• Benedek – Fever
    • Benedek – Doodat
    • Benedek – Lighten Up
    • Benedek – King Kong
    • Benedek – Street Level
    • Benedek – Mr. Goods
    • Benedek – Silver Rush
    • 1. Fever
    • 2. Doodat
    • 3. Lighten Up
    • 4. King Kong
    • 5. Street Level
    • 6. Mr. Goods
    • 7. Silver Rush

    Wicked, mid-80s style boogie/proto-house vibes from the mighty Benedek!

    Other Releases on L.I.E.S.

    Broken English ClubWhite Rats IIIL.I.E.S.

    Rugged EBM and industrial techno muscle from UK techno veteran, Oliver Ho under his Broken English Club guise, joining the dots between Ministry, Einstürzende Neubauten, Revolting Cocks, Skinny Puppy et al - the third and final part of his crucial 'White Rats' series!

    • – Drowning Song
    • – Burning Sun
    • – Alone in the Hunt
    • – The Kill
    • – Shadows and Tall Trees
    • – They Burned the Villages
    • – Lord of the Flies
    • – Love Cuts Deeper
    • – A Quiet Furnace
    • – Wars
    DJ OverdoseEmulator ArmourL.I.E.S.

    Rotterdamn's ever prolific DJ Overdose delivers his first full length for L.I.E.S., "Emulator Amour" The well seasoned electro veteran gives us a 13 track master class workout in the genre, exploring all ends and styles. From the classic cowbell electro of "Razor", to the West Coast boogie of "Bow to the Devourer" or the icy electro bass of "Turns Out Eddy Has No Friends" Overdose leaves no stone unturned. One of the artist's most complete works in his vast catalog which ties all his influences together and presents them in true Overdose form.

    • – 5X4
    • – This World
    • – Time I Get Nasty
    • – Dinges Danges
    • – Bow To The Devourer
    • – Kekko
    • – 3000
    • – Turns Out Eddy Has No Friends
    • – Halsslagader
    • – RaZor
    • – Stekker
    • – Kotero
    • – What Do I Know
    Ron Morelli​Laugh Taker (Remixes)L.I.E.S.

    Crushing remix pack for Ron Morelli's 'Laugh Taker' track, which originally appreared on his Hospital Productions album, 'Disappearer'. Mick Harris (Scorn, Napalm Death), Parrish Smith and Overlook all contributing the punishing remixes!

    • – Laugh Taker (Mick Harris Remake)
    • – Laugh Taker (Parrish Smith Remix)
    • – Laugh Taker (Overlook Remix)

    Originally released as a limited run cassette on Low Jack's Editons Gravats label in 2017, now an official vinyl pressing via L.I.E.S.!

    • – Untitled
    • – Untitled
    • – Untitled
    • – Untitled
    • – Untitled
    • – Untitled
    • – Untitled
    • – Untitled
    • – Untitled
    • – Untitled
      Circling VulturesCircling VulturesL.I.E.S.

      Chicago veterans Justin Long and Ken Zawacki debut their Circling Vultures project on L.I.E.S. with three tracks of jackin' mid-Western techno.

      • – Birth of Tragedy
      • – Desecrated Tomb
      • – Brutalist Structures on the Verge of Collapse
      NHKSparrow's GardensL.I.E.S.

      NHK appears on LIES with a deadly Techno charged 12".

      • – 925_2
      • – 941
      • – 943
      • – 1662
      Dan Physics Dan Physics L.I.E.S.

      Dan Physics came up in the ranks of the early 90s Midwest & NYC dance underground, working at Sonic Groove Records alongside Adam-X and Frankie Bones. The influence of house, techno, industrial music is clearly realised in this killer release for L.I.E.S.!

      • – It Races Right Through Me
      • – Melody 2 Mind
      • – Night Of The Overbeing

      People also bought

      Death Is Not The EndLondon Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993, Vol. 1Death Is Not The End

      The first volume in a two-part collection of pirate radio adverts and idents, taken from recordings of London stations between 1984 and 1993. Brilliant release via Death Is Not The End!

