Fela Kuti Roforofo Fight (50th Anniversary Edition)

    Partisan Records
    • Fela Kuti – Roforofo Fight
    • Fela Kuti – Go Slow
    • 1. Roforofo Fight
    • 2. Go Slow
    • 3. Question Jam Answer
    • 4. Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am
    • 5. Shenshema
    • 6. Ariya

    By 1972, when Music of Fela: Roforofo Fight was originally released (on two vinyl albums, Music of Fela Volume One and Volume Two), Fela was becoming one of the most avidly followed musicians in West Africa. His audience came from among the region's urban poor, the "sufferheads" living in the shanty towns around the major cities, along with growing numbers of students and political dissenters. Fela championed, and sang about the problems of, oppressed and exploited people and denounced the ruling elites lording it over them, with their seemingly endemic corruption and their ready use of violence to crush dissent. Because he generally sang in Broken English rather than Yoruba, and adopted an increasingly pan-Africanist outlook, his message resonated throughout Anglophone Africa.

    The 50th-anniversary reissue of Roforofo Fight is pressed on double yellow and green vinyl. Side D features singles "Shenshema" and "Ariya" on vinyl for the first time. The two tracks were originally released as a 7" single in 1972.

    Other Releases by Fela Kuti

    Fela KutiIkoyi BlindnessKnitting Factory Records
    Fela used the cover of ‘Ikoyi Blindness’ to announce his change of middle name from Ransome, which he now considered a slave name, to Anikulapo, which...
    • – Ikoyi Blindness
    • – Gba Mi Leti Ki N'Dolowo (Slap Me Make I Get Money)
    Fela KutiOriginal SufferheadKnitting Factory Records
    This edition of ‘Original Sufferhead’ is a major event. With the release of ‘Box Set #5’, and now on this reissue, the title track of this magnificent...
    • – Original Sufferhead
    • – Power Show
    Fela KutiOriginal SufferheadKnitting Factory Records
    This edition of ‘Original Sufferhead’ is a major event. With the release of ‘Box Set #5’, and now on this reissue, the title track of this magnificent...
    • – Original Sufferhead
    • – Power Show
    Fela KutiO.D.O.O. (Overtake Don Overtake Overtake)Knitting Factory Records
    ‘Overtake Don Overtake Overtake’ was the penultimate album of newly recorded studio material released by Fela before he passed in 1997.Like its immediate...
      Fela KutiExcuse OKnitting Factory Records
      ‘Excuse O’ is about natural human reactions to situations we confront in our daily endeavours. If you walk into a bar, ask and pay for a drink and...
      • – Excuse-O
      • – Mr Grammarticalogy - lisationalism Is The Boss
      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) KFR2014-3£20.99
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      Fela KutiKalakuta ShowKnitting Factory Records
      The ‘Kalakuta Show’ album was Fela Kuti’s undaunted manner of extracting revenge on the military regime that attacked and brutalized him in 1974....
      • – Kalakuta Show
      • – Don't Make Garan Garan
      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) KFR2020-3£20.99
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      Fela KutiNoise For Vendor MouthKnitting Factory Records
      The Nigerian establishment labelled Kalakuta Republic inhabitants as ‘hooligans’, ‘hemp smokers’, etc. ‘Noise For Vendor Mouth’ is Fela’s...
      • – Noise For Vendor Mouth
      • – Mattress
      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) KFR2019-3£20.99
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      Fela KutiWhy Black Man They SufferKnitting Factory Records
      ‘Why Black Man Dey Suffer’, recorded in 1971, was originally deemed too controversial for release by EMI, his label at the time. Having recently been...
      • – Why Black Man Dey Suffer
      • – Ikoyi Mentality vs Mushin Mentality
      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) KFR2012-3£20.99
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      Fela KutiGentleman: 50th AnniversaryKnitting Factory Records
      “Gentleman is the last of Fela's early 1970s albums recorded with the Africa 70. The title track can be interpreted literally or as a metaphor concerning...
        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) KFR2009-8£23.00
          Limited smoke coloured vinyl edition
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        Fela KutiOpen & CloseKnitting Factory Records
        Reissue of Fela's highly sought-after 1971 album, 'Open & Close'! Super-funky Afrobeat featuring the incredible title track!
        • – Open And Close
        • – Suegbe And Pako
        • – Gbagada Gbogodo
        Fela KutiArmy ArrangementKnitting Factory Records
        Fela Kuti stories Nigeria’s attempt at ‘democracy’ in 1979 after more than a decade ofmilitary rule told through this album, originally released...
        • – Army arrangement (vocal)
        Fela KutiCoffin For Head Of StateKnitting Factory Records
        Fela Kuti made some frantic albums in his career--ones that popped with his enthusiastic political disobedience and ones that roared with fury at the Nigerian...
        • – Coffin For Head Of State part 1
        Fela KutiJ.J.D (Johnny Just Drop!!) Live!! At Kalakuta RepublikKnitting Factory Records
        Originally released in 1977, ‘Johnny Just Drop (J.J.D.)’ features Fela lampooning Nigeria’s ‘been-tos’, people who had been to Europe or America...
          • LP + Download Code KFR2026-1£20.99
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          Fela KutiNo AgreementKnitting Factory Records
          ‘No Agreement’ is sometimes overlooked among Fela’s 1977 releases, eclipsed by albums such as ‘Johnny Just Drop (J.J.D.)’ and ‘Sorrow Tears...
          • – No Agreement
          • – Dog Eat Dog
            Fela KutiUnderground SystemKnitting Factory Records
            Reissue of one of Fela's later recordings, comprised of two extended tracks, the title cut and the classic, 'Pansa Pansa'.
            • – Underground System
            • – Pansa Pansa
            Fela KutiI.T.T.Knitting Factory Records
            'International Thief Thief' classic Fela from 1979
              Fela KutiUp Side DownKnitting Factory Records
              Upside Down’ and ‘Zombie’, both released in 1976, were made at the midpoint of an extraordinary three-year purple period during which Fela recorded...
              • – Up Side Down
              • – Go Slow
              Fela KutiAlagbon Close Knitting Factory
              Unmissable classic afro-beat! Alagbon Close represents one of the first times anyone had directly taken on the Nigerian authorities in such a brash manner!   
              • – alagbon close
              Fela KutiNa PoiKnitting Factory Records
              Hypnotic afrobeat bullet from 1972 - recorded in Lagos. Sprited percussion, tight horns, and pure funk! As with most of the great man's albums, this is...
              • – na poi (part 1)
              • – na poi (part 2)
              • – you no go die...unless
              • LP + Download Code KFR2021-1£20.99
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              Fela KutiSorrow Tears & Blood (2014 Vinyl Reissue)Knitting Factory Records
              Originally released in 1977, Fela and Afrika 70 rise to their peak with rowsing, radical stuff as espoused by 'Colonial Mentality'.
                Fela KutiHe Miss Road (2014 Vinyl Reissue)Knitting Factory Records
                He Miss Road', also 1975, was produced by Ginger Baker. A deep and darker shade of afro-beat that is one of Fela's best.
                • – He Miss Road
                • – Monday Morning In Lagos
                • – It's No Possible
                Fela KutiAlagbon Close / Why Black Man Dey SufferKnitting Factory
                Alagbon Close represents one of the first times anyone had directly taken on the Nigerian authorities in such a brash manner. Why Black Man Dey Suffer:...
                • – Alagbon Close
                Fela KutiOriginal Suffer Head And I.T.TKnitting Factory Records
                Yet more essential afrobeat from the African equivalent of James Brown! All his albums are great!
                • – I T T
                Fela KutiYellow FeverKnitting Factory Records
                Yellow Fever’ was originally released in 1976, during Fela’s extraordinarily prolific 1975-77 purple period, when he released 24 albums in Nigeria...
                • – Yellow Fever
                • – Na Poi ‘75

