Lord Echo Rarities 2010-2020: Japanese Tour Singles

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      • 1. Be Thankful
      • 2. In Your Life (Lisa Tomlins Version)
      • 3. Nightclub Daydream
      • 4. Floating Bridge
      • 5. Woah! There's No Limit (Alternate Version)
      • 6. Thinking of Dub
      • 7. Makossa No. 2
      • 8. Cosmic Echoes In Dub

      While we patiently await new music, we can revel in versions that escaped the typical overthinking that occurs during the album process, instead reflecting the spontaneity and freedom of a touring artist. All tracks bar one ('Thinking of Dub') were initially released on short-run 7" singles for Echo's early Japan tours, made only available to dedicated fans who attended the live shows.

      The country holds a special place in his heart thanks to the warm hospitality of its citizens, in particular tour organiser and label owner Ken Sakairi from Wonderful Noise (with whom Soundway is co-releasing the vinyl album). That said, cultural differences made for unforgettable if not unique experiences of performing in Japan - from DJ etiquette which compelled him to stay to the end of the party no matter what, to a near-religious moment of dancing to Pat Metheny around a bonfire in the woods. A regular visitor to Asia will also be familiar with the concept of "lose-face", and in the case for Lord Echo it was processing the crushing shame of DJing a digital set alongside heavyweight Japanese collectors or next to signage stating "REAL DJ VINYL ONLY'.

      Other Releases on Soundway

      Rex OmarRex OmarSoundway
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        Circus UnderwaterCircus UnderwaterSoundway
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          Ayo Manuel1983-90Soundway
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            felbmcycli infiniSoundway
            Dutch multi-instrumentalist Felbm returns with the conceptual album ‘cycli infini’ : a 38-minute composition of metamorphosing tape loops, musical...
            • – cycli infini
            • – cycli infini (excerpt)
            Yoruba SingersBasa Bongo / Black PepperSoundway
            Guyana folk music reinterpreted and infused with Afro-roots and culture, reissued on vinyl for the first time. Stunning issue via Soundway!
              The Yoruba SingersOjinga's OwnSoundway
              The 1974 debut album Ojinga's Own (along with the single Basa Bongo/Black Pepper) by Guyanese Afro-Folk band The Yoruba Singers has been remastered for...
              • – Ojinga's Own
              • – No Intention
              The LahaarThe LahaarSoundway
              Drawing inspiration from the depths of late 70's NYC proto-rap disco instrumentals, Nigerian boogie-funk, jamaican dub and modern jazzy house - The Lahaar...
                Nenad Jelic and Laza RistovskiOperaSoundway
                Nenad Jelic is one of the most original artists to appear on the Serbian music scene, a percussionist obsessed with melody and silence, a multidisciplinary...
                  Sintesis Moderna: An Alternate Vision of Argentinian Music 1980—1990Soundway
                  **Essential compilation on Soundway!** A digital rewilding of computer and synth powered music, dripping with an impressive variety of influence, from...
                  • Carlos Cutaia – Operativo
                  • El Signo – Dimensiones Ocultas (Ric Piccolo Edit)
                  • Ultimate Warriors – Running Away From You
                  • Abaddon – No Es Computable
                  • Toby – Ain't That Better (Harari Edit)
                  • The Originals – Vamos A La Playa
                  • Mike Ribas – Secuencia Sin Consecuencias
                  • Adalberto Cevasco – Reencuentros No. 2
                  • Los Mœsicos Del Centro – Esquirlas
                  • Divina Gloria – Mediterranee Club
                  • Mike Ribas – Como Son Los Retratos (Harari Edit)
                  • Delight – I Wanna Make You Mine
                  • Gaita – Mueve Tu Cuerpo
                  • Donald – A Ver, A Ver (Ric Piccolo Edit)
                  • Bad Girls – Dance To Dance
                  • Carla Rab – Sexy Films
                  • Los Musicos Del Centro – Aire de Tropicos
                  • Jorge Lopez Ruiz – De Mama Candombe
                  • Jorge Alfano – Fuego
                  • 1. Carlos Cutaia – Operativo
                  • 2. El Signo – Dimensiones Ocultas (Ric Piccolo Edit)
                  • 3. Ultimate Warriors – Running Away From You
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                  Mount Liberation UnlimitedWelcome To The JungleSoundway
                  Mount Liberation Unlimited hit the Balearic sweet spot with this mixed EP of deep, tripped out sunshine club vibes - ace!