      • – Intro (Do You Remember?)
      • – Videobox
      • – Pirates Night Out
      • – Ravers Dateline
      • – Walls Of Babylon
      • – Absolute Class
      • – Limelight
      • – Freestyle
      • – Funky Power
      • – Functioning Neatly
      • Cassette Tape £9.00
        Out of stock
      StasisTime Is Right EPFencepiece

      **Classic early 90s UK techno gem from the mighty Stasis!**

      Originally released in 1993 this highly sought-after single appeared on small independent Time Is Right featuring a collaboration with unsung UK techno hero, Nuron. Deep, dreamy, emotive, other-worldly tracks that sound just as fresh today! Essential reissue!

      • Stasis – Disco 4000 (Witness The Future)
      • Stasis – So-lar
      • Stasis feat. Nuron – Vanmannans Answer
      • 12" EP£15.00
        Limited, individually hand-numbered vinyl reissue
        Out of stock
      The BandulusLove A WomanHappy People

      Two slabs of dirty soul ballads from American funk/soul band The Bandulus, very limited press and with all Happy People 7" pressed on heavyweight vinyl. all copies numbered.

      • – Love A Woman
      • – Am I A Good Man?
      Ryoji IkedaRyoji Ikeda EPSahko Recordings

      Beautiful, glacial, ambient elegance from the legendary sound artist Ryoji Ikeda! These two lengthy tracks are taken from his first and third album from early/mid 90's and previously unreleased on vinyl.

      • – Luxus 1-3
      • – Space (Altered Version)
      • 12" EP£15.00
        Out of stock
      Carcass IdentityCarcass IdentityPhase Group

      Debut album from Brussels based duo Carcass Identity via Lo Kindre's and Mr TC's superb Phase Group label!

      Mid-tempo, hypnotic techno making minimal waves in the direction of cold, 80s industrial music experiments through to the curious, exotic, tribal pulse of Harmonious Thelonious, Wolf Muller, Lena Willikens and Toulouse Low Trax. So good!

      • – Things To Forget
      • – Spiraling Paradigm
      • – Freedom Principle
      • – Quiet Spectator
      • – Kundu Basket
      • – Desultory
      • LP£15.00
        Limited edition of 250 copies only!
        Out of stock
      CoilSara Dale's Sensual Massage (OST)Infinite Fog

      The long-awaited complete version of 'Sara Dale's Sensual Massage' with 8 exclusive and unheard tracks. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage was a delightful erotic video with a mystic soundtrack by Coil. Quite unusual for the band dreamy ambient, almost spa-relaxed soft harmonies, bland tribal rhythms, chimes, and birdsong but still with dark mysterious and inimitable Coil musick's charm. However, the second part of the album explores more rhythmic structures that remind 'Gay Man's Guide...' soundtrack. Besides the OST recordings, the edition includes bonus tracks from the 'Basilisk prod.'s' era: 'Theme From Blue' and grandiose 'The Hills Are Alive'. Artwork by Steven 'Nurse With Wound' Stapleton.

      • – Sara Dale's Sensual Massage I
      • – Sara Dale's Sensual Massage II
      • – Sara Dale's Sensual Massage III
      • – Sara Dale's Sensual Massage IV
      • – Sara Dale's Sensual Massage V
      • – Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VI
      • – Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VII
      • – Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VIII
      • – Sara Dale's Happy End
      • – Sara Dale's Bombers
      • – Medieval Flange
      • – Plinkerton
      • – Volcanozo
      • – Aftertouch
      • – Gamatalo
      • – Theme From Blue I
      • – Theme From Blue II
      • – Theme From Blue II (UHIIV) / (silence) / The Hills Are Alive
      • 2×LP£44.00
        Deluxe 2xLP vinyl in heavy gatefold.
        Out of stock
      • 2×CD£22.00
        In stockAdd to Bag
      Van Jones & Mary DiggsDo Ya Think I'm Sexy / HypnotizedFantasy Love Records

      Fantasy Love reissue the impossibly rare and massively in-demand disco/boogie version of the Rod Stewart number - vibes! Backed with a version of Linda Jones' slow jam 'Hypnotized'!

      • – Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
      • – Hypnotized
      • 7"£13.00
        Out of stock
      Yabby You & The ProphetsChant Down Babylon Kingdom (Dub Plate Mix)Pressure Sounds

      Heavyweight roots classic from the late 70s with this unreleased dub plate mix and a killer drum heavy dub on the flip. 

