Sleaford Mods Divide and Exit (10th Anniversary Edition)

    Rough Trade Records
      • 1. Air Conditioning
      • 2. Tied Up in Nottz
      • 3. A Little Ditty
      • 4. You're Brave
      • 5. Strike Force
      • 6. The Corgi
      • 7. From Rags to Richards
      • 8. Liveable Shit
      • 9. Under the Plastic and N.T.C.
      • 10. Tiswas
      • 11. Keep Out of It
      • 12. Smithy
      • 13. Middle Men
      • 14. Tweet Tweet Tweet

      Allying strong words and minimal electronics, Sleaford Mods’ second ‘proper’ album (or sixth if you go back through the early CD-R efforts) the self-released Divide and Exit was not only Andrew Fearn and Jason Williamson’s most effective artistic expression to that point, it also truly captured the taste of a land souring by the day.

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