                  • – Heavy Metal Emoji
                  • – Svensson High Life
                  • – L U S H (A Trip In Three Parts)
                  • – Sweden Eksotika
                  • – Lord Of The Floor
                  • – Skogen
                  ThabaEyes Rest Their FeetSoundway
                  The particular Thaba sound reflects a sonic duality drawing on a double pop heritage of Mbaqanga and Bubblegum artists like The Soul Brothers, Paul Ndlovu...
                  • – Old Tapes
                  • – Warrior
                  • – Vaya Le Nna
                  • – Confided
                  • – Mungu
                  • – Resilient
                  • – Severin
                  • – Throw It All Away
                  • – Tsoma
                  • – Brew
                  Onda De Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were 1984-94Soundway
                  The mighty Soundway Records present a new compilation, this time turning their attention to South America, specifically Brazil. This is a treasure trove...
                  • Ricardo Bomba – Voce Vai Se Lembrar
                  • Vania Bastos – Tabu (The Sweetest Taboo)
                  • Rosana Mendes & Grupo Veneno – Reague
                  • Grupo Controle Digital – A Festa E Nossa
                  • Villa Box – Break De Rua (Versao Longa)
                  • Batista Junior – Cheira
                  • Dado Brazzawilly – Saramandaia
                  • Anacy Arcanjo – Toque Tambor
                  • Fogo Baiano – O Fogo Do Sol
                  • Dodo Da Bahia & As Virgens De Porto Seguro – Africamerica
                  • Via Negromonte – Love Is All
                  • Electric Boogies – Electric Boogies
                  • Os Abelhudos – Contos De Escola
                  • Nanda Rossi – Livre Pra Voar
                  • Andre Melo – Onda De Amor
                  • Regiao Abissal – Feminina Mulher
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                  Me and My FriendsHide Your WaySoundway
                  British quintet Me and My Friends release their captivating and mesmerising second album, Hide Your Way, on Soundway. A unique and singular blend, it's...
                  • – All That Is You
                  • – Droplet
                  • – Holiday
                  Kiki Gyan 24 Hours In A Disco 1978-82Soundway
                  Seven, super funky discofied Ghanian stompers from Africa's answer to Stevie Wonder, Kiki Gyan!  Collected here is the best of Gyan’s work...
                  • – disco dancer
                  • – 24 hours in disco
                  • – keep on dancing
                  • – pretty pretty girls
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                  • CD£13.00
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                      • – Aleph 1
                      • – 124
                      • – Axiom
                      • – Trans 7
                      • – Modus Operandi
                      • – KJZ
                      • – The Fifth Column
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                          • – Luci Rosa (from “L'Adolescente”)
                          • – Ragazza Di Campagna (from “L'Adolescente”)
                          • – Snake Disco (from “Emanuelle A Tahiti”) [Reprise]
                          • – Tahiti Joint (from “Emanuelle A Tahiti”)
                          • – Miss X (from “Uomo Uomo Uomo”)
                          • – Modeling (from “Uomo Uomo Uomo”)
                          • – Ticket (from “Frittata All’Italiana”) [Versione Sexy]
                          • – Primi Approcci (from “Frittata All’Italiana”) [Versione Sexy]
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                          • – Racing (from “Le Pornoschiave Del Vizio”)
                          • 1. – Luci Rosa (from “L'Adolescente”)
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                          • – Leroy Burgess - Nothing Stays The Same (Two Soul Fusion Remix)
                          • – Tony Touch - Apaga La Laz (Pablo Fierro Afro Latino Remix)
                          • – Leroy Burgess - Nothing Stays The Same (Two Soul Fusion Dub)
                          • – Two Soul Fusion - Lovin' (Two Soul Fusion Dub)
                          • – Louie Vega & Johnny Dangerous - You Are A Star
                          • – Bebe Winans - Let's Go Champ (Two Soul Fusion Piano Dub)
                          • – Elements Of Life - Let Us Shine ft. Josh Milan (Louie Vega Mix)
                          • – Louie Vega - Where I Wanna Be (Demo)
                          • – Louie Vega - Swayin' Demo ft. Axel Tosca
                          • – Two Soul Fusion - Brazillian Soul Fusion
                          • – Professor ft. Ndu Shezi & Thebe vs Luis Radio, Pietro Nicosia - Unobenga vs Sermon Of The Drums (Ken Terry Rework)