      • – Chant Down Babylon (Dub Plate Mix)
      • – Version
      • 7"£8.00
        Out of stock
      ReloadA Collection Of Short Stories (Limited Coloured Vinyl Edition)Music On Vinyl

      Reissue of this sought after, UK ambient techno masterpiece from Global Communication's Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton as Reload. Originally released on Creation records' electronic offshoot Infonet in 1993. Incredible album!

      • – Peschi
      • – Ahn
      • – Teq
      • – Rota Link
      • – 1642 Try 621
      • – Ev-i-loy
      • – Akzinor
      • – Mosh
      • – Ehn
      • – Psychophylaxis
      • – Le Soleil Et La Mer
      • – The Enlightenment
      • – Event Horizon
      • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£27.99
        • 180g audiophile vinyl
        • Limited edition of 2000 individually numbered copies pressed on yellow vinyl
        • Inc. a copy of original 24-page booklet with introduction and short stories written by Dominic Fripp.
        Out of stock
      K.S. EdenPassed BeyondStroom

      Stroom issue a collection of key tracks from obscure, yet utterly intriguing, UK post punk figure Kevin S. Eden aka K.S. Eden and 41 Degrees.

      • – 41 Degrees - Silent Towns
      • – 41 Degrees - The Spirit Moves
      • – K.S. Eden - Still Beats
      • – K.S. Eden - Hombre
      • – K.S. Eden - Gathering Dust
      • – K.S. Eden - ... In Open Country
      • – K.S. Eden - Ghost Fires
      • – K.S. Eden - Cross Track
      • – 41 Degrees - White Flowers
      • – 41 Degrees - November
      • LP£23.00
        Out of stock
      The RevolutionariesKunta KintePressure Sounds

      BACK IN STOCK!! never officially released,dub plate of all dub plates from channel one, this limited 7" with company sleeve.

      • – Kunta Kinte
      Amandra035AD 93

      Dubbed-out, new-age/4th world, ambient techno vibes for the club from Amandra via AD 93!

      • – Perlen Cha Cha
      • – Sarape
      • – Kapsalon
      • 12"£11.00
        Out of stock
      Virtual Dreams: Ambient Explorations In The House & Techno Age 1993-1997Music From Memory

      Music From Memory focus on some of the more obscure end of the ambient techno/house music sphere in the mid-90s. Features some absolute gems from the likes of LFO, Richard H. Kirk, Global Communication, Bedouin Ascent, LA Synthesis and more!

      • – MLO - Birds And Flutes
      • – Pulusha – Isolation (Part Two)
      • – MDA Analog - Rainful Memories
      • – Space Time Continuum - Fluresence
      • – David Moufang – Sergio Leone's Wet Dream
      • – LA Synthesis – Frozen Tundra Dub
      • – Richard H. Kirk – Oneski
      • – Sideral – Mare Nostrum
      • – The Primitive Painter - Levitation
      • – Sun Electric – Love 2 Love
      • – LFO – Helen
      • – Dubtribe Sound System – Sunshine's Theme (Sunshine's Remix)
      • – Human Mesh Dance - ∞
      • – Link – Arcadian (Global Communication Remix)
      • – The Arc - Orphic Mysteries
      • – Bedouin Ascent - Joyriding III
      • 3×LP£29.00
        Out of stock
      Punk 45: The Singles Cover Art of Punk 1976-80Edited by Jon Savage and Stuart BakerSoul Jazz Books

      Soul Jazz Records’ massive deluxe 400-page Punk 45s cover art book edited and compiled by Jon Savage (author of the seminal book on punk, England’s Dreaming) and Stuart Baker (founder of Soul Jazz Records).

      The book includes introduction and text by Jon Savage, numerous interviews, features and articles from the likes of Richard Hell, Seymour Stein (Sire Records), Geoff Travis (Rough Trade), Peter Saville (Factory), Martin Mills (Beggars Banquet), Dave Robinson (Stiff Records), Richard H Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire), Martin Moscrop (A Certain Ratio) as well as exhaustive biographies, band line-ups and more to create an in-depth study of punk during its formative years.

      This book features the original full-size singles cover art of hundreds of punk groups - everyone from the pre-punk roots of The Stooges, MC5 and New York Dolls on to punk's birth in New York (Ramones, Talking Heads, Voidoids, Dead Boys) and London (Pistols, Clash, Buzzcocks) and then its rapid growth around the world. Included are hundreds and hundreds of rare, classic and stunning sleeves that collected together for the first time chart the rise of punk between the years 1976-1980.

