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    • Jeff Parker & The New Breed – Max Brown (Part 1)
    • 1. Max Brown (Part 1)
    • 2. Max Brown (Part 2)

    'Max Brown' is a soulful, swinging cypher of lyrical soloing by guitarist Parker with saxophonist Josh Johnson and trumpeter Nate Walcott, held down by the rhythm section of Jamire Williams and bassist/co-producer, Paul Bryan. Stunning!

    Other Releases on International Anthem Recording Company

    Jeff ParkerSuite for Max BrownInternational Anthem Recording Company
    Tortoise’s Jeff Parker and his ensemble the New Breed release 'Suite for Max Brown' via Chicago's excellent International Anthem Recording Company imprint....
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      Irreversible EntanglementsWho Sent You?International Anthem Recording Company
      "Who Sent You? is the punk-rocking of jazz and the mystification of the avant-garde, a sci-fi sound from that out-soul-fire jazz quintet IrreversibleEntanglements."
        Alabaster dePlumeTo Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol.1International Anthem Recording Company
        Manchester born producer, vocalist and saxophonist Alabaster dePlume makes his debut on Chicago's International Anthem Recording Company. To Cy & Lee is...
          Junius PaulIsmInternational Anthem Recording Company
          Junius Paul makes his International Anthem debut with polychromatic, low-tone poems, free-form funk and jazz experiments, turning the page to a brand new...
          • Junius Paul – You Are Free To Choose
          • Junius Paul – Bowl Hit
          • Junius Paul – View From The Moon
          • Junius Paul – Baker's Dozen
          • Junius Paul – Asé
          • Junius Paul – The One Who Endures
          • Junius Paul – Spocky Chainsey Has Re-Emerged
          • Junius Paul – Georgia
          • Junius Paul – Twelve Eighteen West
          • Junius Paul – Collant Denier
          • Junius Paul – Paris
          • Junius Paul – Tune No. 6
          • Junius Paul – Sprouts
          • Junius Paul – Fred Anderson and a Half
          • Junius Paul – Ma and Dad
          • Junius Paul – Two Minute Warning
          • Junius Paul – Outro
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          Makaya McCravenIn The Moment (2019 Deluxe Edition)International Anthem Recording Company
          Makaya McCraven's contemporary jazz classic / International Anthem debut from 2015 sees the light of day once again, expanded to include the limited 12"...
          • Makaya McCraven – Exploration Intro
          • Makaya McCraven – The Jaunt
          • Makaya McCraven – Slightest Right
          • Makaya McCraven – First Thing First
          • Makaya McCraven – Lonely
          • Makaya McCraven – Gwana
          • Makaya McCraven – On The Spot
          • Makaya McCraven – Butterscotch
          • Makaya McCraven – TomTOm
          • Makaya McCraven – Three Fifths a Man
          • Makaya McCraven – In the Moment
          • Makaya McCraven – Quartz
          • Makaya McCraven – Just Stay Right There
          • Makaya McCraven – Untitled
          • Makaya McCraven – Requests
          • Makaya McCraven – Time Travel
          • Makaya McCraven – The Encore
          • Makaya McCraven – The Drop
          • Makaya McCraven – Finances
          • Makaya McCraven – Next Step
          • Makaya McCraven – Alone
          • Makaya McCraven – Standing On Shoulders
          • Makaya McCraven – Spontaneous
          • Makaya McCraven – The Dimmer
          • Makaya McCraven – She Knew
          • Makaya McCraven – Trading Bars
          • Makaya McCraven – 50 Thousand Miles
          • Makaya McCraven – The Master
          Jaimie BranchFly Or Die II: Bird Dogs Of ParadiseInternational Anthem Recording Company
          Anticipated follow-up to composer, trumpeter, and (now) singer Jaimie Branch's debut 'Fly or Die'. Written whilst on tour in 2018, and recorded at London's...
          • Jaimie Branch – birds of paradise
          • Jaimie Branch – prayer for amerikkka pt. 1 & 2
          • Jaimie Branch – l esterlude
          • Jaimie Branch – twenty-three n me, jupiter redux
          • Jaimie Branch – whales
          • Jaimie Branch – simple silver surfer
          • Jaimie Branch – bird dogs of paradise
          • Jaimie Branch – nuevo roquero estéreo
          • Jaimie Branch – love song
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          Angel Bat DawidThe OracleInternational Anthem Recording Company
          Following a flood of critical acclaim from January 2019 cassette-only release of 'The Oracle', the album is finally available again! Composer, clarinetist,...
