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    • Growing – Variable Speeds
    • Growing – Down + Distance
    • 1. Variable Speeds
    • 2. Down + Distance

    Cult 'rainbow rock' duo Growing contributed one of the most incredible albums of the new millennium, 2008's mind-bogglingly overlooked 'All The Way' on maverick label, The Social Registry. Now they're back with their all new 'amplified ambient' sound that's equally beguiling. Ancestral minimalism/heavenly music experiment over two epic, 20 minute compositions, channeling a strong Popol Vuh/Laurie Spiegal/Iasos vibe with lush, Jordan Belson inspired sleeve art that only adds to the charm of this must have release!

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    GrowingDisorderImportant Records

    'Disorder' marks a few milestones for experimental duo, Growing; it's their ninth full length release and considered "a kaleidoscope of prismatic tones and juddering electronics forming a series of mesmeric constellations." Stunning album.

      Other Releases by Growing

      GrowingDisorderImportant Records

      'Disorder' marks a few milestones for experimental duo, Growing; it's their ninth full length release and considered "a kaleidoscope of prismatic tones and juddering electronics forming a series of mesmeric constellations." Stunning album.

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        DJ Black LowUwamiAwesome Tapes From Africa

        Awesome Tapes From Africa releases another shining example (following Teno Afrika's 'Amapiano Selections') of 'amapiano' music from South Africa from young star, DJ Black Low. The past five years have seen this rapidly expanding dance music movement born in the townships of the country’s Gauteng province, that's evolved from an underground sound to a nationwide mainstream staple. Essential release!

        • – DJ Black Low & Hapas Music feat. DJ KS & Patna - Jaiva Low
        • – DJ Black Low & Tap Soul feat. Licy Jay & Eto - Emcimbinii
        • – DJ Black Low feat. DJ Saxo Boy - 9 Days
        • – DJ Black Low & Kapzela feat. Licy Jay & MLG - Emonate Oe Bethela D Vosho
        • – DJ Black Low - Downfall Revisit
        • – DJ Black Low & Mr Perfect feat. DJ La Bengwa - Alone in a Dark
        • – DJ Black Low feat. DJ La Bengwa Licy Jay & Menate Entertainment - Sbono (Vocal Mix)
        • – DJ Black Low feat. DJ La Bengwa - Down the Road (Original Mix)
        • – DJ Black Low - Vula Vala
        • – DJ Black Low - 60 Days No Sleep
        • – DJ Black Low - Stiwawa Quitter
        • 1. – DJ Black Low & Hapas Music feat. DJ KS & Patna - Jaiva Low
        • 2. – DJ Black Low & Tap Soul feat. Licy Jay & Eto - Emcimbinii
        • 3. – DJ Black Low feat. DJ Saxo Boy - 9 Days
        • View full info and tracklisting
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        Two Synths, A Guitar (And) A Drum Machine - Soul Jazz Records #1 Post Punk DanceSoul Jazz Records

        OUT NOW!

        Soul Jazz Records new ‘Two Synths, A Guitar (and) A Drum Machine’ is a new collection of current D-I-Y post-punk bands shaped by the mutant sounds of no wave, punk funk and New York Noise bands from the late 70s and early 80s that collided with the world of underground dance music found at the Paradise Garage, Mudd Club in New York City (ESG, Arthur Russell, Bush Tetras, Talking Heads, Suicide, Liquid Liquid).

        Other influences cited here include Manchester and Sheffield’s industrial post-punk sounds of the 1980s (Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire, Gang of Four) as well as the 1970s German electronic experimentalism of Cluster, Neu!, Harmonia and Can.

        Featured artists from around the globe include Los Angeles D-I-Y band Automatic, New Fries from Toronto, artist/music collaborators Toresch from Germany, Susumu Makai from Japan/UK, Vex Ruffin from the Phillipines/California and Madmadmad, Gramme, Tom of England and other UK groups

        That all the bands featured here manage to make distinctive contemporary music out of these 80s roots is testament to the wide range of other musics that are seamlessly absorbed into a modern melting pot of sound – hip-hop, the electronic European avant-garde, rave culture, and more.

        The double vinyl comes in two editions:

        1) Limited edition indies EXCLUSIVE heavyweight green double vinyl housed in bespoke individual inner sleeves with its own free pull-out fanzine on the groups featured.