        Yabby You & The ProphetsConquering Lion (Expanded Edition)Pressure Sounds

        ‘Conquering Lion’ stands as one of the few truly essential albums of the roots era. As devotional as anything by Burning Spear, as polemical as Bob Marley, and as militant as the Mighty Diamonds, the album also communicates a haunting spiritual quality that is uniquely its own. Amazingly, for such a coherent work, the tracks were recorded over a period of at least four years, yet come together to present a single coherent vision. The album was first issued in Jamaica by Micron, and in the UK with a different tracklisting as ‘Ram-A-Dam’ on the Lucky label in 1976. Here the album is presented for the first time in expanded form, together with its dub counterpart. Vivian ‘Yabby You’ Jackson is often portrayed as a strange, otherworldly figure. Yet his life was filled with two opposing forces, the spiritual and the earthly. Even as Yabby was yearning for a higher plane of existence, he was scratching out a difficult living in the ghetto. Whilst warning of sinful secular behaviour, he was working at the race track taking bets. As well as creating some of the most powerful and heartfelt music to come out of Jamaica, Yabby was busy cutting deals with studios and musicians, and hustling round the record shops to sell his products. And these contradictions seem to have fuelled some of his best music, pushing him into places that other artists shied away from.

        * CD Bonus Tracks

        • – Run Come Rally
        • – Jah Vengence
        • – Conquering Lion
        • – Covetous Men
        • – Anti Christ
        • – Carnal Mind
        • – Jah Love
        • – Love Thy Neighbour
        • – Love Of Jah
        • – The Man Who Does The Work
        • Dubs – Rally Dub
        • – Hungering Dub *
        • – Tubby's Vengeance
        • – Version Dub *
        • – Conquering Dub
        • – Big Youth Fights Against Capitalist
        • – Anti Christ Rock
        • – Jah Love Dub
        • – Warning Version
        • – Love Thy Neighbour Version
        • – Love Of Jah Version Version
        • – Work Without Pay Dub
        • 2×LP£20.00
          In stockAdd to Bag
        • CD£12.00
          Out of stock
        The Higher NotesEarth Shuffle / Crackle SkaThe Higher Notes

        Great new shuffling ska from Holland, The Higher Notes have done a small pressing on 7" vinyl of two tracks taken from their CD only album Double Salute.

        • – Earth Shuffle
        • – Crackle Ska
        • 7"£12.00
          Out of stock
        Claude CooperTangerine Dreams / Two Mile HillFriendly Recordings

        This one's a bit special - it's the first release on new label Friendly Recordings!

        Claude Cooper is an illusive Bristol-based producer.

        These tunes are genre-defying...it's jazz, it's beats, it's breaks.

        Limited edition 300 pressed black vinyl..last copies!

        • – Tangerine Dreams
        • – Two Mile Hill
        • 7"£11.00
          Out of stock
        HuneeHunchin' All NightRush Hour

        DJ / producer, Hunee picks "a collection of his favourite dancefloor cuts from the '70s until modern time", packed with obscure and inspired jams in a variety of styles; from the likes of Ron Trent and Larry Heard through to Kenny Larkin's Dark Comedy, Pat Thomas and beyond! Inspired selection!

        • Carlos Maria & Nuno Canavarro – Blue Terra
        • Aby Nagana Diop – Michael Ozone's Liital Rhythm
        • Boncana Maiga – Komya Hondo
        • Stanislas Tohon – Owhaaou (Raphael Top Secret edit)
        • Don Laka – Stages Of Love
        • Blak Beat Niks – Ritual Of Love (Ron's Beat Down mix)
        • Larry Heard – Burning For You
        • Villa Abo – Made On Coffee & Wine
        • Mappa Mundi – Trance Fusion (Hunee Tempo edit)
        • Pat Thomas – Yesu San Bra Disco Hi Life
        • Africa Futurism – Akal Akal
        • Dark Comedy – Without A Sound (Long White Label version)
        • 1. Carlos Maria & Nuno Canavarro – Blue Terra
        • 2. Aby Nagana Diop – Michael Ozone's Liital Rhythm
        • 3. Boncana Maiga – Komya Hondo
        • View full info and tracklisting
        • 2×LP£18.00
          Out of stock
        Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3Soul Jazz Records

        This latest instalment in Soul Jazz Records’ successful Deutsche Elektronische Musik series delves deeper into the German nation’s vaults to bring a fascinating new collection that again brings together a selection of classic German electronic and rock groups, including Neu!, Cluster, Popol Vuh, La Düsseldorf, Agitation Free, alongside a host of rare tracks by lesser known artists which includes Michael Bundt, Bröselmaschine, Dronsz, Achim Reichel and others.

