• Maxayn – Trying For Days
    • Maxayn – Song
    • Maxayn – You Can't Always Get What You Want
    • Maxayn – Jam For Jack
    • Maxayn – Gimme Shelter
    • Maxayn – Let Me Be Your Friend
    • Maxayn – Doing Nothing, Nothing Doing
    • Maxayn – Beloved
    • 1. Trying For Days
    • 2. Song
    • 3. You Can't Always Get What You Want
    • 4. Jam For Jack
    • 5. Gimme Shelter
    • 6. Let Me Be Your Friend
    • 7. Doing Nothing, Nothing Doing
    • 8. Beloved

    Vampi Soul reissue the cult, self-titled album 'Maxayn' from 1972.

    Paulette Parker joined The Ikettes in 1967, before meeting Andre Lewis and changing her name to Maxayn Lewis. Both of them would form the band Maxayn in 1970. Their self-titled debut came out in 1972, a superb album of soul and funk spiced up with a gospel vibe and also a distinctive rock sound.

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