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    • HE3 Project – Thesis On Love
    • HE3 Project – Soul Support
    • HE3 Project – From Africa To Oakland
    • HE3 Project – Sashay Sashay
    • 1. Thesis On Love
    • 2. Soul Support
    • 3. From Africa To Oakland
    • 4. Try A Different Road
    • 5. It Came From The Clear Blue Sky
    • 6. Sashay Sashay
    • 7. She Got You By The Hook
    • 8. You Got Some Real Nice Moves

    Chapter Two continues the music of Herman Eberitzsch's unreleased recordings during the 1974-1979 period. 

    The Bay Area vibe is pronounced here with a sensual and aggressive Funk, Latin Groove & Modern Soul sound. Errol Knowles' Courtial, Sly Stone, Cold Blood and Tower Of Power influences can be heard throughout these recordings. In moments it is Soul and Funk in its purest form, all formulas are thrown away replaced with a unique adventure in sound and lyrics. Songs feature Sly Stone's Bassist Bobby Vega (High On You) and Linda Tillery (Loading Zone) on vocals.

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    • The Pretenders – Just Be Yourself (Extended Version)
    Webster StationAre You For RealFamily Groove Records
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    • Webster Station – Are You For Real
    • Webster Station – I've Been Watching You
    • Webster Station – Can You Feel My Love
    • Webster Station – Lady
    • Webster Station – If You Feel Like Dancing

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    • Lillian Alexander – Let Love Take A Holiday
    • Lillian Alexander – Relays
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    • HE3 Project – Appreciation
    • HE3 Project – Life Is A Tortured Love Affair
    • HE3 Project – Make It Sweet
    • HE3 Project – We All Have Our Own Lives
    • HE3 Project – In A Soft & Subtle Way
    • HE3 Project – Easy Come Easy Go
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    Johnny Osbourne / Otis GayleWe Need Love / I'll Be AroundSoul Jazz Records
    Killer Studio One 12" bomb!
    • Johnny Osbourne – We Need Love
    • Otis Gayle – I'll Be Around
    • 12"£9.99
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    Michigan and Smiley / Brentford Disco SetJah A De Creator ('No,No,No')/ Rebel DiscoSoul Jazz Records
    Killer Studio One 12" bomb!
    • Michigan and Smiley – Jah A De Creator
    • Brentford Disco Set – Rebel Disco
    Larry Marshall / The SkatalitesI've Got To Make It / Coconut RockSoul Jazz Records
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    Jeremy Underground Presents: BeautyVarious ArtistsSpacetalk
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    • Ron Rinaldi – Mexican Summer
    • Leila Pinheiro – Tudo Em Cima
    • Christer Norden – Lay Back
    • N C C U – Superstar
    • Shades Of Love – Do Your Own Dance
    • Sonya Spence – Let Love Flow On
    • Nu-Cleus – Needing A Woman
    • Al (Alonzo) Wilson – Love You Girl
    • Richardi Mac – Told You So
    • Maureen Bailey – Takin’ My Time With You
    • Fein – Stonedage
    • June Evans – Hardly Need To Say
    • Starcrost – Quicksand
    • Creative Arts Ensemble – Unity
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    • CD£13.99
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    Studio One Rub A DubSoul Jazz Records
    In the 1970s, Clement Dodd’s legendary Studio One Records went through an amazing period of re-birth working with new artists such as Willie Williams,...
