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    Rev. Harvey GatesPrice Of Love / It's Hard To Live In This Old WorldSalvation Rock
    With its killer drum break and sweet piano arrangement courtesy of Zelpha Wells, "Price Of Love" stands as a manifesto of Harvey Gates' musical vision,...
    • Rev. Harvey Gates – Price Of Love
    • Rev. Harvey Gates – It's Hard To Live In This Old World
    Lula CollinsThe Delta Gospel QueenSalvation Rock
    An unearthed gritty R&B Gospel album featuring "Help Me" & "Climbing Jacob's Ladder" Limited press..Check it. “The Delta Gospel Queen" is one of those...
    • Lula Collins – 99 1/2 Won't Do
    • Lula Collins – I Got Jesus And That's Enough
    • Lula Collins – Soldier
    • Lula Collins – Climbing Jacob's Ladder
    • Lula Collins – Feeling
    • Lula Collins – This Joy
    • Lula Collins – Suppose
    • Lula Collins – Hold Out (Keep The Faith)
    • Lula Collins – Help Me
    • Lula Collins – What Is This