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    LizardsFrontier / Coming InLeng
    Dazzling cosmic disco instrumental and sunkissed, Balearic dub from Lizards with their second single for Leng! 
    • Lizards – Frontier
    • Lizards – Coming In
    Fernando feat FiorucciGiant DesertLeng
    Filthy chugging rocky balearic sleaze from the man behind Blue Impala. Oooooh missus.
    • Fernando feat Fiorucci – Giant desert
    • Fernando feat Fiorucci – giant desert extended dub
    MountaineerThe Real McQueenLeng
    The second LP release on Leng Records is the fourth from German band Mountaineer. Joining Leng label mates such as Cantoma (Phil Mison), Ray Mang, Idjut...
    • Mountaineer – Always Coming Home
    • Mountaineer – The Real McQueen
    • Mountaineer – Come Alena
    • Mountaineer – Circlemakers
    • Mountaineer – Gush It Gosie
    • Mountaineer – White ( I'm Clouds )
    • Mountaineer – Always Coming Home ( Theme )
    • Mountaineer – Golden Chalk
    • Mountaineer – Limbo
    • Mountaineer – Blown Away
    • Mountaineer – When We Love Life
    • Mountaineer – Always Coming Home ( Reprise )