    • Cornell Campbell – My Conversation
    • Lone Ranger – Screw Gone A North Coast
    • Judah Eskender Tafari – Danger In Your Eyes
    • Rapper Robert & Jim Brown – Minister For Ganja
    • Freddie McGregor – How Could You Leave
    • Barry Brown – Give Love
    • Len Allen Jnr – White Belly Rat
    • Johnny Osbourne – Forgive Them
    • Jennifer Lara – Natural Mystic
    • Horace Andy – Happiness
    • Rapper Robert & Jim Brown – Pirate
    • Willie Williams – Keep On Moving
    • Papa Michigan & General Smiley – Jah A The Creator
    • The Ethiopian – Empty Belly
    • Earl 16 – No Mash Up The Dance
    • The Jay Tees – Forward to Jah
    • Lone Ranger – Natty Chalwa
    • 1. Cornell Campbell – My Conversation
    • 2. Lone Ranger – Screw Gone A North Coast
    • 3. Judah Eskender Tafari – Danger In Your Eyes
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    Ann SextonThe Beginning (1977)Sound Stage 7
    Wicked, wicked, wicked funky female Memphis southern soul.
      • New LP £12.99
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      Bettye SwannMake Me Yours (1967)Money Records
      This album is wicked! Killer female deep southern soul. So many good tracks on this album!
      • Bettye Swann – Make Me Yours
      • Bettye Swann – Don't Look Back
      • Bettye Swann – You Gave Me Love
      • Bettye Swann – The Heartache Is Gone
      New Orleans Funk Vol. 4Voodoo Fire In New Orleans 1951-77Soul Jazz Records
      Soul Jazz Records’ latest excursion into the Crescent City vaults delves deep into the roots and history of the Voodoo world of New Orleans Funk. Packed...
      • Eldridge Holmes – Pop, Popcorn Children
      • Gus 'The Groove' Lewis – Let The Groove Move You
      • Dave Bartholomew – The Monkey
      • Chocolate Milk – Action Speaks Louder Than Words
      • James K-Nine – Live It Up
      • Lou Johnson – Frisco Here I Come
      • Norma Jean – No Competition
      • James Waynes – Junco Partner
      • David Robinson – I'm A Carpenter (Part 1)
      • The Barons Ltd – Making It Better
      • Johnny Adams – You Make A New Man Out Of Me
      • Clifton Chenier – Party Down
      • Eddie Bo – Can You Handle It
      • Bob French's Storyville Jazz Band – Y'er Comes The Funky Man
      • Joe Haywood – Play Me A Cornbread Song
      • Betty Harris – I'm Gonna Git Ya
      • Chuck Colbert & Viewpoint – Stay
      • Zilla Mayes – All I Want Is You
      • 1. Eldridge Holmes – Pop, Popcorn Children
      • 2. Gus 'The Groove' Lewis – Let The Groove Move You
      • 3. Dave Bartholomew – The Monkey
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      Boogie Breakdown: South African Synth-Disco 1980-1984VariousCultures Of Soul
      Reliable compilers, Cultures Of Soul focus in on a collection of disco and boogie from the South African scene in the early to mid-80s. Featuring...
      • The Cannibals – Hey Tonight
      • The Cannibals – We Keep On Keeping On
      • Harari – Party
      • Harari – Good Vibes
      • Don Laka – I Wanna Be Myself
      • Don Laka – Let's Move The Night
      • Neville Nash – Breakdown
      • Neville Nash – Perfect Love
      • Benjamin Ball – Flash A Flashlight
      • Benjamin Ball – I Just Keep Dancing
      • Al Etto – You've Got The Love
      • Al Etto – Hold On To Love
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      • CD£13.99
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      Betty HarrisThe Lost Queen Of New Orleans SoulSoul Jazz Records
      Betty Harris’ The Lost Queen of New Orleans Soul features all of her classic deep soul, sister funk and northern soul songs recorded in New Orleans in...
