A7 Edits Vol.1 (feat. Stefano Ritteri edits)Various Artists

    A7 Edits
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    • Ekambi Brillant – Nyambe (Stefano Ritteri edit)
    • Ekambi Brillant – Nyambe
    • Bunzu Soundz – Zinabu (Stefano Ritteri edit)
    • Bunzu Soundz – Zinabu
    • 1. Ekambi Brillant – Nyambe (Stefano Ritteri edit)
    • 2. Ekambi Brillant – Nyambe
    • 3. Bunzu Soundz – Zinabu (Stefano Ritteri edit)
    • 4. Bunzu Soundz – Zinabu

    Africa Seven presents A7 Edits, a new sister label aimed directly at the dancefloor featuring killer original cuts and edits. First up is Stefano Ritteri who offers up tempo, dancefloor versions of Ekambi Brillant’s 1976 Nyambe and Bunzu Soundz, Zinabu. Don't sleep!

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    Buntús Rince: Explorations in Irish Jazz, Fusion & Folk 1969-81Various ArtistsAllchival
    A superb compilation featuring musical innovation in the field of Irish music, including rare Irish jazz, fusion and folk outliers from the 1970s and early...
    • Noel Kelehan Quintet – Spon Song
    • John Wadham – Floatin'
    • Louis Stewart – Araby
    • Joe O'Donnell – Caravan
    • Taste – On The Boards
    • Granny's Intentions – Nutmeg, Bitter-Sweet
    • Mellow Candle – Lonely Man
    • Sonny Condell – Red Sail
    • Supply, Demand & Curve – When You're By Yourself
    • Rosemarie Taylor – Mr Sleep
    • Apartment – Weekend
    • The Plattermen – African Wah Wah
    • Jonathan Kelly's Outside – Misery
    • Dr. Strangely Strange – Mary Malone of Moscow
    • Stacc – Holy Smoke
    • Zebra – Silent Partners
    The Move #6Various ArtistsThe Move
    Sixth edition of the excellent London based Move Magazine! This edition features Jazzman, Jitwam, JD Twitch and and more!
    Spaciousness: Music Without HorizonsVarious ArtistsLo Recordings
    Ace ambient / new age / fourth world music compilation via Lo! Featuring Abul Mogard, Matthew David, Private Agenda, Cathy Luca, MJ Lallo, Jon Tye & Ulrich...
    • Abul Mogard – Flecks of Endless Spaces
    • Matthew David’s Mindflight – Ode To Flora
    • Private Agenda – Ultramarine
    • Cathy Lucas – Chatterscope
    • MJ Lallo – Birth Of A Star Child
    • Jon Tye & Ulrich Schnauss – Orange Cascade
    • Blackwater – Woodstock
    Sad About The TimesVarious ArtistsAnthology Recordings
    Another fantastic selection via Anthology - 'Sad About The Times' explores the more psychedelic realms of 70s AOR, FM Folk, Soft Rock, West Coast Jangle,...
    • West – Sad About The Times
    • Hollins Ferry – Lonely City
    • Randy & The Goats – N.Y. Survivor
    • Willow – Loaves And Fishes
    • Art Lown – Deep Blue Sea
    • Jode – Tomorrow Is Gone
    • Norma Tanega – Illusion
    • Perth County Conspiracy – If You Can Want
    • David Chalmers – Hotel Room
    • Jim Spencer – Another Lonely Day
    The Nightlife! A Northern Soul PlaylistVarious ArtistsOutta Sight
    A northern soul playlist spanning the decades and as relevant today as when some of these discs were first spun at the height of the scene in the mid Seventies....
      Diggin' In The Carts (feat. Kode9 remixes)Various ArtistsHyperdub
      Companion EP to ‘Diggin In The Carts’, a compilation put together by Nick Dwyer and Kode9 of pioneering and rare Japanese video game music from the...
      • – Mister Diviner (The Mahjong Touhaiden) (Kode9 Remix)
      • – Bad Data (Dezaemo) (Kode9 Remix)
      • – Temple (Actraiser) (Kode9 Remix)
      • – An-Un [Ominous Clouds] (Xak II) (Kode9 Remix)
      Dancing In Darkness: EBM Black Synth & Dark Beats From The 80sVarious Artists[PIAS] Le Label
      Electronic Body Music, the sort of dark, proto-techno, industrial music pioneered by the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and Deutsch Amerikanische...
