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    Alice Coltrane wrote this documentary on her spiritual life entitled Monument Eternal, which tells of her spiritual initiation, revelations, and austerities. Privately pressed in 1977, written by Alice (this is different from the later autobiography of the same name).

    Other Releases by Alice Coltrane

    Alice ColtraneWorld Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane TuriyasangitanandaLuaka Bop
    Essential Alice Coltrane recordings issued for the first time on vinyl by Luaka Bop! Alice Coltrane was a legendary pianist, composer,...
    • Alice Coltrane – Om Rama
    • Alice Coltrane – Om Shanti
    • Alice Coltrane – Rama Rama
    • Alice Coltrane – Rama Guru
    • Alice Coltrane – Hari Narayan
    • Alice Coltrane – Journey to Satchidananda
    • Alice Coltrane – Er Ra
    • Alice Coltrane – Keshava Murahara
    • Alice Coltrane – Krishna Japaye*
    • Alice Coltrane – Rama Katha*
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    Alice ColtraneTransfiguration (1978)Warner Bros.
    Double album from the high priestess of deep jazz recorded live in 1978.
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      Alice ColtraneJourney In Satchidananda (1971)Impulse!
      100% essential, C-L-A-S-S-I-C spiritual jazz album featuring Pharoah Sanders! Deep-as-it-gets, hypnotic, trance-like, spiritually uplifting music featuring...
      • Alice Coltrane – Journey in Satchidananda
      • Alice Coltrane – Stopover Bombay
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      Alice Coltrane - TuriyasangitanandaDivine SongsABI (1987)
      Very rare absolutely mind-blowing  'lost' Alice Coltrane album! Super-deep, super-spiritual, heavy,  powerful and utterly awesome!  Vocals, organ,...
      • Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda – Rama Rama
      • Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda – Keshava Murahara
      • Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda – Er Ra
      • Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda – Madhura Manohara Giridhari
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      Alice Coltrane - TuriyasangitanandaInfinite ChantsABI
      Heavy, spiritual uplifting music! "In this Mandir, you are hearing chanting like no other chanting in the universe. I can say that with all clarity...
      • Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda – Sita Ram
      • – Om Rama
      • Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda – Rama Guru
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      Alice ColtraneRadha Botofasina (ft. Alice Coltrane) - Songs of the Eternal SoulShaila 2011
      Cosmic, soulful, powerful, hypnotic and really, really good! Harp, organ, heavy percussion, vocals, bass, strings. Featuring Alice Coltrane and includes...
      • Alice Coltrane – Vrindavana Pt. 2
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      The Magic Sun (2005)By Phill Niblock featuring Sun Ra and His Solar ArkestraUnheard Music
      Super-rare film of Sun Ra from 1966 by experimental photographer and film-maker Phill Niblock. Region 0 (all regions)
      • DVD£8.99
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      Alice ColtraneTuriya SpeaksDivine Discourses
      Turiya Speaks offers counsel for those seeking to better understand themselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, and their true purpose...
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      Arthur RussellWorld Of EchoAudika
      This is one of Arthur Russell's most well known albums, and exemplifies the folky, idiosyncratic, singer-songwriter side of his diverse musical practice...
      • Arthur Russell – Tone Bone Kone
      • Arthur Russell – Soon To Be Fun - Let's See
      • Arthur Russell – Answers Me
      • Arthur Russell – Being It
      • Arthur Russell – Place I Know - Kid Like You
      • Arthur Russell – See Through
      • Arthur Russell – All-boy All-girl
      • Arthur Russell – Lucky Cloud
      • Arthur Russell – Let's Go Swimming
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      Inner City Beat !Detective Themes, Spy Music and Imaginary ThrillersSoul Jazz Records
      Soul Jazz Records new release Inner City Beat! Detective Themes, Spy Music and Imaginary Thrillers  is a unique CD (and 2LP)...
      • Peter Reno & Barry Stoller – Sparks
      • Syd Dale – Danger Musicians At Work
      • Clive Hicks – Drums In Transit
      • Norrie Paramor – Theme From New Scotland Yard
      • Francis Coppetiers – Funky Chimes
      • Dave Richmond – Gotta Getaway
      • Dave Richmond – Heavy Lead
      • Reg Tilsley – Ode To A Stone
      • Ernest Copley – Fuel Injection
      • Brass Incorporated – On A Bicycle Made For Three
      • Tilsley Orchestral – The Ratcatchers
      • Ernest Copley – Dynamic Patterns
      • David Lindup – Men Of Action
      • Brass Incorporated – Come One, Come All
      • Francis Coppetiers – Crosstalk
      • The International Studio Group – High Diplomacy
      • Syd Dale – The Hell Raisers
      • Johnny Pearson – Product Efficiency
      • Johnny Hawksworth – Conveyor Belt
      • The International Studio Group – Police Five
      • Johnny Pearson – Grand Prix
      • David Lindup – Superformance
      • Ernest Copley – Crossflow
      • Johnny Hawksworth – Workshop
      The ThingBoot!The Thing Records
      With dedicated fans in the rock, noise and jazz communities, the Neneh Cherry colaborators release a solo album of exploratory electronic jazz! Featuring...
      • The Thing – India
      • The Thing – Reboot
      • The Thing – Heaven
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      Magic Sam Blues BandBlack Magic (1968)Delmark
      Magic Sam played the clubs of Chicago's West side and was gaining wider recognition when he died at the age of 32 in 1969, since when he has acquired...
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        • New LP £13.99
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        Don CherryLive In StockholmCaprice
        Unreleased live recordings made in 1968 and 1971, with Swedish and Turkish musicians. Experimental, multi-cultural jazz wizardry!
        • Don Cherry – ABF Suite Part 1
        • Don Cherry – Another dome session
        Dorothy Ashby The Jazz HarpistDoxy
        Very rare jazz album debut from Dorothy Ashby recorded, pre-dating her Cadet years by a decade. A lovely facisimile issue on the Doxy label. 
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          Gilberto GilLouvacaoUniversal Sound
          NOW ON CD as deluxe Jap-style hard-cased exact repro digitally remastered box edition with Obi-card. also: Superb collectors edition very limited deluxe...
          • Gilberto Gil – Louvacao
          • Gilberto Gil – Beira Mar
          • Gilberto Gil – Lunik 9
          • Gilberto Gil – Ensaio Geral
          • Gilberto Gil – Me Perdoe Maria
          • Gilberto Gil – A Rua
          • Gilberto Gil – Roda
          • Gilberto Gil – Rancho Da Rosa Encarnada
          • Gilberto Gil – Viramundo
          • Gilberto Gil – Mancada
          • Gilberto Gil – Água De Meninos
          • Gilberto Gil – Procissao
          • Gilberto Gil – Minha Senora
          • Gilberto Gil – A Moreninha