      • Betty Harris – There's A Break In The Road
      • Betty Harris – 12 Red Roses
      • Betty Harris – Mean Man
      • Betty Harris – I'm Gonna Git Ya
      • Betty Harris – Ride Your Pony
      • Betty Harris – Show It
      • Betty Harris – I Don't Wanna Hear It
      • Betty Harris – Bad Luck
      • Betty Harris – Hook, Line 'n' Sinker
      • Betty Harris – Lonely Hearts
      • Betty Harris – What A Sad Feeling
      • Betty Harris – What'd I Do Wrong
      • Betty Harris – Trouble With My Lover
      • Betty Harris – Sometime
      • Betty Harris – I'm Evil Tonight
      • Betty Harris – Nearer To You
      • Betty Harris – All I Want Is You
      KaS ProductBlack & Noir: Mutant Synth-Punk from France 1980-83Soul Jazz Records
      Soul Jazz Records are releasing a collection of lost recordings by French mutant experimental synth group Kas Product, all originally recorded in the period...
      • KaS Product – Mind
      • KaS Product – Black & Noir
      • KaS Product – Seven
      • KaS Product – Take Me Tonight
      • KaS Product – In Need
      • KaS Product – Malena
      • KaS Product – Crash
      • KaS Product – Mezzo
      • KaS Product – Electric
      • KaS Product – Party
      • KaS Product – Doctor Insane
      Carlos FranzettiGalaxy DustInner City Records
      By the late '70s, a young Carlos Franzetti had already made studio recordings and scored for films in Mexico and his native Argentina before arriving in...
        • CD£11.99
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        Ebi SodaEbi SodaSola Terra Records
        Perky new jazz release from new septet, Ebi Soda via new imprint, Sola Terra Records. A strong four track EP with tough, floor-friendly tunes adeptly performed...
        • Ebi Soda – Dahling
        • Ebi Soda – Verbal Intercourse
        • 12" EP£15.99
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        Pedro SantosKrishnandaMr Bongo
        Mr Bongo reissue the insanely-rare 'Krishnanda' from 1968 by  Pedro Santos. A spiritual, psychedelic Brazilian masterpiece from...
        • Pedro Santos – Ritual Negro
        • Pedro Santos – Agua Viva
        • Pedro Santos – Um So
        • Pedro Santos – Sem Sombra
        • Pedro Santos – Savana
        • Pedro Santos – Advertencia
        • Pedro Santos – Quem Sou Eu?
        • Pedro Santos – Flor De Lotus
        • Pedro Santos – Dentro Da Selva
        • Pedro Santos – Desengano Da Vista
        • Pedro Santos – Dual
        • Pedro Santos – Arabindu
        HE3 ProjectMake It Sweet / We All Have Our Own LivesFamily Groove Records
        Highly recommended! Two sure fire winners from the HE3 Project featuring Coke Escovedo that have are previously unreleased. Essential!
        • HE3 Project – Make It Sweet
        • HE3 Project – We All Have Our Own Lives
        • 7"£12.99
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        AurraBody RockFamily Groove Records
        Release of this previously unreleased album from funk, electro and disco legends, Aurra! 'Body Rock' was originally recorded in 1983/84 just post...
        • Aurra – I’ll Let You Go
        • Aurra – It’s Up To You
        • Aurra – Somebody
        • CD£10.99
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        • LP£14.99
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        El Da SenseiFeel ThisBackatcha
        Killer, previously unreleased mid 90s hip hop jam from East Coast MC, El Da Sensei, who was part of cult rap duo, Artifacts. 'Feel This' was produced by...
        • El Da Sensei – Feel This
        Tappa ZukieFreakStars
        BACK IN STOCK!! Very rare 12" gets a limited reissue on vinyl. This is a killer disco/funk/dee jay/reggae tune (Think Chic..) recorded in the mid to late...
        • Tappa Zukie – Freak
        • Musical Intimidator – Freak
        • 12"£6.99
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        Soul 223No More Words EPFencepiece
        **One per customer!** Legend of the 90s UK techno scene, Stasis (aka Steve Pickton) revives his Soul 223 guise (which debuted on Soul Jazz Records in 2006...
        • Soul 223 – No More Words
        • Soul 223 – Roll With The Changes (Reprise)
        • Soul 223 – What Science Doesn't Know
        • 12" EP£13.99
          Limited edition of 200, hand-numbered copies. One per customer!
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