                          • – Elements Of Life - Dusk On The Beach (Demo)
                          • 1. – Leroy Burgess - Nothing Stays The Same (Two Soul Fusion Remix)
                          • 2. – Tony Touch - Apaga La Laz (Pablo Fierro Afro Latino Remix)
                          • 3. – Leroy Burgess - Nothing Stays The Same (Two Soul Fusion Dub)
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                          • – My Number
                          • – World War One
                          • – Fish-Tea
                          • – Three Mile Skank
                          • – Three Mile Version (Single Mix)
                          • – Automatic
                          • – Badda Dan Dem
                          • – You Too Greedy
                          • – Can't Stand It
                          • – Plant Up A Vineyard
                          • – A Lie The Gal A Tell
                          Notting Hill Carnival 1983 PHOTOZINEPhotographs by Peter Anderson
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                            Kamma & MasaloBrighter DaysRush Hour
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                            • – S'Express ‎– Nothing To Lose (Subterranean Edit)
                            • – North / Clybourn - We're Gonna Work It Out (Mr. Fingers Mix)
                            • – Haruomi Hosono & Yasuhiko Terada - Turquois
                            • – Desmon - Submerge
                            • – Discothèque - For Your Love (Kamma & Masalo Extended Mix)
                            • – Anyzette – Baladoun (Kamma & Masalo Dub)
                            • – Hugh Bullen - Alisand (Dub Mix)
                            • – Peffa - Routine
                            • – Cisco The Champ - Move On
                            • 1. – S'Express ‎– Nothing To Lose (Subterranean Edit)
                            • 2. – North / Clybourn - We're Gonna Work It Out (Mr. Fingers Mix)
                            • 3. – Haruomi Hosono & Yasuhiko Terada - Turquois
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                            Congress ProductionsCongress Productions EPBackatcha
                            This 12” EP features the original 12” mix of the in-demand and much sampled early 80s jazz-funk classic, ‘Neptune’ plus two previously unreleased...
                              Asha PuthliDisco Mystic: Select Remixes Vol. 1 (inc. Maurice Fulton & Psychemagik remixes)Naya Beat Records
                              Classic disco by Asha Puthli given a new lease of life by the likes of Maurice Fulton (check his KILLER remix of Space Talk!) Psychemagik, Kraak & Smaak...
                              • – I Am Song (Sing Me) (Yuksek Remix)
                              • – Space Talk (Maurice Fulton Remix)
                              • – Lies (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
                              • – One Night Affair (Turbotito & Ragz Remix)
                              • – Right Down Here (Psychemagik Remix)
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                                Chain ReactionHogtied / QuicksandBackatcha
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                                  T.P. Orchestre Poly-RythmoLe Sato 2Acid Jazz
                                  T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo ‘Le Sato 2’ is a particularly obscure release. The follow up to ‘Le Sato’, the album was originally sold in exactly...
                                  • – General Gowon
                                  • – Gendemou Na Wili We Gnannin
                                  • – A Non Zoun Mi
                                  • – La Verite Blesse
                                  • – Je N'en Peux Plus
                                  Miles SpilsburyLight ManoeuvresNew Dawn
                                  Incredible deep, emotive jazz from Miles Spilsbury featuring Carlos Nino. Produced by Slugabed - limited white label copies only! DO NOT MISS!
                                  • – Cloud Formations
                                  • – Gratitude
                                  • – Light Theme
                                  • – Cyclamen
                                  • – Water On Water
                                  • – Tungsten
                                  • – Uig
                                  • – En-Vau
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                                  Valerie from the GalerieLong Time Listener First Time CallerWhat About Never
                                  **RIYL Larry Heard, Burrell Bros, Nu Groove, Model 500, Michael J. Blood** Valerie from the Galerie steps back into the low-key, light-dark with another...
