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    • Lucifer (aka Mort Garson) – Solomon's Ring
    • Lucifer (aka Mort Garson) – The Ride Of Aida (Voodoo)
    • Lucifer (aka Mort Garson) – Incubus
    • Lucifer (aka Mort Garson) – Black Mass
    • Lucifer (aka Mort Garson) – The Evil Eye
    • Lucifer (aka Mort Garson) – Exorcism
    • Lucifer (aka Mort Garson) – The Philosopher's Stone
    • Lucifer (aka Mort Garson) – Voices Of The Dead (The Medium)
    • Lucifer (aka Mort Garson) – Witch Trial
    • Lucifer (aka Mort Garson) – ESP
    • 1. Solomon's Ring
    • 2. The Ride Of Aida (Voodoo)
    • 3. Incubus
    • 4. Black Mass
    • 5. The Evil Eye
    • 6. Exorcism
    • 7. The Philosopher's Stone
    • 8. Voices Of The Dead (The Medium)
    • 9. Witch Trial
    • 10. ESP

    Supernatural and occult-themed electronic music from composer, Mort Garson. Originally released in 1971, it’s his only release under the Lucifer moniker, and it taps into a profound darkness that may surprise fans of his sunnier work. These songs are Garson's synthesizer interpretations of occult and esoteric phenomena ranging from the Satanic black mass, to exorcism, to witchcraft, and beyond, inspiring artists from Coil to Oneohtrix Point Never.

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      John CarpenterLost Themes III: Alive After DeathSacred Bones
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      • John Carpenter – Dripping Blood
      • John Carpenter – Dead Eyes
      • John Carpenter – Vampire's Touch
      • John Carpenter – Cemetery
      Mort GarsonDidn't You Hear?Sacred Bones
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      • Mort Garson – Didn't You Hear?
      • Mort Garson – No Smoking
      • Mort Garson – Dream Sequence 1
      • Mort Garson – Dream Sequence 2
      • Mort Garson – Kevin's Theme
      • Mort Garson – Sail! Sail!
      • Mort Garson – Kevin And Paige
      • Mort Garson – Bamboo City
      • Mort Garson – Walk To Grange Hall
      • Mort Garson – Virgil's Theme
      • Mort Garson – Walk To The Other Side Of The Island
      • Mort Garson – Death Talk And Jeep Approach
      • Mort Garson – Jeep Ride
      • Mort Garson – Dead Tree
      • Mort Garson – Didn't You Hear? (End Title)
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      Mort GarsonMusic From Patch Cord ProductionsSacred Bones
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      • Mort Garson – Is He Trying To Tell Us Something? (Instrumental)
      • Mort Garson – Rhapsody In Green
      • Mort Garson – Baroque No. 2
      • Mort Garson – This Is My Beloved
      • Mort Garson – Music For Advertising #1
      • Mort Garson – Music For Advertising #2
      • Mort Garson – Music For Advertising #3
      • Mort Garson – Killers Of The Wild
      • Mort Garson – Realizations Of An Aeropolis
      • Mort Garson – Music For Advertising #4
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      John CarpenterHalloween (2018)Sacred Bones
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      • John Carpenter – Intro
      • John Carpenter – Halloween Theme
      • John Carpenter – Laurieas Theme
      • John Carpenter – Prison Montage
      • John Carpenter – Michael Kills
      • John Carpenter – Michael Kills Again
      • John Carpenter – The Shape Returns
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      • Julee Cruise – Falling (Demo)
      • Julee Cruise – The World Spins (Demo)
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