• LP VAMPI195£21.99
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    • Maxayn – Trying For Days
    • Maxayn – Song
    • Maxayn – You Can't Always Get What You Want
    • Maxayn – Jam For Jack
    • Maxayn – Gimme Shelter
    • Maxayn – Let Me Be Your Friend
    • Maxayn – Doing Nothing, Nothing Doing
    • Maxayn – Beloved
    • 1. Trying For Days
    • 2. Song
    • 3. You Can't Always Get What You Want
    • 4. Jam For Jack
    • 5. Gimme Shelter
    • 6. Let Me Be Your Friend
    • 7. Doing Nothing, Nothing Doing
    • 8. Beloved

    Vampi Soul reissue the cult, self-titled album 'Maxayn' from 1972.

    Paulette Parker joined The Ikettes in 1967, before meeting Andre Lewis and changing her name to Maxayn Lewis. Both of them would form the band Maxayn in 1970. Their self-titled debut came out in 1972, a superb album of soul and funk spiced up with a gospel vibe and also a distinctive rock sound.

    Other Releases on Vampi Soul

    Perú NegroSon De Los DiablosVampi Soul
    Afro-Peruvian music, also known as "musica criolla", finds its roots in West African music, Spanish and European genres and native musical traditions from...
      Sonora CasinoTrompeterosVampi Soul
      "First ever reissue of one of the most sought after titles in the catalogue of Peruvian's label MAG, in high demand not only among Latin music collectors...
      • Sonora Casino – El Negro Javier
      • Sonora Casino – Pasa Pasa
      • Sonora Casino – Trompeteros
      • Sonora Casino – Bobby
      • Sonora Casino – Astronautas A Mercurio
      • Sonora Casino – El Turrón De Pochita
      • Sonora Casino – Guajira Del Amor
      • Sonora Casino – Serrano
      • Sonora Casino – Cancha Mote Y Papa
      • Sonora Casino – Pa'l Gusto
      • Sonora Casino – El Culantro
      América InvertidaVarious ArtistsVampi Soul
      Vampi Soul focus on a small musical scene that emerged in the early 80s in Montevideo, Uruguay. A very unique sound was developed within the narrow boundaries...
      • Contraviento – Desencanto
      • Jaime Roos – Tras tus ojos
      • Eduardo Darnauchans – De los relojeros
      • Hugo Jasa – Kabumba
      • Eduardo Mateo – El chi-li-ban-dan
      • Travesía – En este momento
      • Mariana Ingold – Capítulos
      • La Escuelita – Llamada Insólita
      • Hugo Jasa – Y el tiempo pasa
      • Leo Maslíah – Bombinhas
      • Fernando Cabrera – A ustedes
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      • CD£15.99
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      I Marc 4Thrilling MortaleVampi Soul
      Cult Italian library music reissued from the vaults of Nelson Records, recorded between 1970 and 1976. Expect drum breaks, breakneck bongo rhythms and...
      • I Marc 4 – Intro
      • I Marc 4 – Bongos Suspence
      • I Marc 4 – Smookie
      • I Marc 4 – Asfalto In Agguato
      • I Marc 4 – Ossessione Omicida
      • I Marc 4 – Base Pericolosa
      • I Marc 4 – Suspence Subacqueo
      • I Marc 4 – Corsa Pericolosa
      • I Marc 4 – Immagini
      • I Marc 4 – Thrilling Mortale
      Abelardo CarbonoEl Maravilloso Mundo De Abelardo Carbono: Psychedelia, Afroroots & Champeta in 1980's BarranquillaVampi Soul
      One of the most original and unique musicians in Latin America is Abelardo Carbono. His music, which could be described as "proto champeta", is the result...
      • Abelardo Carbono – Muévela?
