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    • Harmonia & Eno '76 – welcome
    • Harmonia & Eno '76 – atmosphere
    • Harmonia & Eno '76 – vamos companeros
    • Harmonia & Eno '76 – sometimes in autumn
    • 1. welcome
    • 2. atmosphere
    • 3. vamos companeros
    • 4. by the riverside
    • 5. luneburg heath
    • 6. sometimes in autumn
    • 7. weird dream
    • 8. almost
    • 9. les demoiselles
    • 10. when shade was born
    • 11. trace
    • 12. aubade

    Fantastic reissue of the legendary 1976 recordings by Harmonia and Eno!

    This is the legendary collaboration between pioneering experimental mastermind Brian eno and Harmonia. Harmonia consist of German multi instrumentalists Hans-joachim Roedelius, Dieter Moebius of Cluster and former member of Kraftwerk and Neu!,Michael Rother.

    It's hard to believe that Tracks and Traces was recorded in 1976 as the music was so far ahead of it's time. Tracks and Traces is made up of beautiful ambient experimental electronic music, progressive krautrock and deep komische dronescapes.

    Twelve tracks of cinematic lo-fi keyboards, strange synthesizer action, echoey guitar, eerie sound layering and quirky electronic exploration!

    Highly Recommended!

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              • Clear – Equal Love Opportunity
              • Thunderflash – Comin' From Me
              • Charles Earland – Ahead of Your Time
              • Ish – Don't Stop
              • Bohannon – Wake Up
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              Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' TenyueIncrease The PeaceCoptic Lion
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              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Know Your Rights
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Mercy
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Roots Message
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Getsemini
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Rasta Chant
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Hilltop
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Increase The Pressure
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Sense Out Of Nonsense
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Togetherness
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Changes
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Tubby's Choice
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Culture Rock
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – The Best
              • Matic Horns ft. Henry 'buttons' Tenyue – Realisation
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              • Minimal Man – Two People
              • Minimal Man – The Hex of Sex
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              • Sex Convention – Toi Que Reve de Baisers
              • Herman's Rocket – Indian Planete
              • Mickey & Joyce – Ma Jackson
              • Human Egg – Love Like This
              • Starlights – Mao Mao
              • Venus Gang – Love to Fly
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              ZombyOne Foot Ahead Of The Other EPRamp Recordings
              Zomby catapulted onto the dubstep scene in 2007 like something out of space with his 'Mush/Spliff Dub' 12" on Hyperdub.  Since then he has gone on...
              • Zomby – One Foot Ahead Of The Other
              • Zomby – Pumpkinhead's Revenge
              • Zomby – Expert Tuition
              • Zomby – Bubble Bobble
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              Doug Hream BluntGentle PersuasionIndependent
              Originally a private press EP limited to 300 copies by little-known 80's San francisco producer Doug Hream Blunt now available for the first time on CD...
              • Doug Hream Blunt – fly guy
              • Doug Hream Blunt – gentle persusian
              • Doug Hream Blunt – whiskey man
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                  • Secret Life – dashboard
                  • Secret Life – the mind
                  • Secret Life – glory hallucination
                  • – it's been long
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                      Microsolutions To MegaproblemsMicrosolutions 1Soul Jazz Records
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                      • Kit Clayton – Humbaba
                      • Secondo – We Got It 303 (Live Edit)
                      • Rekid – Tranzit
                      • Ammoncontact – Bbq Plate (Telefon Tel Aviv Mix)
                      • A. Greenman – Discoethique
                      • Sutekh – Mouth Party
                      • Ammoncontact – On Bellflower (Smyglyssna Mix)
                      • Hu Vibrational – Sunkissed (Daedelus Mix)
                      • Kid606 – Batmen
                      • A. Greenman – Sunday Kind Of Love
                      • Kit Clayton – Enkidu
                      • Sutekh – Boulez Toes
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                      • Tim Exile – Body Ginger
                      • Kid606 – Banana Peel
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                      • Boys Town Gang – Disco Kicks
                      • Kano – It's A War
                      • Liza Minnelli – Losing My Mind
                      • Rose Laurens – American Love
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