          • Angel Bat Dawid – Destination (Dr. Yusef Lateef)
          • Angel Bat Dawid – Black Family
          • Angel Bat Dawid – What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black (Dr. Margaret Burroughs)
          • Angel Bat Dawid – Impepho
          • Angel Bat Dawid – We Are Starzz
          • Angel Bat Dawid – London
          • Angel Bat Dawid – Capetown
          • Angel Bat Dawid – The Oracle
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            Deluxe old-style Stoughton tip-on jacket with insert card, IARC obi strip & dome-patterned inner sleeve.
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          ResavoirResavoirInternational Anthem Recording Company
          Chicago collective Resavoir release their album debut through International Anthem Recording Company. The self-titled album presents a suite of elegantly-orchestrated...
          • Resavoir – Intro
          • Resavoir – Resavoir
          • Resavoir – Taking Flight (feat. Brandee Younger)
          • Resavoir – Plantasy
          • Resavoir – Clouds
          • Resavoir – Woah
          • Resavoir – Illusion
          • Resavoir – Escalator (feat. Sen Morimoto)
          • Resavoir – LML
          Damon Locks Black Monument EnsembleWhere Future UnfoldsInternational Anthem Recording Company
          International Anthem return with an album from Chicago-based sound and visual artist, Damon Locks. Starting as a solo sound collage piece (where Locks...
          • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – Statement Of Intent / Black Movement Theme
          • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – Sounds Like Now
          • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – Solar Power
          • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – Rebuild A Nation
          • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – Which I Believe It Will
          • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – Which I Believe I Am
          • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – The Colors That You Bring
          • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – The Future?
          • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – Power
          • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – From A Spark To A Fire
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          Makaya McCravenUniversal BeingsInternational Anthem Recording Company
          BACK IN STOCK! Universal Beings is jazz drummer / producer Makaya McCraven's most ambitious, elegant and refined work yet. Recorded at two intimate live...
          • Makaya McCraven – A Queen's Intro
          • Makaya McCraven – Holy Lands
          • Makaya McCraven – Young Genius
          • Makaya McCraven – Black Lion
          • Makaya McCraven – Tall Tales
          • Makaya McCraven – Mantra
          • Makaya McCraven – Pharaoh's Intro
          • Makaya McCraven – Atlantic Black
          • Makaya McCraven – Inner Flight
          • Makaya McCraven – Wise Man, Wiser Woman
          • Makaya McCraven – Prosperity's Fear
          • Makaya McCraven – Flipped OUT
          • Makaya McCraven – Voila
          • Makaya McCraven – Suite Haus
          • Makaya McCraven – The Newbies Lift Off
          • Makaya McCraven – The Royal Outro
          • Makaya McCraven – The Count Off
          • Makaya McCraven – Butterss's
          • Makaya McCraven – Turtle Tricks
          • Makaya McCraven – The Fifth Monk
          • Makaya McCraven – Brighter Days Beginning
          • Makaya McCraven – Universal Beings
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          Dos SantosLogosInternational Anthem Recording Company
          Another hot record coming straight out of Chicago courtesy of the good people at International Anthem. Anyone who copped a copy of the Dos Santos 7" earlier...
          • Dos Santos – Acábame
          • Dos Santos – Córdva
          • Dos Santos – Return Y Regreso
          • Dos Santos – Logos
          • Dos Santos – Caminante
          • Dos Santos – Purísima
          • Dos Santos – Manos Ajenas (Touch You Every Day)
          • Dos Santos – How Far Are We From Here?
          • Dos Santos – Coda
          • Dos Santos – Sole Party
          • Dos Santos – (You Are) My Revolution
          • LP£21.99
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          • CD£10.99
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          Ben Lamar GayDowntown Castles Can Never Block The SunInternational Anthem Recording Company
          "Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun" is as much a 'greatest hits' as it is a 'debut album' for Ben LaMar Gay. It's a collection of music composed,...
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Vitus Labrusca
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Muhal
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Music For 18 Hairdressers: Braids & Fractals
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Jubilee
          • Ben Lamar Gay – A Seasoning Called Primavera
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Miss Nealie Burns
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Me, Jayve & The Big Bee
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Uvas
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Galveston
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Swim Swim
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Kunni
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Melhor Que Tem
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Gator Teeth
          • Ben Lamar Gay – 7th Stanza
          • Ben Lamar Gay – Oh No...Not Again!