        2) Limited edition heavyweight black double vinyl housed in bespoke individual inner sleeves with its own free pull-out fanzine on the groups featured.

        The album is also available as a CD and digital release

        • Automatic – Too Much Money
        • Zongamin – Underwater Paramid
        • New Fries – Lily
        • Vex Ruffin & Fab 5 Freddy – The Balance
        • Ixna – Somebody Said
        • Leroy Duncann – Dream River
        • Tom Of England – Neon Green
        • Toresch – Tocar
        • Becker & Mukai – La Rivière des Perles
        • Gramme – Discolovers
        • Niagara – Ida
        • Charles Manier – Sift Through Art Collecting People
        • Black Deer – Baseball Shorts
        • Madmadmad – Hot Disco
        • Wino D – Untitled
        XordoxOmniverseEditions Mego

        Experimental synth project from the legend, JG Thirlwell. 80s style synthscapes on John Carpenter, Moroder, Fabio Frizzi, Claudio Simonetti tip!

        • – Endeavor
        • – Argonia
        • – Dark Matter
        • – Between Dimensions
        • – Croydon
        • – Oil Slick (Long Version)
        • – Rivet
        • LP£24.00
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        Portico QuartetTerrainGondwana Records

        Portico Quartet release 'Terrain' via Matthew Halsall's unstoppable Gondwana label. A three-part suite drawing on American minimalism and ambient music alongside their own rich heritage of jazz music as they explore new musical vistas. Ace!

        • – Terrain: I
        • – Terrain: II
        • – Terrain: III
        Cold Wave # 2Soul Jazz Records

        Cold Wave #2

        Ltd. Edn. Dayglo sleeve + PURPLE VINYL 2xLP, + mini-fanzine/ Ltd. Edn. Dayglo sleeve + BLACK VINYL 2xLP, + mini-fanzine/ Dayglo CD + Slipcase + Booklet


        Soul Jazz Records new ‘Cold Wave’ is a new collection of current electronic artists who have all been shaped by the early European cold wave artists of the late 70s and early 80s.

        This is the second release of Soul Jazz Records’ new Cold Wave overview.


        This second edition Cold Wave #2 comes in two vinyl editions – a one-off pressing purple coloured vinyl edition and a black vinyl edition. Both come as heavyweight double vinyl housed in bespoke individual inner sleeves and the limited edition first pressing of this album comes with its own free pull-out fanzine on the groups featured. The CD edition comes with artist booklet/fanzine and slipcase. All editions are printed in special dayglo colour finish.


        These first artists created new electronic musical landscapes as well as pursuing a stubborn D-I-Y aesthetic, often releasing material on cassette and pioneering use of lo-fi technology, primitive drum machines and home-recording techniques. As part of this continued evolution today many of the artists featured here also self-release their own material, run labels, publish fanzines, or are part of wider musical collectives.

        Aside from the first electronic, no wave, and post-punk artists cited as influences –Suicide, Patrick Cowley, The Normal, Martin Hannett, Laurie Anderson, Public Image – this new generation of artists also show an exquisitely open source of electronic and disparate influences, everything from Underground Resistance to Purcell, from Scientist to New Beat and more besides.

        Most of the featured artists are based in Europe and include Krikor from France, Beta Evers and L.F.T. from Germany, Lena Willikens, Job Siffre and De Ambassade from the Netherlands, Toulouse Low Trax from Germany, Dave I.D. and Broken English Club from the UK, and V.C.V.S from Georgia

        All of the bands featured here make distinctive contemporary music out of the 80s roots of the first cold wave movement.

        • Lena Willikens – Howlin Lupus
        • Beta Evers – Hiding
        • L.F.T. – Stay Away From The Light
        • Job Sifre – At Least We Try
        • De Ambassade – Niet Van Mij
        • Toulouse Low Trax – Rushing Into Water
        • V.C.V.S. – Hum
        • Dave I.D. – Help Starts
        • Broken English Club – Vacant Cars
        • Krikor Kouchian – Deserver Dub
        3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins3MB feat. Magic Juan AtkinsTresor

        **Detroit meets Berlin!**

        Classic techno from 3MB (Thomas Thomas Fehlmann and Basic Channel's Moritz von Oswald) with Detroit pioneer Juan Atkins. Originally released in 1992 and features the classics 'Jazz Is The Teacher' and 'Die Kosmischen Kuriere'!