      • Abelardo Carbono – Quiero a mi gente
      • Abelardo Carbono – La negra kulengue
      • 2×LP£18.99
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      • CD£13.99
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          • The Cromagnon Band – Thunder Perfect
          • SEED Ensemble – Mirrors
          • Ishmael Ensemble – Kito's Theme
          • Vels Trio – Yellow Ochre (Part 1)
          • 1. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – When The World Was One
          • 2. Yazmin Lacey – 90 Degrees
          • 3. Hector Plimmer – Communication Control
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          SimfOnyxMagenta Skyline / The UnresolvedDelights
          Delights on a roll with this absolute killer release from SimfOnyx! Heavy, heavy library music style breakbeat business with an atmospheric mood that totally...
          • SimfOnyx – Magenta Skyline
          • SimfOnyx – The Unresolved
          ReloadA Collection Of Short Stories (Limited Coloured Vinyl Edition)Music On Vinyl
          Reissue of this sought after, UK ambient techno masterpiece from Global Communication's Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton as Reload. Originally released...
          • Reload – Peschi
          • Reload – Ahn
          • Reload – Teq
          • Reload – Rota Link
          • Reload – 1642 Try 621
          • Reload – Ev-i-loy
          • Reload – Akzinor
          • Reload – Mosh
          • Reload – Ehn
          • Reload – Psychophylaxis
          • Reload – Le Soleil Et La Mer
          • Reload – The Enlightenment
          • Reload – Event Horizon
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            • Inc. a copy of original 24-page booklet with introduction and short stories written by Dominic Fripp.
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          MillsartEvery Dog Has Its Day Vol. 6Axis
          Millsart, aka Jeff Mills, revives the 'Every Dog Has Its Day' series with the sixth volume focusing on the darker, ambient side to his production, employing...
          • Millsart – Phoenix Rising
          • Millsart – Motor Vehicle Dept
          • Millsart – What’s So Funny
          • Millsart – Six By Six By Nine
          • Millsart – The Big Deal
          • Millsart – The Possession
          • Millsart – L’addition S’il Vous Plait
          • Millsart – World Wide Woops
          • Millsart – Axis Identification (With)
          Beatriz FerreyraHuellas EntreveradasPersistence Of Sound
          Nebulous, electronic music experiments from Beatriz Ferreyra who has been at the forefront of electroacoustic music composition since 1963 when she joined...
          • Beatriz Ferreyra – Huellas Entreveradas
          • Beatriz Ferreyra – La Ba-Balle du Chien-Chien a la Me-Mere
          • Beatriz Ferreyra – Deux Dents Dehors
          Clams CasinoMoon Trip RadioClammyClams Productions
          Experimental hip hop vibes from A$AP Rocky producer, Clams Casino!
          • Clams Casino – Rune
          • Clams Casino – Healing
          • Clams Casino – NSX
          • Clams Casino – Cupidwing
          • Clams Casino – Glowing Bones
          • Clams Casino – Fire Blue
          • Clams Casino – Twilit
          • Clams Casino – Lyre
          • Clams Casino – In A Mirror
          • Clams Casino – Soliloquy
          • Clams Casino – Moon Trip Radio
          StallionPoor Me Natty DreadVirgo Stomach
          Tuff late 80s/early 90s vocal roots cut from Stallion, original Virgo Stomach 12” stock just found..limited quantities housed in new company sleeve from...
          • Stallion – Poor Me Natty Dread
          • Stallion – Poor Me Natty Dread (Version)
          Johnny ClarkeStrickly Reggae MusicPatate Records
          Great selection of Johnny Clarke’s work with J.A. producer Blackbeard from the 80s (A-Side) & 70s (B-Side). Featuring “Ride On Girl” “African Girl”...
          • Johnny Clarke – Everyday Wondering
          • Johnny Clarke – Strickly Reggae Music
          • Johnny Clarke – You I Love
          • Johnny Clarke – Fade Away
          • Johnny Clarke – Apple Of My Eye
          • Johnny Clarke – Dub Of My Eye
          • Johnny Clarke – Can't Stop Me
          • Johnny Clarke – Can't Dub Me
          • Johnny Clarke – Ride On Girl
          • Johnny Clarke – African Roots (disco mix)
          • Johnny Clarke – Don't Know Who To Trust
          • Johnny Clarke – Don't Know (version)
          Horace MartinWatermelon ManMister Tipsy
          Limited repress of rare 80s roots dancehall album from one of the most underrated singers Horace Martin, featuring updated classic rhythms as "Real Rock"...