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          Dos SantosManos Ajenas (Touch You Every Day) / How Far Are We From Here?International Anthem Recording Company
          **SOTU exclusive!** In conjunction with Sonorama Discos and Royal Hands records, International Anthem (Makaya McCraven, Irreversible Entanglements) release...
          • Dos Santos – How Far Are We From Here?
          • Dos Santos – Manos Ajenas (Touch You Every Day)

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          Rev. Harvey GatesPrice Of Love / It's Hard To Live In This Old WorldSalvation Rock
          With its killer drum break and sweet piano arrangement courtesy of Zelpha Wells, "Price Of Love" stands as a manifesto of Harvey Gates' musical vision,...
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          • Rev. Harvey Gates – It's Hard To Live In This Old World
          Margie JosephI Can't Move No Mountains / Come On Back To Me LoverExpansion Records
          Seven inch reissue of Margie Joseph's 1975 classic soul number!
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          • Patti Austin – Didn't Say A Word
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          Americo Brito & DjaramaNha D'stineMar & Sol
          Continuing the focus on music from Cape Verde, Mar & Sol reissue this stunning, 1983 album 'Nha D'stine' from the legendary singer Américo Brito and his...
          • Americo Brito & Djarama – Morte é Descanso
          • Americo Brito & Djarama – Curti Curpin
          • Americo Brito & Djarama – Boogie Time
          • Americo Brito & Djarama – Nha D'stine
          • Americo Brito & Djarama – Rapaz Nobo É Malandro
          • Americo Brito & Djarama – Problema
          • Americo Brito & Djarama – Dá Bô Gandja
          • Americo Brito & Djarama – Judith
          Nora DeanPeace Begins Within / Ay Ay Ay AyHarlem Shuffle Records
          Back in limited stock.....Very rare early roots tune from Nora Dean, originally issued on Bullet in the U.K. in 1971, hard to find an original copy, so...
          • Nora Dean – Peace Begins Within
          • Nora Dean – Ay Ay Ay Ay
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          SparkleSparkleCultures Of Soul
          Cultures of Soul reissue Sparkle’s mega-rare, self-titled album which, many disco afficionados would agree, delivers the goods from start to finish!Sparkle...
          • Sparkle – Six Million Steps
          • Sparkle – You
          • Sparkle – Let Yourself Go
          • Sparkle – Disco Madness
          • Sparkle – Dabooza
          • Sparkle – Down The Way
          • Sparkle – The Rock
          • LP£22.99
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          Batunga & The SubprimesGates of OuantouMatasuna Records
          Two modern cuts from Paris-based, contemporary Afrobeat band, Batunga & The Subprimes, available for the first time on vinyl. Traditional African music...
          • Batunga & The Subprimes – Gates of Ouantou (7inch Edit)
          • Batunga & The Subprimes – Man in the Field
          • 7"£9.99
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          Young Gun Silver FoxTake It or Leave It / Mojo RisingSoul Step
          Blue-eyed soul and dreamy soft rock vibes via Shawn Lee's project, Young Gun Silver Fox. One for the Boz Scaggs / Ned Doheny fans - ace!
          • Young Gun Silver Fox – Take It or Leave It
          • Young Gun Silver Fox – Mojo Rising
          Kirk ReedCalifornia (inc. Shawn Lee remix)Believe! International
          Reissue of Kirk Reed's west-coast, blue-eyed soul groover that pays tribute to The Golden State through its imagery of sunshine and wide open roads - includes...
          • Kirk Reed – California (Shawn Lee mix) [feat. Shawn Lee]
          • Kirk Reed – California (Original)
          Jackie MittooOboe / Wall StreetSoul Jazz Records
          MONSTER STUDIO ONE TUNE FIRST TIME EVER ON A SINGLE ! Two highly sought after tracks from Jackie Mitoo's legendary 'Showcase' album, originally released...
          • Jackie Mittoo – Oboe
          • Jackie Mittoo – Wall Street
          KASSAVLove and Ka DanceHeavenly Sweetness
          Reissued for the first me together are both versions (French and US) of Francophone zouk band Kassav’s 1979 debut album, which has been unavailable since...
          • KASSAV – Kassav' Dedicated To Saint-Jean
          • KASSAV – Fascination
          • KASSAV – Nouvel
          • KASSAV – Love And Ka Dance
          • KASSAV – Africa (Kassav Vocal Version)
          • KASSAV – Don't Be A Fool