      • Throbbing Gristle – Dead On Arrival
      • DAF – Der Musolini
      • Cabaret Voltaire – Walls Of Jericho
      • Polyphonic Size – Zas
      • The Neon Judgement – Chinese Black
      • Da Davo – Sex Head
      • Borghesia – No Hope, No Fear
      • Chris & Cosey – Exotika
      • Click Click – Headf***"
      • Front 242 – Body To Body" (1988 mix)
      • The Cassandra Complex – One Millionth Happy Customer" (EBM mix)
      • The Weathermen – Poison" (Lethal mix)
      • Nitzer Ebb – Control I'm Here" (Strategic dancefloor Initiative mix)
      • Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon
      Church Volumes 004Various ArtistsChurch
      'Church Volumes' series returns with deep, dream house cuts from the likes of Igor B, Leon Revol, Wasserfall & Vaage and U-I.
      • Igor B – Turtle Cove
      • Wasserfall & Vaage – Namely You
      • Leon Revol – Analog in Transit
      • U-I – Duo Decim
      DIY Disco Molam: Rarities From The Khaen Sang LabelVarious ArtistsZudRangMa Records
      A superb compilation of exceptional experimental Molam from Thailand by producer Soonthorn Chairatanachot, previously only released as a short run of 45’s...
      • Maneerat Kaewsadet – Kieow Choo Pern
      • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Lam Plearn Sadudee Maharacha
      • Maneerat Kaewsadet – Toey Bump
      • Patcharee Kaewsadet – Yaa Ti Kaa Laai
      • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Bor Ti Kaa Laai
      • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Toey Disco
      • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Kor Bump
      • Ratree Seewilai – Chern Bump
      • Preeda Kaewsadet – Kiew Bao Kae
      • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Toey Taam Kaao
      • 1. Maneerat Kaewsadet – Kieow Choo Pern
      • 2. Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Lam Plearn Sadudee Maharacha
      • 3. Maneerat Kaewsadet – Toey Bump
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      Jobcentre Rejects: Ultra Rare NWOBHM 1978-1982Various ArtistsOn The Dole Records
      A superb collection of rare and hard to find 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' singles originally released in England between 1978-1982! As Iron Maiden,...
        Outro Tempo: Single PromocionalVarious ArtistsMusic From Memory
        Ahead of a second volume of the highly anticipated 'Outro Tempo' compilation, Music From Memory drops this teaser EP with the never before heard cassette...
        • Bruhahá Babélico – Babélico II
        • Individual Industry – Eyes
        Shades of Soul: Crossover & Modern Soul GroovesVarious ArtistsCharly
        Superb compilation in Charly's superb 'Club Soul' series featuring some of the best titles in the modern and crossover soul scenes. Essential tunes from...
        • Gene Townsel – I’m Walking Away
        • The Winstons – Colour Him Father
        • Brief Encounter – (Don’t You See) I’m Crazy About You
        • Gloria Lynne with Stanley Turrentine – I’ve Just Gotta Tell Somebody
        • Johnny Adams – You’re A Bad Habit, Baby
        • Eddie Billups – Shake Off That Dream
        • Jackey Beavers – Lover Come Back
        • Lee Bates – (What Am I Gonna Do) What Am I Gonna Say?
        • Point Of View – I’m Superman
        • The Harmonics – Be Your Man
        • 1. Gene Townsel – I’m Walking Away
        • 2. The Winstons – Colour Him Father
        • 3. Brief Encounter – (Don’t You See) I’m Crazy About You
        • View full info and tracklisting
        The Dreads At King Tubby'sKingston Sounds
        A great selection of conscious tunes from the mid 70s, rhythms mainly lay down at Channel One, Randy's, Harry J's and voiced at King Tubby's. Featuring...
        • Jacob Miller – Zion Gates
        • Don Carlos – Satta Massagana
        • Johnny Clarke – Dem A Say Rasta
        • Horace Andy – It's Gonna Be Dread
        • Dennis Brown – Declaration Of Rights
        • Cornell Campbell – Two Faced Rasta
        • Ronnie Davis – Every Rasta Is A Star
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        Outro Tempo II: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1984-1996Various ArtistsMusic From Memory
        The second essential instalment of Music From Memory’s Brazilian, 'Outro Tempo' series! This volume focuses upon on a new wave of experimental pop and...
        • May East – Maraka
        • Dequinha e Zaba – Preposições
        • Oharaska – A Fábula
        • Fausto Fawcett – Shopping de Voodoos
        • R.H. Jackson – O Gato de Schrödinger
        • Edson Natale – Nina Maika
        • Akira S – Tokei
        • Low Key Hackers – Emotionless
        • Chance – Samba do Morro
        • Jorge Degas – Ilha Grande
        • Priscilla Ermel – Americua
        • Voluntários Da Pátria – Marcha
        • Angel's Breath – Velvet
        • Fausto Fawcett – Império Dos Sentidos
        • Chance – Intro-Amazônia
        • Tetê Espíndola – Quero-Quero
        • Nelson Angelo – Harmonía de Água
        • Jorge Mello – A Natureza Reza
        • Júlio Pimentel – Gersal
        • Sebastião Neto – Carrousel
        Disco Hamam 5Disco Hamam
        Disco Hamam is back with their fifth, essential volume of Turkish and Middle Eastern disco edits - expert cut n paste work from Beard In Dust, Tales Of...
