• 1. Gumar (Moon)
      • 2. Fidetik (I Lay Down My Life For You)
      • 3. Mojik (Your Waves)
      • 4. Meriem

      Building on the themes of her most recent album, ‘Medieval Femme’, Fatima Al Qadiri’s newest release sees her pairing up with fellow Kuwaiti vocalist Gumar. The EP - also titled ‘Gumar’, Arabic for "moon" - is an homage to a style of lamentation singing that both Fatima and Gumar grew up with and were heavily influenced by, and for which the latter received formal training as a teenager. On these four short songs, Fatima provides a minimal counterpoint to Gumar's elegant vocals, a coalescence that powerfully and sympathetically complements and extends with cosmic, almost elemental depth. Serious and mournful in tone, the record ruminates on the subject of unrequited love, arguably the most common theme in Arabic music past and present. The cover is an original artwork by Kuwaiti artist Khalid al Gharaballi, Fatima's bestie and long-time collaborator.

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