                                  • – Flash Boys
                                  • – Grapefruit
                                  • – Lean In
                                  • – Jimi’s Haircut
                                  • – Look After Yourself
                                  • – Black Magnet
                                  • – Low Intervention
                                  • – Terrible Bad OK Good Great
                                  Early 80s UK jazz-funk penned by Congress keyboardist Errol Reid and bassist Randy Hope-Taylor, featuring a previously unreleased upfront 45 mix of their...
                                    Style XNo Secret AffairBackatcha
                                    Swindon funk combo Style X and their underground Brit-Funk classic ‘No Secret Affair’ remixed from the original 9-minute session tapes for this double-A...
                                      Isaiah CollierParallel UniverseNight Dreamer
                                      Another stunning direct-to-disc session from Chicago-based innovator jazz inovator, Isaiah Collier!Name-checking Sun Ra, Ras G, J Dilla, Fela Kuti, Miles...
                                      • – Village Song
                                      • – Retreat
                                      • 2×LP£28.00
                                        inc. insert
                                        Expected 24 NovPreorder
                                      RippleRipple (1973)Soul Jazz Records
                                      Seminal rare groove funk and deep soul album originally released in 1973 on GRC Records now released 50 years later on Soul Jazz Records in this fully...
                                      • Ripple – You Were Right On Time
                                      • Ripple – Be My Friend
                                      • Ripple – I Dont Know What It Is But It Sure Us Funky
                                      • Ripple – I'll Be Right There Trying
                                      • Ripple – Get Off
                                      • Ripple – See The Light In The Window
                                      • Ripple – A Funky Song
                                      • Ripple – Willie, Pass The Water
                                      • Ripple – Dance Lady Dance
                                      • Ripple – Ripplin'
                                      Spiritual Jazz 15: A Tribute to 'TraneJazzman
                                      Many artists achieve greatness but very few produce work that is so moving it's considered sacred. Whether you choose to call them hymns, psalms or spirituals,...
                                      • Norman Connors – Welcome
                                      • Clifford Jordon – John Coltrane
                                      • Sonny Fortune – Ole
                                      • The Darwin Strickland Trio – Niami
                                      • Gilles Torrent Jazztet – Terre Engloutie
                                      • Carsten Meinert – To Trane
                                      • Malachi Thompson & Africa Brass – Transition
                                      • Hampton Hawes Trio – Evening Trane
                                      • Carmelo Garcia – Trane
                                      • Brother Jack McDuff – Naima
                                      Studio One KingsSoul Jazz Records
                                      Soul Jazz Records’ new one-off limited-edition heavyweight special-edition coloured vinyl pressing + download code exclusively for Black Friday 2024...
                                      • Larry Marshall – I've Got To Make It
                                      • Horace Andy – Every Tongue Shall Tell
                                      • Alton Ellis – The Well Run Dry
                                      • Johnny Osbourne – Water More Than Flour
                                      • Anthony Rocky Ellis – I'm The Ruler
                                      • Cornell Campbell – Pretty Looks Isn't All
                                      • Alexander Henry – Please Be True
                                      • Burning Spear – Them A Come
                                      • Joe Higgs – Change Of Plan
                                      • Devon Russell – Roots Natty
                                      • Ken Boothe – Be Yourself
                                      • Freddie McGregor – I Shall Be Released
                                      • Freddie McKay – Father Will Cut You Off
                                      • The Ethiopian – Locust
                                      • George Philip – One One
                                      • John Holt – I Don't Want To See You Cry
                                      • Delroy Wilson – Won't You Come Home
                                      • 2xLP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£32.00
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                                      PoleTempus Remixes (inc. Rrose & Sleaford Mods remixes)Mute
                                      Rrose, Sleaford Mods and Alessandro Cortini rework Pole's experimental track from his Tempus album.
                                      • – Stechmück (Sleaford Mods Rework)
                                      • – Stechmück (Version)
                                      • – Stechmück (Rrose Remix)
                                      • – Tempus (Alessandro Cortini Remix)
                                      CloudThis Is Your WomanBackatcha
                                      Two previously unreleased recordings from Swindon Brit-Funk outfit Cloud, recorded between 1981-1983 and mixed from the original multi-track recordings...
                                        Wigan Casino Classics 1973-2023Joe Boy
                                        Wigan Casino - the original UK dance culture super club - ran its’ first Nothern Soul All-Nighter in September 1973. It’s last session was in December...