        • Beard In Dust – At The Dawn
        • Tales Of Voodoo – Sharky
        • Esen Gunduz – Deve Gucu
        An Anthology Of Greek Experimental Electronic Music 1966-2017Various ArtistsSub Rosa
        This anthology aspires to map the heterogenous landscape of Greek Experimental Electronic Music in all its contextual, sociopolitical, geographical and...
        • Anestis Logothetis – Wellenformen (1981)
        • Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga – Intermittent - To Detach Oneself - Unicorn (2011)
        • Panayiotis Kokoras – Sense (2013-14)
        • Christos Michalakos – Frrriction (2012)
        • Free Piece Of Tape – Burning School (2012)
        • Ilan Manouach – Eminent (2017)
        • Anastasis Grivas + Theodoros Zioutos + Nicolas Malevitsis – Nothing Here But The Documentation Of Our First Meeting As A Trio (Excerpt) (2002)
        • ILIOS – Teleregataj Hundoj (2010)
        • Michalis Adamis – Minyrismos (1966)
        • Fani Konstantinidou – Coda (2015)
        • Scizhic InzC – Puls.ar() (Miniature Version) (2016)
        • Georgia Spyropoulos – Brut (2009)
        • Panayiotis Velianitis – Pithoigia (1989)
        • Iannis Xenakis – Voyage Absolu Des Unari Vers Andromède (1989)
        • Marinos Koutsomihalis – Sygxysis (2011)
        • 1. Anestis Logothetis – Wellenformen (1981)
        • 2. Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga – Intermittent - To Detach Oneself - Unicorn (2011)
        • 3. Panayiotis Kokoras – Sense (2013-14)
        • View full info and tracklisting
        Greatest Jamaican BeatDoctor Bird
        Throughout the brief, yet spectacularly creative rock steady era of the mid-to-late Sixties, the productions of Arthur ‘Duke’ Reid dominated Jamaica’s...
        • The Jamaicans – Baba Boom (Festival 1967)
        • The Techniques – Queen Majesty
        • Justin Hinds & The Dominoes – Fight Too Much
        • The Melodians – You Have Caught Me (Alternate Version)
        • Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Saboo
        • Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Our Man Flint
        Martin Freeman & Eddie Piller present: Soul On The CornerVarious ArtistsAcid Jazz
        Acid Jazz founder Eddie Piller with actor and soul music enthusiast, Martin Freeman presents 'Soul On The Corner'. Together, they pick an exemplary selection...
        • Bobby Womack – How Could You Break My Heart
        • Willie Hutch – Lucky To Be Loved By You
        • Tommy McGee – Now That I Have You
        • Laville – Thirty One
        • Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77 – Love Music
        • Pamoja – Oooh Baby
        • Goodie – You & I
        • Patsy Gallant – It'll All Come Around
        • Arnold Blair – Finally Made It Home
        • The Reverend T L Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir – Like A Ship (Without A Sail)
        • 1. Bobby Womack – How Could You Break My Heart
        • 2. Willie Hutch – Lucky To Be Loved By You
        • 3. Tommy McGee – Now That I Have You
        • View full info and tracklisting
        Additive Noise Function: Formative UK, European & American Electronica 1978-1984Various ArtistsCherry Red
        By popular demand, Cherry Red's 'Close To The Noise Floor' series continues feat. 32 highlights from the DIY / post punk and electronic scenes in the UK,...
          Cumbia Beat Vol. 3Various ArtistsVampi Soul
          The third volume of Vampi Soul's 'Cumbia Beat' series includes again tracks by the some of the most important bands of the golden age of Peruvian cumbia:...
          • Silvestre Montez y Sus Guantanameros – El Saltamontes
          • Los Cóndores Del Cusco – Lamento Del Cóndor
          • Los Gitanos – La Manzanita
          • Los Orientales de Paramonga – Descarga Oriental
          • Los Casmeños – La Espumita Del Río
          • Los 5 Palomillas – El Forastero
          • Los Beta 5 – Sueño Hippie
          • Los Girasoles – Girasoleando
          • Los Demonios Del Mantaro – Cumbia Del Amor
          • Los Demonios de Corocochay – Cumbia Del Puerto
          • 1. Silvestre Montez y Sus Guantanameros – El Saltamontes
          • 2. Los Cóndores Del Cusco – Lamento Del Cóndor
          • 3. Los Gitanos – La Manzanita
          • View full info and tracklisting
          Nigeria 70: No Wahala - Highlife, Afro-funk & Juju 1973 -1987Various ArtistsStrut
          Strut present the first new volume in their pioneering ‘Nigeria 70’ series, bringing together rare highlife, Afro-funk and juju from the ‘70s and...
