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      • 1. For You And Me
      • 2. Wind Of The Stars In Their Eyes
      • 3. Little Bazaari
      • 4. Compassion
      • 5. When Love Is Calling You
      • 6. In Your Eyes
      • 7. OM Mani Padme Hum 1
      • 8. OM Mani Padme Hum 2
      • 9. OM Mani Padme Hum 3
      • 10. OM Mani Padme Hum 4
      • 11. For You

      Krautrock legend Popol Vuh's early nineties classic "For You And Me"

      Other Releases by Popol Vuh

      Popol VuhSei Still, Wisse Ich BinWah Wah Records
      Originally released on Klaus Schulze's Innovative Communication label in 1981, 'Sei still, wisse ICH BIN' is Popol Vuh's 13th LP. Fricke...
      • Popol Vuh – Wehe Khorazin
      • Popol Vuh – Und Als Er Sah Es Geht Dem Ende Zu
      • Popol Vuh – Garten Der Gemeinschaft
      • Popol Vuh – Gemeinsam Aßen Sie Das Brot
      • Popol Vuh – Laß Los
      • Popol Vuh – Gemeinsam Tranken Sie Den Wein
      • Popol Vuh – ... Als Lebten Die Engel Auf Erden
      Popol Vuh AffenstundeWah Wah
      Wonderful re-issue of Popol Vuh's 1970 debut LP. The album features the great Moog synthesizer experiments of Florian Fricke - mind-blowing wild stuff....
      • Popol Vuh – Dream Part 4
      • Popol Vuh – Dream Part 5
      • Popol Vuh – Affenstunde
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      Popol Vuh Einsjager & Siebenjager Wah Wah
      The fifth Popol Vuh album, originally released in 1974. Settling down the partnership of Florian Fricke and Daniel Fischelscher that was started in the...
      • Popol Vuh – King Minos
      • Popol Vuh – Morgengruß
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      • LP£23.99
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      Popol Vuh Hosianna Mantra Wah Wah
      An incredibly beautiful work of amazing gothic folk managing to sound as something completely unique. Originally released in 1972, it features a host...
      • Popol Vuh – Ah!
      • Popol Vuh – Kyrie
      • Popol Vuh – Hosianna - Mantra
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        • Emanative – Sandhyavandanam
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        • Creative Arts Ensemble – Stars In Lightyear Time