        • – Bassmental (Magic Juan Edit)
        • – Bassmental
        • – Die Kosmischen Kuriere (Moritz von Oswald + Thomas Fehlmann Mix)
        • – Die Kosmischen Kuriere
        • – Jazz Is The Teacher (Magic Juan Edit)
        • – Jazz Is The Teacher (Moritz von Oswald + Thomas Fehlmann Mix)
        • – The 4th Quarter
        • 2×LP£21.00
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        Japanese TelecomJapanese Telecom EPClone Aqualung Series

        Classic late 90s Detroit electro/techno from Drexciya's Gerald Donald operating under his Japanese Telecom guise!

        • – Rising Sun
        • – Japanese Animation
        • – Asian Amazons
        • – Character Maps
        • – Game Player
        • – Nipponese Robots
        • – Kubi
        • – Bullet Train
        Alexander MelzakAlexander MelzakLight Sounds Dark

        Wicked, 70s inspired kosmiche from the shadowy Alexander Melzak! Brilliantly pretentious titling and a strong recommendation for fans of Klaus Schulze/Innovative Communication, Tangerine Dream etc.

        • – The Paradox Of Peace From Violence
        • – Random Certainties Collide In The Fathomless Nature Of Things
        • – Life Of A Blade Of Grass Explained In Music
        • – A Prayer To The Old Gods
        • – Perfection Of The Human Form
        • – Threnody To The People Of Melancholy & Disenchantment In A World Devoid Of Magic
        • – What Lives In The Darkness Reveals Itself Sometimes
        • – Sarah's Transcendent, Sublime, Alien, Nightmare Preserved For All Eternity
        • – Lanterns
        • – Fantasia On A Theme Of Fucking Horror
        • – Sometimes We All Have To Leave & Quickly
        • – Obliteration Of A Digital Self
        • 1. – The Paradox Of Peace From Violence
        • 2. – Random Certainties Collide In The Fathomless Nature Of Things
        • 3. – Life Of A Blade Of Grass Explained In Music
        • View full info and tracklisting
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        Nala SinephroNTSM2V - Live at Real World StudiosNTS

        **One per customer!**

        Ahead of her forthcoming album, this 16-minute debut release from harpist Nala Sinephro showcases her music in all its glory: gentle and hypnotic, yet vigorous and awakening. This deeply meditative, improvised, 16 minute jazz piece sees Nala joined by percussionist Dwayne Kilvington (Emma-Jean Thackray/IG Culture) and drummer Edward Wakili-Hick.

        • – NTSM2V
        • 12"£12.00
          Single-sided 12" limited to 250 hand-stamped and stickered copies - one per customer!
          Out of stock
        Mark FryDreaming With AliceNow-Again Records / Now-Again Reserve

        The definitive reissue of an album equal parts pastoral folk and contemplative psychedelic; perhaps the reason the term “acid-folk” exists; one of rock’s rarest and most sought-after albums.

        The first time since 1971 that this album has been pressed from the original master tapes, recently discovered in Italy.

        • – Dreaming With Alice (Verse 1)
        • – The Witch,
        • – Dreaming With Alice (Verse 2)
        • – Song For Wilde
        • – Dreaming With Alice (Verse 3)
        • – Roses For Columbus
        • – A Norman Soldier
        • – Dreaming With Alice (Verse 4)
        • – Dreaming With Alice (Verse 5)
        • New LP (180g) + Download Code£50.00
          Gatefold sleeve w/ obi-strip
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        • CD£15.00
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        Jaubi feat. TenderloniousNafs At PeaceAstigmatic Records

        Tenderlonious mediataes on the Eastern classical music with Lahore, Pakistan based musicians, Jaubi. Deeply spiritual, improvised, cosmic, raga-jazz trance music - the album marks final chapter recordings to come from an intensive, three day collaborative session in Lahore. Essential release via Astigmatic Records!

        • – Raga Gurji Todi
        • LP£22.00
          Gatefold sleeve
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        • CD£10.00
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        Space, Energy and LightSoul Jazz Records

        Soul Jazz Records’ new Space, Energy and Light is a collection of music by early electronic and synthesizer pioneers (from the 1960s through the 1970s), mid-1970s proto-new age gurus and 1980s guerrilla D-I-Y cassette-era electronic artists, spanning in total over a near 30-year time frame. All of these artists used electronic advancements in music technology as a means of exploring not only space and the idea of the future, but also of looking inwards to the soul and of creating music in harmony with the natural world.