          • Odeyemi – Oni Suru
          • Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz – Sickness
          • Felixson Ngasia & The Survivals – Black Precious Colour
          • Sina Bakare – Africa
          • Saxon Lee And The Shadows International – Special Secret of Baby
          • Osayomore Joseph & The Creative 7 – Obonogbozu
          • International Brothers Band – Onuma Dimnobi
          • Don Bruce And The Angels – Kinuye
          • Rogana Ottah & His Black Heroes Int. – Let Them Say
          • Etubom Rex Williams & His Nigerian Artistes – Psychedelic Shoes
          • Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Titibitis – Iziegbe (Ekassa No. 70)
          • M.A. Jaiyesimi & His Crescent Bros Band – Mundiya Loju about
          • 1. Odeyemi – Oni Suru
          • 2. Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz – Sickness
          • 3. Felixson Ngasia & The Survivals – Black Precious Colour
          • View full info and tracklisting
          Sofa So FarVarious ArtistsFunclub
          WICKED lo-fi, smudged-out Detroit style house jams from Ayce Bio and pals! RIYL Max Graef to Moodymann and whatever lurks in between...
          • Ayce Bio – Come In To Get Her
          • Ayce Bio – Come In To Get Her (DJ Rou remix)
          • Borbo – Stuntman Mike
          • Turenne – Really Cool
          Pay It All Back Vol. 7Various ArtistsOn-U Sound
          18 track showcase of new Adrian Sherwood productions featuring previews of several forthcoming On-U releases, unique mixes, deep cuts, and unreleased tracks...
          • Roots Manuva & Doug Wimbish – Spit Bits
          • Sherwood & Pinch (ft. Daddy Freddy & Dubiterian) – One Law For The Rich
          • Horace Andy – Mr Bassie (Play Rub A Dub)
          • Neyssatou & Likkle Mai – War
          • Lee “Scratch” Perry – African Starship
          • Denise Sherwood – Ghost Heart
          • Higher Authorities – Neptune Version
          • Sherwood & Pinch ft. LSK – Fake Days
          • Congo Natty – UK All Stars In Dub
          • Mark Stewart – Favour
          • LSK and Adrian Sherwood – The Way Of The World
          • Gary Lucas with Arkell & Hargreaves – Toby’s Place
          • Nisennenmondai – A’ - Live in Dub (Edit)
          • African Head Charge – Flim
          • Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto – Fuego de Cumbia / Dub de Sangre Pura (Dub Mix)
          • Little Axe – Deep River (The Payback Mix)
          • Ghetto Priest ft. Junior Delgado & 2 Bad Card – Slave State
          • Coldcut ft. Roots Manuva – Beat Your Chest
          • 1. Roots Manuva & Doug Wimbish – Spit Bits
          • 2. Sherwood & Pinch (ft. Daddy Freddy & Dubiterian) – One Law For The Rich
          • 3. Horace Andy – Mr Bassie (Play Rub A Dub)
          • View full info and tracklisting
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          Doing the Natural Thing 2: Psychedelic-Country-Garage-SoulVarious ArtistsPTR
          More Psychedelic-Country-Garage-Soul oddities from the 60s and 70s. The tunes on this album are as good as those by famous artists like Little Richard,...
          • The Corrupters – I Feel Good
          • Soul Trippers – Girl Of Mine
          • L.A. Jones – I'm Movin On
          • Gary Graham – What Have I Got Of My Own
          • Mighty Mike Davis – All American Boy
          • Bitter Creek – Movin'
          • Lucky Evans – The Hunter
          • B.C. Worman – Pull Me Up
          • Goober Myers – Narrow Road
          • Larry van Barriger – I See A Picture
          • Judy Hunt – The One Thing
          • Woody Wayne – Sleepy
          In The Red Volume 2: A Britfunk Selection by Saint-JamesVarious ArtistsChuwanaga
          Parisian DJ, Saint-James focuses in on the sound of London's Britfunk / jazz-funk scene from the late 70s and early 80s, selecting some obscure and sought-after...
          • Stikki Stuff – School
          • Cruzial – Send Me Your Love
          • Potion – City Girls
          • The Breakfast Band – Funksters
          • Yeow Band – Energy
          • Scratch – Keep On Searching For Love
          Golden RockersBlue Moon Productions
          Wicked 70s roots and early reggae productions from Bunny Lee featuring Delroy Wilson, Horace Andy, Dennis Brown, The Wailers, Cornell Campbell, Alton Ellis...
