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    • Dementia Precox – ISCWSLABMUZ
    • Popsong's Factory – D'Ameja
    • Nuvo West – Theme For Alienation
    • Onyx – S.O.S
    • Oltre La Morte – Aria Azure
    • CHBB – Go Go Go
    • 1. Dementia Precox – ISCWSLABMUZ
    • 2. Popsong's Factory – D'Ameja
    • 3. Nuvo West – Theme For Alienation
    • 4. Onyx – S.O.S
    • 5. Ak 47 – Stop! Dance!
    • 6. Oltre La Morte – Aria Azure
    • 7. CHBB – Go Go Go
    • 8. Hypnobeat – Giving Head To Kilian
    • 9. Pe Coder – Elektromatratze
    • 10. Inertia – The Screen
    • 11. Pre Fix – Underneathica
    • 12. Glamatron – Passport

    Impossibly rare and obscure dark wave oddities from the Light Sounds Dark gang.

    Dementia Precox kick things off with some serious shamanic tribal rhythms designed to induce a state of mind for a journey through to the underworld. Popsong's Factory ultra-rare Japanese vocoder jam slows the tempo down as do some old friends from ‘D.E.T.’ the wonderful Onyx ‘S.O.S.’ with its layered synths and mega fazing. CHBB who later went on to become Liaisons Dangereuses are here with the classic cassette only ‘Go Go Go!’ which is well known by fans. Matched by the equally impressive Hypnobeats ‘Giving Head to Kilian’ a much rarer affair described as 'neo-tribalism', this is early minimal techno made in 1984 and really has to be heard to be believed.

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    • – What You Won't Do For Love
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      Booshank Unthank005Unthank
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          Colomach Colomach Soundway
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          • – Cotocun Gba Gounke
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          Mushrooms Project UndergrassLeng
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          • – Cut It Up High Priest
          • – Pillar Of Salt
          • – The Mysterious Ashley Bickerton
          • – Suicide Hotline
          • – Drum Mode
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          • – North Hex
          • – Early Warning Starfield
          • – Gardners
          • – Tow Ride
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          Psychemagik Presents Magik Sunrise Leng
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          • Iasos – Intro
          • Daniel Mathieu – C'Etait Un Beau Dimanche
          • Fox – The Juggler
          • Walter Hawkings – Metropolis
          • Yves Simon – Raconte-Toi
          • Susana Estrada – ¡Gózame Ya!
          • Joey Newman – The One You Love
          • 2×LP£16.99
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          Moire Rolx Rush Hour
          Moire, follows up his 12" last year on Actress' Werkdisc imprint with this strong house/techno 3 tracker for Rush Hour. "Don't Get it", a deeply grooving,...
          • – Don't Get It
          • – Rolx
          • – Real Special
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          Rick Wilhite Freedom School DJ Series Volume 1Freedom School
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          • – Techno Dust
          • – Kinky
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          Finis Africae A Last Discovery : The Essential Collection 1984-2001Em
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          • – Radio Tarifa (Tarifa Radio)
          • – Zoo Zulu (Zulu Zoo)
          • – Triciclos en La Chopera (La Chopera Tricycles)
          • – Segundos, segundos, segundos (Seconds Seconds Seconds)
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          Mark Ernestus with Jeri Jeri CasamanceNdagga
          Berlin versus Kaolack, round three. A traditional Jola rhythm, fast and energetic, with tuned, talking and kit drums swarming across a skeletal downhome...
          • – Casamance
          • – Sama Yaya
          • – Casamance Version
          • – Sama Yaya Version
          • 12"£7.99
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          Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri Jeri With Baaba Maal Gawlo Ndagga
          Exhilarating, mesmeric, galloping swarm-like drumwork, marimba synth and hypnotic guitar fom Mark Ernestus' Jeri Jeri project.
          • – Gawlo
          • – Gawlo Version
          • – Lignou Mome
          • 12"£7.99
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          LHASThe HevaloPush To Shove
          Limited reissue (just 500 copies repressed) - 1996 debut from the UK's Larry Heard Appreciation Society.  Quality deep house classic!
          • – The Hevalo
          • – What, Why, When
          • – LHAS Pt. 1
          • – The Way
          • 12"£8.99
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          The Small Axe Guide To DubJim DooleyMuzik Tree
          The aim of this book is to provide a good sampling rather than an exhaustive look at dub. A wicked read for anybody looking for further information on...
            • Book (250g)£9.99
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            Ike ReleaseDream Sequencer EPM>O>S Deep
            Oft...bit of a heart racer this one. Rumpin pumpin spatial chicago house freakiness - Chicago's Ike Release in a bullish mood. Raw - this is the real deal!...
            • – Cosmic supreme
            • – Spells
            • – Westview (extended version)
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            • – Universe In Crisis
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