        From computer software and hardware experimentalists and sound pioneers such as Laurie Spiegel and Kevin Braheny, as well as Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company – the first synthesizer ensemble created in collaboration with Robert Moog – through to musique concrète experimentation, the album shows how technological advancements and creative artistic expression often went hand in hand.

        In the mid-1970s artists Steven Halpern and Iaxos were instrumental in creating proto-new age music, experimenting in both the healing properties of sound and its relationship with the natural world. These artists also pioneered a new self-contained and underground D-I-Y approach to music, creating their own record labels, forming new distribution networks (with albums sold in meditation centres, health food stores and ashrams) far away from the commercialism of the mainstream music industry. In the early 1980s after the revolution of punk, these D-I-Y attitudes and ideas appeared once more in the growth of the distinctly anti-commercial and underground cassette-only careers of artists such as Germany’s Stratis and Carl Matthews in Britain.

        This album is available as a heavyweight triple vinyl album (plus download code), CD and digital release. Artwork includes some of the earliest photography of the Plieades star cluster dating from the 1880s.

        • J.B. Banfi – Gang (For The Rock Industry)
        • Michael Garrison – To The Other Side Of The Sky
        • Iasos – Lueena Coast
        • Carl Matthews – As Above, So Below
        • Tim Blake – Midnight
        • Stratis – By Water
        • Laurie Spiegel – Improvisation On A 'Concerto Generator'
        • Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company – Ceres Motion
        • Michael Stearns – In The Beginning
        • Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Ever New
        • Richard Pinhas – Variations VII Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
        • Tod Dockstader – Piece #1
        • Kevin Braheny – Ancient Stars
        • Steven Halpern – Starborn Suite (Part 1)
        • 3×LP + Download Code £24.00
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        • CD£12.00
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        Trees SpeakPostHumanSoul Jazz Records

        This is incredibly Trees Speak’s third album on Soul Jazz Records to be released in the space of one year – and it’s amazing!

        Trees Speak’s new album ‘Post-Human’ once again blends 1970s German electronic and ‘motorik’ Krautrock instrumentals (think Harmonia, Can, Cluster, Popul Vuh, Neu!), haunting and powerful 1960s & 1970s soundtracks (think Italian prog-rock Goblin and John Carpenter horror movies, Morricone and existential John Barry spy movies), together with a New York No Wave electronic synth and guitar analogue DIY-ness (think Suicide, anything on Soul Jazz’s New York Noise series or Eno's New York No Wave)!

        The new album ‘Post-Human’ draws further upon German krautrock high-concept albums from the likes of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze from the 1970s, as Trees Speak create their own powerful new landscapes of sound that manage to be at once contemporary as well as both timeless and with a sense of science-fiction futurism.

        Trees Speak’ seamlessly segue together all these musical elements into ‘Post-Human,’ a conceptually expansive album which follows on from their critically-acclaimed debut LP ‘Ohms,’ and the follow-up ‘Shadow Forms’ released on Soul Jazz Records less than six months ago.

        This powerful new album is a high-concept collage of retro-futurist science-fiction music, which is fantastically illustrated by a specially commissioned cover design by the artist Eric Lee, a dramatic vision of life after humanity.

        Trees Speak are Daniel Martin Diaz and Damian Diaz from Tucson, Arizona and their music often draws on the cosmic night-time magic of Arizona’s natural desert landscapes. ‘Trees Speak’ relates to the idea of future technologies storing information and data in trees and plants - using them as hard drives – and the idea that Trees communicate collectively.

        The album includes an INDIES ONLY exclusive bonus 45 single with two extra tracks ‘Machine Vision’ and ‘Seventh Mirror’ available with the vinyl edition of this amazing and ground-breaking new album.

        With ‘Post-Human,’ Trees Speak take the listener deep into their unique musical world of unknown visions of the past and the future.

