)
          • Heterotic – Lumber (feat Vezelay)
          • Heterotic – Liverpool
          • Heterotic – Sultana
          • Heterotic – Triumph (feat Vezelay)
          • Heterotic – Florence (feat Vezelay)
          • Heterotic – Shoe Soul"(feat Vezelay)
          • Heterotic – Foghorn
          • Heterotic – Amniotic
          • Heterotic – Empires (feat Vezelay)
          Venetian SnaresHospitality (2013 Reissue)Planet Mu
          Classic breakcore EP from Aaron 'Venetian Snares' Funk! 
          • Venetian Snares – Frictional Nevada
          • Venetian Snares – Beverly's Potatoe Orchestra
          • Venetian Snares – Cabbage
          HeteroticLove & DevotionPlanet Mu
          Heterotic is husband and wife production team Mike Paradinas and Lara Rix-Martin. Mike is the boss and founder of Planet Mu, and a celebrated producer...
          • Heterotic – Bliss
          • Heterotic – Wartime (ft Gravenhurst)
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          Rudi ZygadloTragicomediesPlanet Mu
          Wilfully perverse as ever, Rudi took this second album "Tragicomedies" on a different trajectory, dumping the Dubstep chassis, while leaving its faint...
          • Rudi Zygadlo – Kopernikuss
          • Rudi Zygadlo – Melpomene
          • Rudi Zygadlo – Russian Dolls
          • Rudi Zygadlo – An Introduction
          Rudi ZygadloMelponeme / ArrowsPlanet Mu
          Arresting, hybrid songwriting from Rudi Zygadlo, tracing a line between tense electronic balladry and delicate, dramatic acoustic tracks.
          • Rudi Zygadlo – melpomene
          The HostThe HostPlanet Mu
          Impressionistic electronic nostalgia on The Host's awesome debut, mining Web 1.0 aesthetics, 70s cosmix and 90s beatworks. Inticately-programmed percussion...
          • The Host – neo-geocities
          • The Host – internet archaeology
          • The Host – second life
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          • LP£11.99
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          Kuedo Severant Planet Mu
          Dreamlike, emotive electronic futurism from Jamie Teasdale aka Kuedo with his highly anticipated debut album. Kuedo comes with a more stripped-down, spatial...
          • Kuedo – ant city
          • Kuedo – onset (escapism)
          • Kuedo – truth flood
          • Kuedo – reality drift
          Chrissy MurderbotWomen's StudiesPlanet Mu
          'Women’s Studies' is an album of party starting, populist mutations with vocal contributions from dancehall emcees MC Zulu, Rubi Dan and Warrior...
          • Chrissy Murderbot – break u off
          • Chrissy Murderbot – new juke swing ft rubi dan
          • Chrissy Murderbot – bussin down ft dj spinn
          • Chrissy Murderbot – nice lookin bwoy ft mungo's hifi & warrior queen
          OptimumMax PowerPlanet Mu
          Optimum is Malcolm Chen, a new producer from South East London. He's collaborated with Ikonika recently but Planet Mu are very happy to be releasing...
          • Optimum – max power
          • Optimum – crash riddim
          • Optimum – lily
          Terror DanjahPower GridPlanet Mu
          Terror Danjah's back on Planet Mu after last year's 'Gremlinz' compilation reintroduced him to the world at large. Since then, as well as Planet Mu, he's...
          • Terror Danjah – menace
          • Terror Danjah – pulse
          • Terror Danjah – power grid
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          Rudi ZygadloGreat Western LaymenPlanet Mu
          New on Planet Mu! ‘Manuscripts Don’t Burn’ starts by growing into shape, before Rudi’s double-tracked harmonies drop into place,...
            Raffertie7th DimensionPlanet Mu
            Raffertie steps up for another neon mash up of ravey 4/4 beats, hip-hop bumps and bleeps and hard bass on Planet Mu! Ace!
            • Raffertie – 7th Dimension
            IkonikaSmuckPlanet Mu
            'Smuck' follows in the tradition of Ikonika's sweet and sour, curdled sound, with ever changing off-key melodies and metal-like synth guitar lines over...
            • Ikonika – Smuck
            • Eero johannes – We could be ikons (Ikonika remix)
            BurnkaneYou KnowPlanet Mu
            This is a new 12 from Washington DC's Burnkane, a new signing and a new artist morphing the dubstep template beyond recognition. Across these two tracks...
            • Burnkane – you know

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            • Robert Hood – Master Builder
            • Robert Hood – Parade
            • Robert Hood – Within
            • Robert Hood – Minus
            • Robert Hood – Internal Empire
            • Robert Hood – Home
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            • Cosey Fanni Tutti – Drone
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            • Cosey Fanni Tutti – Split
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            Life & Death on the New York Dance Floor 1980 - 1983Various ArtistsReappearing Records
            Brilliant tribute to NYCs golden era of 1980-1983 as well as a musical companion piece to Tim Lawrence's eponymous book. A selection of no-wave and disco-not-disco...
            • Dinosaur L – Go Bang! (LP Version)
            • Tuxedomoon – Desire
            • Gray – Drum Mode
            • Alan Vega – Saturn Drive
            • David Byrne – Big Business (Dance Mix)
            • Johnny Dynell And New York 88 – Jam Hot (Rhumba Rock)
            • Rammellzee vs. K-Rob – Beat Bop
            • 3 Teens Kill 4 – Hold Up
            • John Robie – Vena Cava
            • James White & The Blacks – Contort Yourself (August Darnell Mix)
            • Quando Quango – Love Tempo (Mark Kamins Mix)
            • George Kranz – Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz)
            • Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk (Instrumental) (7" B Side)
            • Material – Bustin' Out (Long Version)
            • Peech Boys – Don't Make Me Wait (Extended Version)
            • Edwin Birdsong – Rapper Dapper Snapper
            Nubiyan TwistJungle RunStrut
            Now one of the leading lights in the UK’s new generation of soulful, 'genre-fluid' artists, the London-based 12-piece collective have created their finest...
            • Nubiyan Twist – Tell It To Me Slowly feat. Nick Richards
            • Nubiyan Twist – Jungle Run feat. Nubiya Brandon
            • Nubiyan Twist – Basa Basa feat. K.O.G.
            • Nubiyan Twist – Brother feat. Nubiya Brandon
            • Nubiyan Twist – Borders feat. Pilo Adami
            • Nubiyan Twist – Permission feat. Nubiya Brandon
            • Nubiyan Twist – Addis To London feat. Mulatu Astatke
            • Nubiyan Twist – Ghosts feat. Nick Richards
            • Nubiyan Twist – They Talk feat. K.O.G.
            • Nubiyan Twist – Sugar Cane feat. Nubiya Brandon
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            Theon CrossFyahGearbox Records
            From his crucial role alongside Shabaka Hutchings in Sons Of Kemet, Theon Cross releases 'Fyah' via Gearbox Records. Drawing on London’s vivacious cultural...
            • Theon Cross – Activate
            • Theon Cross – Candace of Meroe
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            Sun RaMonorails and Satellites - Works For Solo Piano Vol 1, 2 & 3Cosmic Myth
            'Monorails and Satellites Volumes 1 & 2' were the first commercial LPs of Sun Ra's solo keyboard excursions. Recorded in 1966 and released on his Saturn...
            • Sun Ra – Space Towers
            • Sun Ra – Cognition
            • Sun Ra – Skylight
            • Sun Ra – The Alter Destiny
            • Sun Ra – Easy Street
            • Sun Ra – Blue Differentials
            • Sun Ra – Monorails and Satellites
            • Sun Ra – The Galaxy Way
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