                Other Releases on Partisan Records

                CymandePromised HeightsPartisan Records
                Promised Heights solidified Cymande’s place in music history, and contains some of their most-beloved and often-sampled tracks such as “Brothers On...
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                • – Equatorial Forest
                • – Brothers On The Slide
                • – Changes
                • – Breezeman
                • – Promised Heights
                • – Losin' Ground
                • – Leavert
                • – The Recluse
                • – Sheshamani
                • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) PTKF3027-3£23.99
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                IDLESTANGKPartisan Records
                IDLES return with TANGK, their fifth studio album following the release of 2021’s Grammy-nominated album, ‘CRAWLER’. A radical sense of defiant...
                  IDLESJoy as an Act of Resistance (Deluxe)Partisan Records
                  "Joy as an Act of Resistance' is pressed on 180g vinyl with interchangeable album artwork: & double-sided inserts with 16 original art prints from the...

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                          • – Suffering Through The Nation (Version)
                          Marking the 50th anniversary of their first record, German rock pioneers NEU! release this deluxes edition with a tribute album featuring reworks from...
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                          • – Michel Laurent - Kan Sizè Sonné (CW Edit)
                          • – Gaoulé Mizik - A Ka Titine (Kay Suzuki Gwoka Dub)
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                          • 2. – Michel Laurent - Kan Sizè Sonné (CW Edit)
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