        ABOUT Ohms: Album of the Month - Splintered Eye /50 Best albums 2020 - Pop Matters / Favourite albums 2020 -The Soap Company / Albums of the Year 2020 -Bear Tree Records / Independent Albums of the Year 2020-Love Records / Albums of the Year 2020-Concrete Islands

        ABOUT Shadow Forms: Records of the week-Drift / Album of the week-Resident / Album of the week-Norman / Records of the Year 2020 -South / Albums of the Year 2020 - Concrete Island / Albums of the month - Reveal / Albums of the Year 2020 -Piccadilly / Albums of the Year 2020-Buzzsaw / About Shadow forms / Records of the week-Drift / Album of the week-Resident / Album of the week-Norman / Records of the Year-South / Albums of the Year-Concrete Island / Albums of the month-Reveal / Albums of the Year-Piccadilly /Albums of the Year-Buzzsaw

        About Ohms:

        “This might well be the Dark Side of the Moon of the XXI century” Discogs

        • Trees Speak – Double Slit
        • Trees Speak – Glass
        • Trees Speak – Chamber of Frequencies
        • Trees Speak – Divided Light
        • Trees Speak – Elements of Matter
        • Trees Speak – Magic Transistor
        • Trees Speak – Scheinwelt
        • Trees Speak – PostHuman
        • Trees Speak – Synthesis
        • Trees Speak – X Zeit
        • Trees Speak – Incandescent Sun
        • Trees Speak – Healing Rods
        • Trees Speak – Steckdose
        • Trees Speak – Amnesia Transmitter
        • Trees Speak – Quantize Humanize
        • Trees Speak – Gläserner Mensch
        • Trees Speak – Machine Vision
        • Trees Speak – Hidden Machine
        Studio One Rocksteady Got SoulSoul Jazz Records

        Back in stock!

        Soul Jazz Records new Studio One release Rocksteady Got Soul is a collection of uplifting and superb rocksteady and soulful reggae from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Studio One is the number one label in the history of reggae and he album features - as ever with Studio One - an impeccable and unbeatable line-up of reggae superstars all soaring at the height of their creative powers. Alton Ellis, John Holt, The Heptones, Jackie Mittoo, The Ethiopians, Lee Perry and more.

        The album is a mix of classic tunes and rhythms alongside super-rarities that were released in a dazzlingly complex web of Studio One labels and issues, deftly navigated with new sleevenotes from author and Studio One authority Rob Chapman. But enough with the chatter, just spin the platter - these tunes rule the town, hands down!

        This Soul Jazz/Studio One album is released as deluxe gatefold double-vinyl + house inners + download code. Also as jewel case CD housed in card slipcase. Both formats come with full sleeve notes/discography and exclusive photography. (The album is also available digitally on day of release onwards)

        • Alton Ellis – It's True
        • The Heptones – You Turned Away
        • The Gladiators – Mr Sweet
        • The Jail Breakers – Work It Up
        • Lee Perry & The Gaylads – Run Rudie Run
        • The Heptones – Young Generation
        • Jackie Mittoo – Good Feeling
        • C. Marshall – I Need Your Loving
        • Alton Ellis – I'll Be Waiting
        • The Clarendonians – The Tables Gonna Turn
        • Ken Parker – When You're Gone
        • Sound Dimension – Traveling Home
        • Errol Dunkley – Get Up Now
        • John Holt – My Heart Is Gone
        • Freedom Singers and Larry Marshall – Monkey Man
        • The Ethiopians – Let The Light Shine
        • Im and David – Money Maker
        • The Viceroys – Lose and Gain
        • 2xLP (+ Download Code)£25.00
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        • CD£12.00
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        • MP3 Release£9.99
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        Saturday Night: South African Disco Pop Hits '81-'87Cultures Of Soul

        Cultures Of Soul focus on the the intermediary forms of music in SA that filled the gap between the musical styles of mbaqanga and bubblegum in this important period, both musically and politically.

        Starting from the early 80s, when bands like Varikweru, Black Five and Soundburger essayed local attempts at boogie and jazz-fusion, through experiments like the Madonna-cloned diva Margino, who domesticized the burgeoning Italo-disco and NYC electro sounds, up through the massive breakthrough of Brenda and the Big Dudes, who arrived at the right mix between native and international influences to point the way forward for South African pop.

        • – Varikweru - Saturday Night Special
        • – Margino - You and Me
        • – Hot Soul Singers - Good Vibes
        • – Brenda and the Big Dudes - No No Senor
        • – Supa Frika - Let's Get On It
        • – Brenda and the Big Dudes - Love Action
        • – Black Five - Wa Ikgona
        • – Margino - Holiday
        • – Soundburger - Ambiguously the Same
        • – Supa Frika - Love Satisfaction