          • Horace Martin – Round The Clock Rock
          • Horace Martin – See Me Ya
          • Horace Martin – My Ghetto Queen
          • Horace Martin – Give Me Your Love
          • Horace Martin – Jamaican Dance
          • Horace Martin – Hold You In My Arms
          • Horace Martin – Tired Body
          • Horace Martin – Talk Them A Talk
          • Horace Martin – Watermelon Man
          Best Of The London Based 'Sioux' LabelA Selection Of Heavy Reggae From 1971-72Jet Set Records
          Mint copy of nineties compilation of reggae label from the early 70s, Sioux records featuring Twinkle Brothers, Joe Higgs, Inner Circle, Phyllis Dillon...
            Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana OrchestraBadder Weather / As I Walk (feat. Josephine Oniyama)Gondwana Records
            **Very limited 7" release - one copy per customer!** Matthew Halsall returns to his own Gondwana Records with two beautiful, deep and spiritual jazz...
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Badder Weather
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – As I Walk (feat. Josephine Oniyama)
            • 7"£10.99
              One copy per customer!
              Out of stock
            IkonikaBodiesDon't Be Afraid
            Ikonika is back on Don't Be Afraid with an EP of glowing club tracks - ace!
            • Ikonika – Your Body
            • Ikonika – Nobody
            • Ikonika – What Kinda Pain Are We Talking About?
            • Ikonika – Bodied (Roller Mix)
            Mammal HandsChaser / PrismGondwana Records
            **Very limited 7" release - one copy per customer!** Mammal Hands are driven by their unique line-up of drums, piano and saxophone. Their hypnotic music...
            • Mammal Hands – Chaser
            • Mammal Hands – Prism
            • 7"£10.99
              One copy per customer!
              Out of stock
            France JobinDeath Is Perfection, Everything Else Is RelativeEditions Mego
            Fantastic eMego release from the immensely talented sound artist, France Jobin. Deep, immersive, meditative, warm, drone pieces composed on the legendary...
            • France Jobin – Inertia
            • France Jobin – P
            • France Jobin – Soar (feat. Klara Lewis)
            Hania RaniHomeGondwana Records
            Beautiful, minimal, evocative piano pieces from Hania Rani. Her second album for Matthew Halsall's Gondwana Records.
            • Hania Rani – Leaving
            • Hania Rani – Buka
            • Hania Rani – Nest
            • Hania Rani – Letter to Glass
            • Hania Rani – Home
            • Hania Rani – Zero Hour
            • Hania Rani – F Major
            • Hania Rani – Summer
            • Hania Rani – Rurka
            • Hania Rani – Tennen
            • Hania Rani – I'll Never Find Your Soul
            • Hania Rani – Ombelico
            • Hania Rani – Come Back Home
            Don CosmicIguana Dance / Solid Rock-A-ByeRudimentario Records
            Two killer new ska jazz instrumentals from Spainish group Don Cosmic only 500 pressed with full colour picture sleeve..check it.
            • Don Cosmic – Iguana Dance
            • Don Cosmic – Solid Rock-A-Bye
            Joyce CoolingIt's You / DoriDiplomats Of Soul
            First time on vinyl! Reissue of 'It's You', her 1988 tune that was adopted by the jazz dance and soul scene in the mid-90s.
            • Joyce Cooling – It's You
            • Joyce Cooling – Dori
            Joel Ramirez Jr & FantasyI’ll Call You Every Morning / I Can’t Let Her GoRain&Shine
            Reissue of this massively rare and hugely sought-after modern soul dancer from 1981!