        The music of Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3 ranges from the introverted pastoralism of Hans Joachim Roedelius and Bröselmaschine, to the angular and futuristic electronic experimentations of Klauss Weiss, Pyrolator, Deuter, Michael Bundt and others, to the proto-punk of La Düsseldorf and the heavy space, progressive and cosmic rock of Missus Beastly, Niagara and Dyzan.

        The music on Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3 was all recorded in the 1970s up to the early 1980s, at a time when forward-thinking German electronic and rock groups were searching for a new musical identity in order to separate themselves from both the cultural legacy of post-world war two Germany as well the ‘cultural imperialism’ of USA and UK rock. In this process German groups created some of the most unique and inspired music, the defining motorik beat alongside a host of ethno-musical influences from far afield – including Turkey, India, Brazil – as well as the musical and futurist possibilities of developments in electronics and technology itself.

        Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3 is released as a heavyweight 3xLP, deluxe double CD pack and digital release. The new extensive sleevenotes are by David Stubbs, who is the author of the acclaimed book, ‘Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany’ (Faber & Faber).

        “A near-definitive guide to some of the world’s most extraordinary music’’ ***** The Guardian

        "There are many potential futures contained within this exemplary Soul Jazz compilation" The Quietus

        • Klaus Weiss – Wide Open Space Motion
        • A.R. & Machines – I'll Be Your Singer, You'll Be My Song
        • Deutsche Wertarbeit – Deutscher Wald
        • Dzyan – Khali
        • Missus Beastly – Geisha
        • Alex – Derulé
        • Agitation Free – In The Silence Of the Morning Sunrise
        • Georg Deuter – Pearls
        • Michael Bundt – The Brain Of Oskar Panizza
        • Popol Vuh – Ja, Deine Liebe Ist Sußer Als Wein
        • Novalis – Dronsz
        • Bröselmaschine – Schmetterling
        • Neu! – Neuschnee
        • Between – And The Waters Opened
        • La Düsseldorf – White Overalls
        • Klauss Weiss – Constellation
        • Achim Reichel – Tanz Der Vögel In Den Winden
        • Roedelius – Lustwandel
        • Pyrolator – Die Haut Der Frau
        • Cluster – Hollywood
        • Streetmark – Passage
        • Niagara – Rhythm Go
        • Michael Bundt – Neon
        • 1. Klaus Weiss – Wide Open Space Motion
        • 2. A.R. & Machines – I'll Be Your Singer, You'll Be My Song
        • 3. Deutsche Wertarbeit – Deutscher Wald
        • View full info and tracklisting
        • 3×LP + Download Code £24.00
          Out of stock
        • 2×CD£12.00
          Out of stock
        • MP3 Release£9.99
          In stockAdd to Bag
        PUNK 45 The ScabsAmory Building E.P. (1979)

        Superb independent UK DIY punk from 1979 - unbelievably hard to find an original copy.

        Crazy fold-out sleeve bespoke exact replica DIY PUNK 45!

        • – Amory Building
        • – Leave Me Alone
        • – Don't Just Sit There
        • – U.R.E.
        Yard BandJuks Pon De CornerCommon Ground International

        Highly sought after vocal roots tune from 1984, the solo release from Jamaican Yard Band repressed with original label and dub version.

        • – Juks Pon De Corner
        • – Version
        • 7"£13.00
          Out of stock
        Gaudi100 Years of Theremin (The Dub Chapter)Dubmission Records

        Back in stock..

        To celebrate 100 years of the Theremin, super producer Gaudi and friends have created an album of Theremin infused dub. Developed in 1920 by Russian physicist Léon Theremin, the Theremin is an electronic device which works with magnetic fields and consists of one metal antenna controlled without physical contact. Predominantly a fairly niche instrument, it has featured in several styles of music since its creation, from classical works to sci-fi movie soundtracks, pop and rock. Gaudi was supported in this tribute by five of the world's top dub producers - Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood, The Scientist, Dennis Bovell and Prince Fatty. All hugely respected individuals who have been representing the best of international dub production for the last 50 years, they have provided the riddims that underpin Gaudi's Theremin playing on this astonishing project.

