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    Brian EnoApollo (Atmospheres & Soundtracks)With Daniel Lanois & Roger EnoUMC
    A remastered and extended edition of Brian Eno's iconic 1983 album, 'Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks"
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      Brian EnoVisual MusicChronicle Books
      Visual Music is a one-of-a-kind guided tour through the visual art of creative polymath Brian Eno. Featuring more than 300 images of Eno's installation,...
      Brian EnoAmbient 4: On Land - Half Speed MasterUMC / Virgin EMI
      2018 version - 'half-speed' remaster at Abbey Road Studios. Originally released in 1982, 'On Land' is Eno's most mature, perfect ambient work. Combining...
        Brian EnoDiscreet Music - Half Speed MasterUMC / Virgin EMI
        2018 version - 'half-speed' remaster at Abbey Road Studios. Ambient music ground zero; first released in Britain in 1975 on Eno's own Obscure Records...
          Brian EnoMusic For Films - Half Speed MasterUMC / Virgin EMI
          2018 version - 'half-speed' remaster at Abbey Road Studios. Originally released in 1978, 'Music For Films' is a compilation of material recorded over...
          • Brian Eno – Aragon
          • Brian Eno – From The Same Hill
          • Brian Eno – Inland Sea
          • Brian Eno – Two Rapid Formations
          • Brian Eno – Slow Water
          • Brian Eno – Sparrowfall ( 1 )
          • Brian Eno – Sparrowfall ( 2 )
          • Brian Eno – Sparrowfall ( 3 )
          • Brian Eno – Quartz
          Brian EnoAmbient 4 - On Land (1982)EG Records
          Released in 1982, On Land is Eno's most mature, perfect ambient work. Combining low, rumbling synths with eerie banging and clanking and the occasional...
            Brian EnoAnother Green WorldEMI
            The last album by Eno. After this he became Brian. The change was significant. Out goes the surreal, playful, avant pop of previous albums and in comes...
            • Brian Eno – Sky Saw
            • Brian Eno – Over Fire Island
            • Brian Eno – St. Elmo's Fire
            • Brian Eno – In Dark Trees
            • Brian Eno – The Big Ship
            • Brian Eno – I'll Come Running
            Brian EnoBefore And After Science (1977)Polydor
            Seminal Eno release - deep, deep avant funky grooves and experimentalism
            • Brian Eno – No One Receiving
            • Brian Eno – Backwater
            • Brian Eno – Kurt's Rejoinder
            • Brian Eno – Energy Fools The Magician
            • Brian Eno – King's Lead Hat
            • Brian Eno – Here He Comes
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            Brian EnoHere Come The Warm Jets (1973)EMI
            Baby's on Fire - literally! Needle in the Camels Eye, Blank Frank... tune after tune on this seminal album. In 1973, fed up with Bryan Ferry's domineering...
            • Brian Eno – needles in the camel's eye
            • Brian Eno – the paw paw negro blowtorch
            • Brian Eno – baby's on fire
            • Brian Eno – cindy tells me
            Brian EnoTaking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)EMI (1974)
            The blueprint to his work with Talking Heads is on this album. Listen to the jagged guitars, pumping bass and hissing electronic percussion on this and...
            • Brian Eno – Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
            • Brian Eno – Back In Judy's Jungle
            • Brian Eno – The Fat Lady Of Limbourg
            • Brian Eno – Mother Whale Eyeless
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            Brian EnoOblique MusicBloomsbury
            On the back of his published diary Brian Eno describes himself variously as: a mammal, a father, an artist, a celebrity, a pragmatist, a computer-user,...
            Brian EnoReflectionWarp
            Brian Eno returns with ‘Reflection’ - an album composed as a single 54-minute piece (spread into four parts across the vinyl format). The work...
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              • CD£12.99
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              Brian EnoThe ShipOpal Records
              ‘The Ship’ brings together the classic Eno sound - beautiful songs, minimalist ambience, physical electronics and technical innovation...
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                • 2×LP Deluxe vinyl£19.99
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                Brian EnoAmbient 1: Music For Airports (1978)EMI
                Awesome ambient minimalism. This complex sound sculpture was created by Brian Eno in 1978 and was even installed for a while at the Marine Terminal of...
                  Brian EnoDiscreet Music (1975)EMI
                  Ambient music ground zero. First released in Britain in 1975 on his own Obscure Records label, it was an attempt to set up a system by which the music...
                    Brian EnoMusic For FilmsEditions EG
                    If you have heard of 'ambient' music and are wondering about buying an album, look no further. relaxing, easily listenable and along with Music For Films...