            Take Us Home: Boston Roots Reggae (From 1979 to 1988)Various ArtistsCultures Of Soul
            Boston‐based music journalists/historians Noah Schaffer and Uchenna Ikonne have teamed up with Cultures of Soul to compile an overview of some of...
            • – I Tones - Love Is A Pleasure
            • – Danny Tucker - Take Us
            • – Danny Tucker - Changes
            • – Danny Tucker - Our Father's Land
            • – Zion Initiation - Think About It
            • – Zion Initiation - Jah Light
            • – Zion Initiation - Conquering Lion
            • – Zion Initiation - Burning Fire
            • – Zion Initiation - Got To Love Jah Jah
            • – Healin' Of The Nations - Without Your Love
            • – Healin' Of The Nations - Nations, Unite (Peace Across The Land)
            • – Healin' Of The Nations - Love Is The Answer
            • – Lambsbread - Country Girl
            • – Lambsbread - Two Minute Warning
            • – Lambsbread - International Love
            • – Errol Strength - Errol's Love
            • – Errol Strength - Oh What A Saturday Night
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            • CD£15.49
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            Escape From Synth CityVarious ArtistsNumero
            'Escape From Synth City', is a hero’s quest worth of staccato synths, crack house Casios, off-brand drum machines, minimal Morricone, four-track fantasia,...
            • Chasman – Windfall
            • New World Music – Intellectual Thinking
            • Tony Palkovic – Breath of Sound
            • Frank Youngwerth – Whirr
            • Don Slepian – Glimmerings
            • Al Gromer Khan – Konya
            • Vernal Equinox – Sunrise
            • Tom Cameron – Zoot
            • Smith & Erickson – Midnight Mambo
            • Jim Farmer – Emperor’s Clothes
            • Aril Laury – Moody
            Wire Recorded Pieces: Precocious Noise & Early Electronica Pt. 2Various ArtistsSound Miracle Recordings
            Superb primer into the the fascinating world of primal electronics, early noise experiments and sound design, industrial, avant-garde and tape-music. Focuses...
            • Johanna M Beyer – Music Of The Spheres
            • Bengt Hambraeus – Doppelrohr II
            • Remi Gassmanny – Incontri Di Fasce Sonore
            • Vladimir Ussachevsky – Curtain Music
            • Halim El-Dabh – Reverberation
            • Halim El-Dabh – Wire Recorded Piece
            • Pierre Henry – Apres La Mort
            • Else Marie Pade – Lyd & Lys
            • Herbert Eimert – Klang Studie II
            • The Blue Men – Glob Waterfall
            • Gyorgy Ligeti – Piece Electronique #3
            • Giselher Klebe – Interferenzen
            • Velimir Khlebnikov – Radio Busushchego
            Sampled SoulVarious ArtistsWagram
            A collection of original tracks as sampled by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Dr Dre, Massive Attack and more! Featuring music by greats such as Etta...
              • 2×LP£16.99
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              Weaponise Your SoundVarious ArtistsOptimo
              Optimo present “Weaponise Your Sound”, which has been curated, conceived and designed by Kristina McCormick (Diet Clinic). Diet Clinic is an NTS radio...
              • Human Jones – Super Pit
              • Fantastic Twins – Frozen Dreams In Candy Paradise
              • Sue Zuki – Didufindher
              • Maral – Ey Nazanin
              • CAR – Frau
              • Penelope Trappes – Pause
              • Marika Underspreche – Bitter Ends
              • Slime – PM
              • Odete – Folklore Collage
              • Cucina Povera – Kalmankalpea
              • Zoe McPherson – Thumb Governance
              Cosmic Discotheque: 12 Junkshop Disco Funk Gems From the 70'sVarious ArtistsTake It Acid Is
              Whether it's Moroder-oriented proto synth-wave, groovy space-disco or acid afro funk, volume 1 of the Cosmic Discotheque series is all about rediscovering...
                This Is Frafra Power: This is Frafra Power: New Music from Bongo, Bolgatanga, Ghana - Upper East RegionVarious ArtistsMakkum Records
                Amazing collection of African music sourced and recorded by Francis Ayamga, King Ayisoba's drummer. This compilation features styles from gospel, kologo,...