            • Joel Ramirez Jr & Fantasy – I’ll Call You Every Morning
            • Joel Ramirez Jr & Fantasy – I Can’t Let Her Go
            Martin Freeman and Eddie Piller present: Jazz On The Corner TwoVarious ArtistsAcid Jazz
            Acid Jazz founder Eddie Piller presents 'Jazz On The Corner Two' with a helping hand from actor and Jazz enthusiast Martin Freeman. Featuring stone-cold...
              Thiago NassifMenteGearbox Records
              Co-produced with New York based 'no-wave' legend Arto Lindsay! 'Mente' is Thiago Nassif’s 4th album that draws upon Brazilian music influences, such...
                New Tangents In Kampala, London and Nairobi, Vol. 1 (feat. K15, Lynda Dawn & Joe Armon-Jones)Various ArtistsExtra Soul Perception
                Having spent time recording in Nairobi, these eight artists from the UK, Kenya and Uganda have explored 'new tangents' in soul music. Electronic and organic,...
                • Lex Amor, Hibotep & Faizal Mostrixx – Ancestry
                • Maxwell Owin & Xenia Manasseh – Probably Never (feat. Joe Armon-Jones)
                • Lynda Dawn & BesKept – Roses
                • Faizal Mostrixx & Karun – In My Soul
                • K15 & Labdi – Utokapo
                • 1. Lex Amor, Hibotep & Faizal Mostrixx – Ancestry
                • 2. Maxwell Owin & Xenia Manasseh – Probably Never (feat. Joe Armon-Jones)
                • 3. Lynda Dawn & BesKept – Roses
                • View full info and tracklisting
                Rheji Burrell presents NY House'N AuthorityOut of Body ExperienceRunning Back
                Deep, old school NYC house pioneer, Rheji Burrell, of Nu Groove's Burrell Bros., revives his NY House'N Authority guise, returning with an EP of killer...
                • Rheji Burrell presents NY House'N Authority – 1st Time
                • Rheji Burrell presents NY House'N Authority – 2nd Time
                • Rheji Burrell presents NY House'N Authority – 3rd Time
                • Rheji Burrell presents NY House'N Authority – 4th Time
                • Rheji Burrell presents NY House'N Authority – 5th Time
                • Rheji Burrell presents NY House'N Authority – 6th Time
                Rick HolmesRemember To RememberGold Mink Records
                Produced by Roy Ayers, Rick Holmes' mesmerising spoken word provides a conscious narrative to this stunning jazz-funk groove. Originally released via Uno...
                • Rick Holmes – Remember To Remember
                • Rick Holmes – To The Unknowledgeable One
                VariousRock Steady Beat (Treasure Isle's Greatest Hits)Jet Set Records
                Classic selection of Rocksteady nuggets from Treasure Isle, Mint Copies of long deleted 90s CD issue. Most of these sides were originally released as singles...
                  Tone B. NimbleSoul Is My Salvation Chapter 5Rain&Shine
                  Two sought after gospel/soul rarities reissued via Rain&Shine - selected by Tone B. Nimble!
                  • Fay Hill – I Know Who You Should See
                  • Peaches Mann – Get In Rhythm With God’s Love
                  FunctionSubject F (Transcendence)Eaux
                  Sandwell District affiliate, Function, releases via Rrose's Eaux label, dropping two tracks of dense, atmospheric techno.
                  • Function – Binaural
                  • Function – Desire And Memory
                  • 12"£10.99
                    Limited white vinyl version
                    In stockAdd to Bag
                  MandisaSummer LoveDiscs Of Fun And Love
                  Reissue of this rare crossover soul gem originally recorded in 1980 at Omega Studios in Chicago - one for the dancers!
                  • Mandisa – Summer Love
                  Brenda JonesSuper Stroke / Big MistakeExpansion
                  Reissue of this bittersweet, soulful dancer, 'Big Mistake', from Ohio's Brenda Jones that's been in HUGE demand since it's rare Mercury records release...
