Brazil: Songs of Protest Zelia Barbosa Sings of the Sertao & Favela (1968)

    Smithsonian Folkways
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    • Brazil: Songs of Protest – Carcara (The Vulture)
    • 1. Opiniao (Opinion)
    • 2. Funeral do Lavrador (Funeral of a Worker)
    • 3. Pedro Pedreiro (Peter the Mason)
    • 4. Sina de Caboccio (Destiny of a Pheasant)
    • 5. Cheganca (Arrival)
    • 6. Pau de Arara (The Parrot Roost)
    • 7. Carcara (The Vulture)
    • 8. Cancao da Terra (Song of the Earth)
    • 9. Zelao
    • 10. Feio, Nao e Bonito (Ugly)
    • 11. Cicatriz (The Scar)
    • 12. Nega Dina (Dina Says No)

    Killer, killer, killer 60s hard bossa! There are tough versions of 'Carcara' (check out the audio), Edu Lobo's 'Cheganca', 'Opiniao' and other protest songs. This really is the business!!! As good as any Tamba Trio, Zimbo Trio stuff! Recommended.

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                        Lord MelodyCalypso 1962Smithsonian Folkways
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                          The UniquesAbsolutely RocksteadyPressure Sounds
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                          • The Uniques – Give Me A Love
                          • The Uniques – People Rock Steady
                          • The Uniques – This Feeling
                          • The Uniques – Blinded By Love
                          • The Uniques – I'll Let You Go (Let Me Go Boy)- Dawn Penn
                          Studio One WomenSoul Jazz Records
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                          • Jennifer Lara – My Man
                          • The Soulettes – A Deh Pon Dem
                          • Della Humphrey – Dream Land
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                            • The Montgomery Movement – Gotta make a comeback
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                            • Sarah Webster Fabio – Work it out
                            • Sarah Webster Fabio – Glimpses
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