                • Fausty Amoa Mabila – Nosonayine
                • Awudu Messenger – Seero
                • Linda Ayupuka – Ndaana E'era Ymah
                • Atiah Mba – Hunanki
                • Ragizeer – Matala Ligiri
                • I Remember Yesterday – Bonboringa N Lobema
                • Big Gad – Socre
                • Sugri Hajia Zenabu – Sugri
                Attack The Dancefloor Vol. 12Various ArtistsZ Records
                Z Records much-loved label sampler series, Attack The Dancefloor' continues with Vol.12! This latest volume sees a Joey Negro remix of the classic Bobby...
                • Bobby D’Ambrosio – Moment of My Life feat. Michelle Weeks
                • Carlos Romanos – 1 2 1 (Doug Willis Raw Edit)
                • Joey Negro – K - Jee (Philly World Mix)
                • The APX – Lose Yourself To The Groove (JN Future Boogie Edit)
                • 1. Bobby D’Ambrosio – Moment of My Life feat. Michelle Weeks
                • 2. Carlos Romanos – 1 2 1 (Doug Willis Raw Edit)
                • 3. Joey Negro – K - Jee (Philly World Mix)
                • View full info and tracklisting
                Reggae Masterpiece Vol. 1Various ArtistsJoe Gibbs Record Globe
                Great Joe Gibbs roots compilation originally released in 1978 featuring Jacob Miller, Horace Andy, Sylford Walker, Lloyd Parks, Scotty, Lone Ranger, Cornell...
                  Jackpot Jive Vol​.​1 - Rare South African 45s 1973-1982Various ArtistsMasterlabs Records
                  **Limited to 300 copies only!** A brilliantly curated selection of tracks from the SA underground in the decade recorded between the early 70s to the early...
                    Africa Airways Five: Brace Brace Boogie 1976-1982Various ArtistsAfrica Seven
                    Fifth release in Africa Seven's premiere compilation series, 'Africa Airways'. Brace yourselves for ten slices of Afro-boogie goodness, featuring big hitters...
                    • Black Bells Group – Sweet Sidney
                    • Charly Kingson – Nanga 'Boko
                    • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Highlife
                    • Dikalo – Fine Biscuits
                    • Mekongo President – Angona Mana
                    • Fotso – French Girl
                    • Tala AM – Sugar Lump
                    • JK Mandengue – Chibidaba, Chibidaba
                    • Jide Obe – Too Young
                    • Mulamba – Dashiki (Version Instrumentale)
                    The Triassic Tusk EPVarious ArtistsMukatsuku
                    Two monster funk fuelled afro disco monsters released in conjunction with the Triassic Tusk label from Scotland and their 2018 compilation Screamers Bangers...
                    • Tecumsay Roberts – It Makes Me Dance
                    • Commy Bassey – We Want Togetherness
                    Panorama Bar 09Various ArtistsOstgut Ton
                    Since becoming a Berghain resident in 2017, Prurient's Dominick Fernow’s DJ sets as Vatican Shadow have become conduits for infusing techno with contrasting...
                      The Wire+ The Wire Tapper
                      The Wire magazine, with features on the great minds of the music industry, reviews on SOTU favourites and more! Also includes a free wire tapper cd!
                      DJAX-RE-UP VOL. 1Various ArtistsDekmantel
                      Dekmantel focus in on cult Dutch techno label, Djax-Up-Beats which was responsible for releasing some trans-atlantic classics (particularly from Chicago)...
                      • Ismistik – Flow Charts
                      • Glenn Underground – 101 Dolmations
                      • Felix Da Housecat – Freakadelica
                      • Planet Gong – Humid Empire
                      • Terrace – 916 Buena Avenue (Influenza mix)
                      • Hexagone – Float Baby
                      • Random XS – Give Your Body
                      • K-Alexi – Sex-n-r 001 (Vocal mix)
                      Modern Jazz Dance Classics Volume 1Various ArtistsStaubgold
                      Modern Jazz Dance Classics compiled by the one and only Jeff The Fish, of the legendary Fish parties in France! For some time now in the continual hunt...
                      • Cro-Magnon – First Landing
                      • Maurice Brown – Moroccan Dancehall
                      • Yusuke Shima – Line On The Sea
                      • Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo – Para Thad Jones
                      • Sol! – Lovely Day
                      • Johnaye Kendrick – I Will Wait Forever
                      • Novox – Flying Funk
                      • The Volunteered Slaves – VSOP
                      • Michele Villari – Lolita
                      A Day in the Life: Impressions of Pepper (feat. Makaya McCraven and Shabaka & The Ancestors)Various ArtistsImpulse!
                      The jazz new-wave cover the classics from The Beatles' ‎'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' all reimagined under the 'A Day in the Life: Impressions...
                      • Antonio Sanchez – Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
                      • Mary Halvorson – With A Little Help From My Friends
                      • Makaya McCraven – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
                      • Wildflower – Getting Better
                      • Cameron Graves – Fixing A Hole
                      • Keyon Harrold – She's Leaving Home
                      • Brandee Younger – Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite!