                  • Brenda Jones – Super Stroke
                  • Brenda Jones – Big Mistake
                  Greg FoatSymphonie PacifiqueStrut
                  Foat has become a versatile mainstay in UK jazz through an acclaimed series of albums on Jazzman and Athens Of The North, moving from soul-jazz workouts...
                  • Greg Foat – Prelude
                  • Greg Foat – Symphonie Pacifique
                  • Greg Foat – Undulation
                  • Greg Foat – Anticipation
                  • Greg Foat – Mu
                  • Greg Foat – Yonaguni
                  • Greg Foat – Island Life
                  • Greg Foat – Nikinakinu
                  • Greg Foat – Man Vs. Machine
                  • Greg Foat – Before The Storm
                  • Greg Foat – After The Storm
                  • Greg Foat – Meditation On A Pedal Steel
                  • Greg Foat – Lament For Lamont
                  • Greg Foat – Pointe-Vénus
                  • Greg Foat – Mother’s Love
                  • Greg Foat – Epilogue: Three Tenors
                  Prince BusterThe ProphetLagoon
                  Just unearthed, MINT copies of Prince Buster compilation from the mid nineties “The Prophet” featuring killer ska tracks from the sixties “I feel...
                    • CD£14.99
                      Out of stock
                    Rheji Burrell presents The Utopia ProjectThe ‘V’ EPRunning Back
                    Deep, old school NYC house pioneer, Rheji Burrell, of Nu Groove's Burrell Bros., revives his The Utopia Project guise, returning with an EP of killer house...
                    • Rheji Burrell presents The Utopia Project – Destiny
                    • Rheji Burrell presents The Utopia Project – Epiphany
                    • Rheji Burrell presents The Utopia Project – Euphoria
                    • Rheji Burrell presents The Utopia Project – Gifted
                    • Rheji Burrell presents The Utopia Project – Karma
                    Angel Bat DawidTransition EastInternational Anthem Recording Company
                    Transition East features two intense, spiritual jazz pieces created by the hugely-talented Angel Bat Dawid in response to Emma Warren's superb 'Make Some...
                    • Angel Bat Dawid – Transition East
                    • Angel Bat Dawid – No Space Fo Us
                    EnlightmentAgape LoveNature Sounds
                    Reissue of this KILLER, 1988, gospel-boogie tune from cult US group, Enlightment!
                    • Enlightment – Agape Love
                    • Enlightment – Agape Love (Instrumental)
                    • Enlightment – Agape Love (Remix)
                    Ikebe ShakedownAsa-Sa / PepperUbiquity
                    IIkebe Shakedown drop 'Asa-Sa / Pepper' and seamlessly blend the raw emotion and passion of ‘70s African funk with the rousing horns and rhythmical bounce...
                    • Ikebe Shakedown – Asa-Sa
                    • Ikebe Shakedown – Pepper
                    MndsgnBedMndsgn Limited
                    More smudged, instrumental hip-hop vibes from Mndsgn!
                    • Mndsgn – Laps
                    • Mndsgn – Try This Peppermint Soap
                    • Mndsgn – Bed
                    • Mndsgn – On (Paralysis)
                    • Mndsgn – Betweens
                    • Mndsgn – Look At Your Face
                    • Mndsgn – Legwarmrs
                    • Mndsgn – G'maury (Heavenly)
                    Oneness Of JujuChapter Two: NiaNow-Again Records
                    Spiritual, cosmic jazz masterpiece from the legendary troupe, Oneness Of Juju. Originally released via Strata-East in 1974.
                    • Oneness Of Juju –  Introduction
                    • Oneness Of Juju – Contradiction (For Thulani)
                    • Oneness Of Juju – Black Experience
                    • Oneness Of Juju – Nia (Poem: Complete The Circle)
                    • Oneness Of Juju – The End Of The Butterfly King (Poem: Things Comin' Along)
                    • Oneness Of Juju – Black Unity
                    Magic In ThreesIIIKingUnderground Records
                    Reissue of 'III' by Nashville combo, Magic In Threes!Killer release that has a vibe that would even fit comfortably next to classic KPM or De Wolfe library...
