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    • Brian Eno – Triennale
    • Brian Eno – Alhondiga
    • Brian Eno – Markgraph
    • Brian Eno – Stedelijk
    • Brian Eno – Ikebukuro
    • 1. Triennale
    • 2. Alhondiga
    • 3. Markgraph
    • 4. Lanzarote
    • 5. Francisco
    • 6. Riverside
    • 7. Innocenti
    • 8. Stedelijk
    • 9. Ikebukuro
    • 10. Cavallino


    Reissue of Brian Eno’s 1992 album dedicated to Russian artist and friend Sergei Shutov, and a continuation of the atmospheric ambient work found on records such as 'On Land' and 'Thursday Afternoon'. Features the haunting 'Stedelijk' and deeply meditative 'Ikebukuro' - essential!

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    Brian EnoLuxWarp Records
    Reissue of Eno's 2012 album. 'Lux' is his first solo album on Warp Records and his first solo album since 2005’s Another Day On Earth. It finds him expanding...
    • Brian Eno – Lux 1
    • Brian Eno – Lux 2
    • Brian Eno – Lux 3
    • Brian Eno – Lux 4
    Brian EnoSmall Craft On A Milk SeaWarp Records
    Reissue of Eno's 2010 album featuring Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams.
      Brian EnoFilm Music 1976 - 2020UMC
      17 tracks from Eno’s most recognisable film and television work spanning 5 decades - inc. his work for the likes of David Lynch, Derek Jarman, Peter...
      • Brian Eno – ‘Beach Sequence’ from ‘Beyond The Clouds’, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, 1995
      • Brian Eno – ‘Deep Blue Day’ from ‘Trainspotting’, directed by Danny Boyle, 1996
      • Brian Eno – ‘Dover Beach’ from ‘Jubilee’, directed by Derek Jarman, 1978
      • Brian Eno – ‘Final Sunset’ from ‘Sebastiane’, directed by Derek Jarman, 1976
      Brian EnoApollo (Atmospheres & Soundtracks)With Daniel Lanois & Roger EnoUMC
      A remastered and extended edition of Brian Eno's iconic 1983 album, 'Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks"
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        Brian EnoAmbient 4 - On Land (1982)EG Records
        Released in 1982, On Land is Eno's most mature, perfect ambient work. Combining low, rumbling synths with eerie banging and clanking and the occasional...
          Brian EnoBefore And After Science (1977)Polydor
          Seminal Eno release - deep, deep avant funky grooves and experimentalism
          • Brian Eno – No One Receiving
          • Brian Eno – Backwater
          • Brian Eno – Kurt's Rejoinder
          • Brian Eno – Energy Fools The Magician
          • Brian Eno – King's Lead Hat
          • Brian Eno – Here He Comes
          Brian EnoHere Come The Warm Jets (1973)EMI
          Baby's on Fire - literally! Needle in the Camels Eye, Blank Frank... tune after tune on this seminal album. In 1973, fed up with Bryan Ferry's domineering...
          • Brian Eno – needles in the camel's eye
          • Brian Eno – the paw paw negro blowtorch
          • Brian Eno – baby's on fire
          • Brian Eno – cindy tells me
          Brian EnoTaking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)EMI (1974)
          The blueprint to his work with Talking Heads is on this album. Listen to the jagged guitars, pumping bass and hissing electronic percussion on this and...
          • Brian Eno – Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
          • Brian Eno – Back In Judy's Jungle
          • Brian Eno – The Fat Lady Of Limbourg
          • Brian Eno – Mother Whale Eyeless
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          Brian EnoThe ShipOpal Records
          ‘The Ship’ brings together the classic Eno sound - beautiful songs, minimalist ambience, physical electronics and technical innovation...
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            Brian EnoNerve NetAll Saints Records
            **Repressed!** Reissue of Brian Eno’s 1992 album which found him returning to a more rock-oriented sound, albeit skewed through an aesthetic that is...
            • Brian Eno – Fractal Zoom
            • Brian Eno – Wire Shock
            Brian EnoApolloEMI
            It's a classic. Eno plus brother Roger and Daniel Lanois created this classic 'soundtrack' to the Apollo space mission footage. Minimal but beautiful tunes.
              Brian EnoMusic For FilmsEditions EG
              If you have heard of 'ambient' music and are wondering about buying an album, look no further. relaxing, easily listenable and along with Music For Films...

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                LaraajiSun PianoAll Saints Records
                Spiritual keyboard improvisations performed by Laraaji and recorded in a Brooklyn Church. 'Sun Piano' finds Laraaji fulfilling a lifelong ambition to return...
                  LaraajiSun GongAll Saints Records
                  New age pioneer Laraaji returns with an album of mediative elements performed on the gong with modular synth touches and processed vocal smears.
                  • Laraaji – Sun Gong No. 1
                  • Laraaji – Sun Gong No. 2
                  Brian EnoNerve NetAll Saints Records
                  **Repressed!** Reissue of Brian Eno’s 1992 album which found him returning to a more rock-oriented sound, albeit skewed through an aesthetic that is...
                  • Brian Eno – Fractal Zoom
                  • Brian Eno – Wire Shock
                  LaraajiSun TransformationsAll Saints Records
                  An exclusive new RSD album comprising remixes and edits of material from Laraaji's recent 'Sun Gong' and 'Bring On The Sun' LPs. The Album connects the...
                  • Laraaji – Ocean Flow Zither (Mia Doi Todd Remix)
                  • Laraaji – LaraajiCollaji (Carlos Nino EDIT + additions featuring Jamel Dean)

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