                      • Onyx Collective – Within You Without You
                      • Sullivan Fortner – When I'm Sixty-Four
                      • Miles Mosley – Lovely Rita
                      • Shabaka & The Ancestors – Good Morning Good Morning
                      • Antonio Sanchez – Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
                      • The Ju Ju Exchange – A Day In The Life
                      • 1. Antonio Sanchez – Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
                      • 2. Mary Halvorson – With A Little Help From My Friends
                      • 3. Makaya McCraven – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
                      • View full info and tracklisting
                      Las Vegas Grind Vol. 7Various ArtistsJazzman
                      After scouring the greasy basement dives of the netherworld, Jazzman finally managed to locate the manic mastermind responsible for the original six volumes...
                      • Savoys – Blo Jangs
                      • Low Rocks – Snooker Final
                      • Frank Scott – She Said
                      • Gay Papa – Gay Papas Cha Cha
                      • B Bubba – I'd Rather Swish Than Fight
                      • Escorts – Little Big Horn
                      • UBs Group – Sneaky Pete
                      • Abstracts – The Beard
                      • Louie & The Fat Men – Fat Man
                      • Leo Valentine Trio – Behind the Outhouse
                      • Los Virreyes – El Pato
                      • Alonzo & Boppers – Juicy Melon
                      • Bob Moore & The Temps – Braggin
                      • Little Louie & The Finger Cymbals – Shirley
                      • The Original Spacemen – Gemini Rock
                      • Y-Dells – Sneakin Away
                      • LP£18.99
                        Out of stock
                      • CD£11.99
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                      Midnight In Tokyo Vol. 3Various ArtistsStudio Mule
                      The third volume of Studio Mule excellent 'Midnight In Tokyo' series focuses on obscure soul, disco, and new wave gems from Japan. Highly recommended!
                      • Yoko Hatanaka – More Sexy
                      • Masumi Hara – Kimi No Yume
                      • Yuki Nakayamate – Silhouette Call
                      • Atsuo Fujimoto – Theme Of High School Student
                      • Mari Kaneko – Get To Paradise
                      • Tomoko Aran – Hannya
                      • Masako Miyazaki – Fantasy
                      • Junko Sakurada – Watashi No Koukoku
                      • Kangaroo – Sunshine Bright On Me
                      • Maiko Okamoto – Stranger's Night
                      • The Fad – Singing Lady
                      • The Eastern Gang – Magic Eyes
                      • Rinda Yamamoto – Crazy Baby
                      • Tomoko Aran – I'm In Love
                      • 2×LP£23.99
                        Out of stock
                      • CD£10.99
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                      Rough Trade Shops Presents: Counter Culture 2018Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops
                      The annual round up of what Rough Trade loved from 2018. Featuring tracks from the likes of Sudan Archives, Smerz, Nubya Garcia, Tirzah and loads more!
                        • 2×LP£20.99
                          In stockAdd to Bag
                        • 2×CD£10.99
                          Out of stock
                        Studio One Black Man's Pride 3 : None Shall Escape The Judgement Of The AlmightySoul Jazz Records
                        This is the latest new installment of Soul Jazz Records’ on-going collection of Rastafarian music at Studio One, featuring classic material from legendary...
                        • Horace Andy – Conscious Dread Lock
                        • The Gladiators – A Prayer To Thee
                        • Freddie McGregor – Beat Down Babylon
                        • The Manchesters – Selassie Bandman
                        • The Mellodies – Dread Oppression
                        • Big Joe – Jah Jah Help Us
                        • Horace Andy – Oh Lord Why Lord
                        • Lloyd Jones & The Super Natural Six – Get Up and Try
                        • The Wailing Souls – Can't Catch Me
                        • The Nightingales – Jehovah
                        • Alphanso Stewart – It's No Secret
                        • Errol Dunkley – Satisfaction
                        • Mr Manchester – Give Natty Dread Glory
                        • Lincoln (Sugar) Minott – Wrong Doers
                        • Noel Campbell & The Gladiators Band – Sufferation
                        • African Brothers – No Cup No Brock
                        • Zoot Simms – When The Time Comes
                        • Glen Miller – Whey No Dead
                        Mobilisation Générale: Protest and Spirit Jazz from France (1970-1976)Various ArtistsBorn Bad Records
                        Amazing collection of French jazz from the 70s on Born Bad Records. features tracks from Brigitte Fontaine, François Tusques, Alfred Panou and many more....
                          • 2×LP£24.99
                            Out of stock
                          • CD£12.99
                            In stockAdd to Bag
                          First Class Rock Steady17 North Parade
                          Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Rocksteady music genre, 17 North Parade presents "First Class Rocksteady". The collection captures...
