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      • 1. Venusian Aurora
      • 2. Arpeggios
      • 3. Gliding Through The Cosmophonic Dome
      • 4. Nightinglides
      • 5. Morning Glory
      • 6. Uranian Sundance
      • 7. Love On The Run

      First ever vinyl edition of the amazing Music By Xolotl, originally issued only on cassette by Unity Records in 1978. Painter and musician Bernard Xolotl was born in France in 1951. As a teen, he was introduced to electronic music through the works of musique concrete composers like Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer. After moving to California, he was introduced to the Serge Modular Synthesizer through Eliane Radigue and registered for classes in all the colleges of the Bay where there was an Electronic Music Department so that he could use their various electronic instruments. At first, he often plugged in his electric guitar into these monsters rather than use the rather rigid sequencers, but through tape recorders and the delay techniques used by Terry Riley, he was able to quickly combine these “sound producing devices” to create his own music.

      He eventually released his first “official” album named simply Music by Xolotl in 1977. Originally issued only in cassette, Wah Wah offers the chance of listening to these works on vinyl format for the first time ever on an LP + bonus 7" edition to fit all the sounds from the cassette.

      A strictly limited edition of only 500 and with new artwork featuring one of Xolotl's cosmic paintings and an insert with photos and liner notes.

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