• Bill Converse – Landing
    • Bill Converse – Beneath The Ice
    • Bill Converse – Endless Tide
    • Bill Converse – Station Life
    • 1. Landing
    • 2. Beneath The Ice
    • 3. Endless Tide
    • 4. Station Life

    Bill Converse invokes some freaked out, warehouse style techno experiments on this EP release for Dark Entries!

    Other Releases by Bill Converse

    Bill ConverseHulledDark Entries
    Dark Entries proudly present's a 4-track EP from Austin, Texas analogue hardware enthusiast BILL CONVERSE. Hulled is a 25-minute journey spread across...

      Other Releases on Dark Entries

      Bill ConverseHulledDark Entries
      Dark Entries proudly present's a 4-track EP from Austin, Texas analogue hardware enthusiast BILL CONVERSE. Hulled is a 25-minute journey spread across...
        Lena PlatonosLepidopteraDark Entries
        Reissue of this quirky, oddball synth pop album from 1986, balancing between strange exotican and new wave. Another excellent reissue job of Lena Platonos'...
        • Lena Platonos – Araschnia Levana (Αρασχία Λεβάνα)
        • Lena Platonos – Tικ Tακ Ή Aurorina Selene (Ωρορίνα Σελένε)
        • Lena Platonos – Λητώ
        • Lena Platonos – Cyaniris (Κυάρινις)
        • Lena Platonos – Eros Pantoriana Pandora (Έρως Παντοριάνα Πανδώρα)
        • Lena Platonos – Brenthis (Μπρένθις)
        • Lena Platonos – Τα Γενέθλια Ή Aporia Maturna (Απόρια Ματούρνα)
        • Lena Platonos – Εσπέρια Ίρις Γκρέκα (Hesperia Iris Greca)
        • Lena Platonos – Ένας Κύκλος Ή Erynnis Eroides (Ερύνις Ερόιντες)
        DsorDNEÈ Un SoleDark Entries
        DsorDNE (pronounced Disordine) is a project from Torino, Italy that evolved as group out of the electronic experimental post punk project Novostj in 1987.È...
        • DsorDNE – La Zona
        • DsorDNE – Delitto E Passione
        • DsorDNE – E' Un Sole
        • DsorDNE – In The Mouth My Heart
        • DsorDNE – Centro D'Erezione
        • DsorDNE – Antenne
        • DsorDNE – Il Senso Di Torpore
        • DsorDNE – Emoraggia Sensoriale
        Phantom ForthThe EEPPDark Entries
        Reissued of this obscure coldwave album from the New Zealand underground of 1984 - via Dark Entries!
        • Phantom Forth – March
        • Phantom Forth – Double Negative
        • Phantom Forth – Caroline
        • Phantom Forth – I Don't Know You
        • Phantom Forth – Dead Dream
        • Phantom Forth – Liar
        • Phantom Forth – Saw You Hide
        • Phantom Forth – See You
        • Phantom Forth – Fragments
        • Phantom Forth – Night Time Falls
        Severed HeadsCome Visit The Big BigotDark Entries
        Deluxe expanded reissue of Severed Heads' mid-80s gem 'Come Visit The Big Bigot'. Synthesis and tape manipulation from the pioneers of industrial music.
        • Severed Heads – Come Visit The Big Bigot
        • Severed Heads – 20 Deadly Diseases
        • Severed Heads – Army
        • Severed Heads – Propellor
        • Severed Heads – Confidence
        • Severed Heads – Sam Loves You
        • Severed Heads – Harold And Cindy Hospital
        • Severed Heads – Disease 22
        • Severed Heads – Son Of
        • Severed Heads – Nature 10
        Flesh WorldInto The ShroudDark Entries
        Dark Entries release the third album by SF "dream punk" troupe, Flesh World!
        • Flesh World – Destination Moon
        • Flesh World – Into The Shroud
        • Flesh World – Knock To Answer
        • Flesh World – To Hell With Your Purity
        • Flesh World – Problem In The Youth Bulge
        • Flesh World – Tell Me I'm In Exile
        • Flesh World – Ship Him To Shanghai
        • Flesh World – This Great Cheap Face
        Dzeltenie PastniekiLentu GabaliniDark Entries
        Dzeltenie Pastnieki were a Latvian new wave band formed in 1979 in Riga, Latvia. Their sound ranges from electronic post-punk to experimental tape...
        • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Kapec Tu Mani Negribi
        • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Dziesma Par Kroketa Spelesanu
        • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Sliekutēva Vaļasprieks
        • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Nevaru Saprast Tā Neko
        • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Noguris
        • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Mana Vasara Aiziet
        • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Trisi, Trisi, Siksparnit...
        • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Milžu Cīņa
        • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Mana Kafejnica Ir Salauzta
        • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Rudens Pastaiga
        Patrick Cowley & Jorge SocarrasCatholicDark Entries
        Cowley is known as one of the pioneers of disco in the 1970s, particularly the hi-NRG strain. This material was written and recorded with vocalist...
        • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Memory Fails Me
        • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Robot Children (Do You Love Your)
        • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – I Never Want To Fall In Love
        • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – I Remember
        • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – I Am Your Tricks
        Kirlian CameraUnoDark Entries
        Dark Entries release “Uno”, a collection of early recordings from seminal Italian electronic act Kirlian Camera. Keyboardist/vocalist Angelo...
        • Kirlian Camera – News
        • Kirlian Camera – No One Notices Them
        • Kirlian Camera – Rays
        Trek w/ QuintronicLanding PlusDark Entries
        Trek with Quintronic are the duo of Paul Wilcox (Trek) and David Kane (Quintronic). Formed from the ashes of prog rock band Masque in 1979, they moved...
        • Trek w/ Quintronic – You Might Be Lonely
        • Trek w/ Quintronic – As We Sing
        • Trek w/ Quintronic – Winners Don't Win
        Stress Conspiracy Theory Dark Entries
        STRESS is the duo of Alan Rider and Phil Clarke from West Midlands, England formed in 1981. Stress combined electronic rhythms and keyboards with...
        • Stress – The Pulse Thickens