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    • Miltiades – As We
    • Miltiades – W-Ww ( Hakim Murphy Refeel)
    • Miltiades – W-Ww
    • Miltiades – U.1.1
    • Miltiades – Epk.x
    • 1. As We
    • 2. W-Ww ( Hakim Murphy Refeel)
    • 3. W-Ww
    • 4. U.1.1
    • 5. Epk.x

    Athens' Nous imprint dishes up the first offering from their lovingly assembled stable of talents -- and it's a revelation! 

    As well as a quartet of original, dissonant house cuts from the EP’s author, Chicago’s Hakim Murphy contributes a subterraneous take on the lead track that will no doubt charm fans of Theo’s Sound Signature or Rick Wade’s Harmonie Park.

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