• Louis Xavier – Delito
    • Louis Xavier – Trois Ilets
    • Louis Xavier – Hélix
    • Louis Xavier – Steps
    • Louis Xavier – Miss Bee
    • Louis Xavier – Migan
    • 1. Delito
    • 2. Trois Ilets
    • 3. Hélix
    • 4. Steps
    • 5. Miss Bee
    • 6. Migan

    Louis Xavier is a complete artist, sincere and talented. He is at the same time: bassist, guitarist - bassist, author - composer, arranger, conductor, prolific and influential part of the Parisian scene since the 70 's. His approach is simple: from compositions and arrangements expressing his experience as an Afro-Caribbean immigrant, he establishes dialogue by refusing to be imprisoned in a narrow and sterile cultural ghetto. The result is an astonishing and surprising symbiosis: the harmonious marriage of drums, piano, violin, saxophone, guitar, synthesizer and flute. All these disparate sounds combine to mark strong rhythms, to roll in inventions, in rich improvisations, in which the musicians, brothers of the same family, molded with nostalgia for a lost or simply distant black reality, refuse the straight forward and attempt to tell us something new.

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