Afrodeutsche Break Before Make

    • 2×LP SKALP035£23.99
      Limited 2xLP pressed on 180g, transparent red vinyl + braille sticker
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    • CD SKALD035£11.99
      Transparent red jewel case + braille sticker
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      • 1. Day Tuner
      • 2. And!
      • 3. Guess What
      • 4. Work It
      • 5. Now What
      • 6. Start Again Part Four
      • 7. Blanket Ban
      • 8. Filandank
      • 9. WTFWTFWTF
      • 10. You Heard Me the First Time
      • 11. The Middle Middle
      • 12. HIAEA
      • 13. OD
      • 14. The Beginning

      Essential album from the hugely-talented, Afrodeutsche who provides Skam with her debut, 'Break Before Make'. Tough, Detroit techno and electro inspired hardware jams!

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