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    • Guilty Simpson – o.j.simpson
    • Guilty Simpson – new heights
    • Guilty Simpson – back on the road again
    • 1. prelude
    • 2. introduction
    • 3. o.j.simpson
    • 4. pimp rap interlude
    • 5. new heights
    • 6. karma of a kingpin
    • 7. think twice interlude
    • 8. back on the road again
    • 9. hood sentence
    • 10. preacher's wife interlude
    • 11. cali hills
    • 12. something bad (intermission one)
    • 13. something godd (intermission two)
    • 14. scratch warning ft. frank
    • 15. hold your appause interlude
    • 16. outside ft strong arm steady
    • 17. bow wow interlude
    • 18. mic check 313
    • 19. trendsetters
    • 20. 100 styles
    • 21. outro

    New album from the baritone-voiced rapper Guilty Simpson produced by Madlib!!!

    OJ Simpson. That’s the name of the album. No bloody gloves. No Ford Broncos. These are some 12 hard-hitting, straight- from-the-gutter hip-hop tracks featuring Guilty’s inimitable baritone, and an equal number of Madlib’s signature album-as-soundtrack/radio/sideshow arrangements, where the beat & sequence is as important as the rap. This, with a couple no-nonsense guest appearances, some cuts by J.Rocc, and a whole bunch of attitude, makes up one of our favourite hip hop albums in a while.


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