                    • Magic In Threes – Blowfly 1980
                    • Magic In Threes – Making Paper
                    • Magic In Threes – At Jody's
                    • Magic In Threes – Work Tapes
                    • Magic In Threes – Just Don't Slow
                    • Magic In Threes – Finnish Funk
                    • Magic In Threes – Breezy Day
                    • Magic In Threes – Takes 10 Minutes
                    • Magic In Threes – Let It Simmer
                    • Magic In Threes – Shot Thru The Grease
                    • Magic In Threes – The Perfect Crime
                    • Magic In Threes – Lottery Walk
                    The HeliocentricsInfinity Of NowMadlib Invazion
                    The UK’s cosmic, psychedelic-funk ensemble issue their first album for maverick producer Madlib’s label, Madlib Invazion!
                    • The Heliocentrics – 99% Revolution
                    • The Heliocentrics – Venom
                    • The Heliocentrics – Elephant Walk
                    • The Heliocentrics – Burning Wooden Ship
                    • The Heliocentrics – Hanging By A Thread
                    • The Heliocentrics – Nonsense Part 1
                    • The Heliocentrics – Light In The Dark
                    • The Heliocentrics – People Wake Up!
                    Shawn LeeKiss The SkyUbiquity
                    Conscious message from Shawn Lee and his Ping Pong Orchestra, with the heaviest and funkiest, psychedelic backbeat!
                    • Shawn Lee – Kiss The Sky
                    • Shawn Lee – Kiss The Sky (Instrumental)
                    Nia AndrewsNo Place Is SafeWorld Galaxy
                    'No Place Is Safe' is the debut full-length from Nia Andrews, a singer-songwriter whose unique vision and expressive aesthetics fly high over her undeniable...
                    • Nia Andrews – The Road (Intro)
                    • Nia Andrews – Linger
                    • Nia Andrews – Might Be Eternity
                    • Nia Andrews – Call Your Name
                    • Nia Andrews – Be A Smart Girl
                    • Nia Andrews – Cleo & The King
                    • Nia Andrews – Hooponopono (Interlude)
                    • Nia Andrews – The Ceiling
                    • Nia Andrews – Seems So
                    • Nia Andrews – Little Girl
                    • Nia Andrews – Old Man
                    Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s BandNo RequestsUprising Music
                    Stretch and Bobbito’s debut album 'No Requests' explores the legendary club DJs’ vast musical knowledge with covers of songs directly from their record...
                    • Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s Band – Anna From Woohside (Beat Suite)
                    • Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s Band – Voices Inside My Head
                    • Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s Band – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
                    • Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s Band – Festival Song (Bam Bam)
                    • Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s Band – Magnificent Dance
                    • Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s Band – Que Se Sepa
                    • Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s Band – The Mexican
                    • Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s Band – I Know You, I Live You (Edit)
                    • Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s Band – If You Really Love Me
                    • Stretch And Bobbito & The M19s Band – Baby I'm Scared Of You
                    The Contemporary Jazz QuintetThe Black Hole180 Proof Records
                    Previously unreleased recording from the seminal US jazz group, Contemporary Jazz Quintet!
                    • The Contemporary Jazz Quintet – Unknown Song Number One
                    • The Contemporary Jazz Quintet – Unknown Song Number Two
                    • The Contemporary Jazz Quintet – Unknown Song Number Three
                    • The Contemporary Jazz Quintet – Unknown Song Number Four
                    • LP£29.99
                      Out of stock
                    D.I.T.C.The Official VersionFat Beats
                    Reissue of D.I.T.C.s cult 2000 album!