        • Gaudi & Mad Professor – Cinematic Dub
        • Gaudi & Adrian Sherwood – Dub’s Nine Lives
        • Gaudi & Dennis Bovell – Cross To Theremin
        • Gaudi & The Scientist – Smokin Dub
        • Gaudi & Prince Fatty – Theremin Dub Mafia
        • Gaudi & Mad Professor – Kumo Dub
        • Gaudi & Adrian Sherwood & Style Scott – Dub Out Of Theremin
        • Gaudi & Dennis Bovell – Secret Service Dub
        • Gaudi & Mad Professor – Future Sound Of Theremin
        • Gaudi & Adrian Sherwood & Style Scott – Butterfly Dub
        • Gaudi & Dennis Bovell – Heying Dub
        • 1. Gaudi & Mad Professor – Cinematic Dub
        • 2. Gaudi & Adrian Sherwood – Dub’s Nine Lives
        • 3. Gaudi & Dennis Bovell – Cross To Theremin
        • View full info and tracklisting
        Punk 45: Sick on You ! One Way Spit !Soul Jazz Records

        This new Punk 45 album is a collection of tracks of twisted, raw and energized proto-punk music from the early 1970s, ahead-of-its-time music which led the way for the birth of punk in the second-half of the 1970s.

        This new album is compiled and has extensive sleeve-notes by Jon Savage.

        Punk 45: Sick on You! One Way Spit! After the Love & Before the Revolution: Proto-Punk 1969-77 is the third volume in this series, following on from the two earlier albums as well as the massive 400-page Punk 45s cover art book published last year.

        While the first in the series, Punk 45: Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself!, focused on the rise of underground punk in America, and the second album, Punk 45: There is No Such Thing as Society did the same for punk and post-punk in Britain, this album draws upon some of the stripped-down hard garage and post-glam sounds of mainly obscure bands that existed in the early 1970s - that were to prove the template for the forthcoming punk movement.

        This is a unique and fascinating collection of proto-punk tracks from across the USA - Cleveland’s Electric Eels, San Francisco’s Crime, Los Angeles’ Zolar X, Baltimore’s George Brigman and more – as well as from the UK –  with Joe Strummer’s pre-Clash 101ers, the speed- induced r’n’b of the Count Bishops and others also included.

        As usual the album comes complete with text, biographies on each of the bands, exclusive photos and original record artwork.

        The album is released on CD with outsize large booklet and thick slipcase and limited-edition super-loud, super-heavy double vinyl edition complete with full sleeve-notes and free download code. These Punk 45 releases are also the first that Soul Jazz Records are making available as worldwide digital releases.

        'Top 50 best reissues of 2014" Rolling Stone magazine

        • Debris – One Way Spit
        • George Brigman – Jungle Rot
        • Death – Politicians In My Eyes
        • The Hammersmith Gorillas – You Really Got Me
        • Crime – Hot Wire My Heart
        • Mirrors – She Smiled Wild
        • The Hollywood Brats – Sick On You
        • Pastiche – Derelict Boulevard
        • Cabaret Voltaire – Makes Your Mouth Go Funny
        • Jack Ruby – Hit & Run
        • Victoria Vein and The Thunderpunks – Rear Guard Action
        • Electric Eels – Cyclotron
        • The Count Bishops – Ain't Got You
        • Rob Jo Star Band – Acid Revolution
        • The 101ers – Keys To Your Heart
        • The Killer Kane Band – Mr Cool
        • Simply Saucer – Here Come The Cyborgs Part 2
        • Zolar X – Space Age Love
        • Hector – Wired Up
        • Stavely Makepeace – I Wanna Love You Like A Mad Dog
        • Radio Pete – Just A Patsy
        Pepe BradockDactilonomy IIIAtavisme

        The minimal house master returns with an EP of seriously left-of-centre house music goodies for the more forward-thinking floors - top stuff from the Frenchman like Pepe Bradock!

        • – Major
        • – Major
        • – Finger - Snapped
        • – Finger