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  • 1. Ramadan In Space Time
  • 2. Dawn
  • 3. Neveen
  • 4. Oriental Mood
  • 5. Kleopatra
  • 6. Mervat
  • 7. Egypt Strut
  • 8. CD Bonus Track – A Tribute to Sun Ra *
  • 9. CD Bonus Track – Latino in Cairo *
  • 10. CD Bonus Track – Black Butterfly *
  • 11. CD Bonus Track – The Crossing (Oubour) *
  • 12. CD Bonus Track – Calling You *
  • 13. CD Bonus Track – The Kings Valley - Upper Egypt *
  • 14. CD Bonus Track – A Farewell Theme *

This amazing album from Salah Ragab on Artyard has now been reissued by Kindred Spirits.

Amazing, eye-opening, vintage deep jazz from Egypt recorded in the late 60s and early 70s! The superb Art Yard label has been doing a sterling job of reissuing some of the rarest and most sought-after Sun Ra albums, and this - their latest release - will certainly appeal to Sun Ra fans! Leftfield lo fi space jazz with a middle eastern tinge! Highly recommended! NB: Asterisk indicates CD-only bonus tracks!

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