                    • D.I.T.C. – Thick (Rockwilder Mix)
                    • D.I.T.C. – Way Of Life (Alternate Version)
                    • D.I.T.C. – Get Yours (Remix)
                    • D.I.T.C. – Where Ya At (Remix)
                    • D.I.T.C. – We Known For That
                    • D.I.T.C. – Champagne Thoughts
                    • D.I.T.C. – All Love
                    • D.I.T.C. – Ebonics (Alternate Remix)
                    • D.I.T.C. – Foundation
                    • D.I.T.C. – Weekends Nights
                    The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No)The ProfessionalsMadlib Invazion
                    Hip hop production hero Madlib and rapper Oh No collaborate as The Professionals on their self-titled album. Marking their first full length album as The...
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – My House
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – The Pros
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – Payday
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – Give N Take
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – Superhumans
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – Buggin
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – CDP Smackdown
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – Timeless Treasure
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – I Jus Wanna
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – Away Too Long
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – Make Due
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – Tired Atlas
                    • The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) – Dishonored Valor
                    • Instrumental LP£23.99
                      In stockAdd to Bag
                    • 2×CD£14.99
                      2xCD issue with a bonus disc containing the Madlib instrumentals
                      Out of stock
                    James Reese & The ProgressionsWait For Me: The Complete Works (1967-1972)Now-Again Records / Now-Again Reserve
                    The complete works, including newly discovered recordings, by South Carolinian funk/soul bandleader James Reese, producer as ambitious as he was talented.Sourced...
                    • James Reese & The Progressions – One Girl
                    • James Reese & The Progressions – It's Got Soul
                    • James Reese & The Progressions – The Mess
                    • James Reese & The Progressions – Wait For Me
                    • James Reese & The Progressions – Gee Wiz (Instrumental)
                    • James Reese & The Progressions – Let's Go (It's Summertime)
                    • James Reese & The Progressions – Jody's Freeze
                    • James Reese & The Progressions – Throwing Stones (Kenny Dope Mix)
                    • James Reese & The Progressions – It's Not But So Much Love Can Do
                    • James Reese & The Progressions – I'll Find A True Love
                    • New 2×LP 180g Collectors Edition£49.99
                      Deluxe gatefold 2xLP with obi strip + download card
                      In stockAdd to Bag
                    • 2×CD£15.99
                      Inc. a bonus CD of alternate versions and booklet with extensive liner notes.
                      In stockAdd to Bag
                    The Unreleased Sounds Of Top RankAba/NigeriaDig This Way Records
                    Eight Unreleased Digital Roots tracks made in Nigeria in the late 80s, never released or pressed, if not on a couple of test presses made on recycled plastic. Surely...
                    • Yangaman Bob – Change Your Ways
                    • Mysta Wey – Africa Is Burning
                    • Mysta Wey – Sermon On The Mountain
                    • Mysta Wey – Sweet Reggae Music
                    • Yangaman Bob – Walking In The Rain, Walking In The Sun
                    • The Forces – Mystic Drum
                    • The Forces – Rastaman
                    • The Forces – Reggae Dj
                    Prince BusterAfrica - Islam - RevolutionA Rock Steady & Reggae Manifesto 1966-72Earth Sound
                    Its a MONSTER!!! Just back in stock... CD only compilation from Earth Sound Records of Prince Buster's late 60s early 70s militant early roots recordings....
                    • Prince Buster – African Affair
                    • Prince Buster – Earthquake (The Blues)
                    • Prince Buster – Seven Wonder Of The World
                    • Prince Buster – Drunkard Psalm
                    • Prince Buster – Free Love
                    • Prince Buster – Black Power
                    • Prince Buster – Prayer
                    • Prince Buster – Sheperd Beng
                    • Prince Buster – Message To The Black Man Chapter 1
                    • Prince Buster – White Man’s Heaven
                    • Prince Buster – It’s A Fire
                    • Prince Buster – Sata Masa Gana
                    UGKDirty MoneyGet On Down
                    First time on vinyl! UGK's classic 2001 album, 'Dirty Money'.
                      • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£30.99
                        Limited green vinyl edition
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