                            Bitteschön, Philophon!Various ArtistsPhilophon
                            "Bitteschon, Philophon!" is a "best of" selection taken from the fifteen 7" releases by the Berlin-based label Philophon. Features Jimi Tenor, Alemayehu...
                            • Guy One – Estre (feat. Florence Adooni)
                            • Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem
                            • Jimi Tenor – My Mind Will Travel (Teen Party Edit)
                            • Y-Bayani and Baby Naa & their Band of Enlightenment Reason and Love – Rehwe Mie Enyim
                            • Bajka – Invisible Joy
                            • Lee Dodou & The Polyversal Souls – Basa Basa
                            • Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy – Mam Yinne Wa
                            • Hailu Mergia – Yegle Nesh
                            • Y-Bayani & His Band of Enlightenment Reason and Love – Asembi Ara Amba
                            • The Polyversal Souls – Portrait of Alemayehu (daytime)
                            • 1. Guy One – Estre (feat. Florence Adooni)
                            • 2. Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem
                            • 3. Jimi Tenor – My Mind Will Travel (Teen Party Edit)
                            • View full info and tracklisting

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                            TRThe Black EPRoom II Records
                            Strong release from TR who mixes p-funk and acid into these three tropical-themed house tracks! 
                            • TR – Fantasia
                            • TR – UB City
                            • TR – 10AM Acid Jam
                            Jack CutterSerpent Strut (Larry Heard remixes)Claremont 56
                            Bonus 12" of extra Larry Heard remixes of Jack Cutter's mid tempo Balearic gem, 'Serpent Strut' - limited copies available!
                            • Jack Cutter – Serpent Strut (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Club Mix)
                            • Jack Cutter – Serpent Strut (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Instrumental Mix)
                            • Jack Cutter – Serpent Strut (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Mix)
                            • 1. Serpent Strut (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Club Mix)
                            • 2. Serpent Strut (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Instrumental Mix)
                            • 3. Serpent Strut (Larry Heard's Fingers Deep Mix)
                            • View full info and tracklisting
                            Alice SmithLove Endeavour (feat. Maurice Fulton remixes)South Street
                            Reissue of this KILLER Maurice Fulton production that has been in demand since it's original 2006 release (fetching £100+). One of his finest to day mixing...
                            • Alice Smith – Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Vocal Remix)
                            • Alice Smith – Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Instrumental Remix)
                            • 12"£8.99
                              Out of stock
                            Robert DallasTrust & BelieveRoom In The Sky
                            New roots vocal cut of a re-lick of Aswad's killer "Warrior Charge" riddim plus Vin Gordon's Trombone version on the flip.
                            • Robert Dallas – Trust & Believe
                            • Vin Gordon – Warrior Charge
                            • 7"£5.99
                              Out of stock
                            Francois KFK-EPWave Music
                            Reissue of Francois Kevorkian's CLASSIC 'FK EP' from 1995 - forward-thinking house and techno from the time featuring the essential cuts, 'Hypnodelic'...
                            • Francois K – Hypnodelic
                            • Francois K – Mindspeak
                            • Francois K – Edge Of Time
                            • Francois K – Moov
                            • 12"£9.99
                              Out of stock
                            Peggy GouIt Makes You Forget (Itgehane) [Remixes]Ninja Tune
                            Peggy Gou invites Jamal Moss, I:Cube and Jay Daniel to rework the anthemic ‘It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)’ - expect some rough Chicago basement-style...
                            • Peggy Gou – It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (Jamal Moss ChicagoPhonic Sound System Remix)
                            • Peggy Gou – It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (Jay Daniel Remix)
                            • Peggy Gou – It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (I:Cube Remix)
                            • Peggy Gou – It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (I:Cube Parallel Dub)
                            • 1. It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (Jamal Moss ChicagoPhonic Sound System Remix)
                            • 2. It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (Jay Daniel Remix)
                            • 3. It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (I:Cube Remix)
                            • View full info and tracklisting
                            • 12"£10.99
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                            ArsivplakSeker Oglan EPArsivplak
                            Arsivplak re-edits and remodels some sleazy Turkish disco fire on this party-starting 45!
                            • Arsivplak – Şeker Oğlan
                            • Arsivplak – Sarı Kız
                            • Arsivplak – Karam
                            • Arsivplak – Kol Havası
                            • 7"£10.99
                              Out of stock
                            Mukatsuku Presents: Biosis Now / Afro Train Bahamas Tropical Funk Vs Ivory Coast Afro FunkVarious ArtistsMukatsuku
                            Two killer up-beat, afro-funk edits from the Mukatsuku camp - peak time dancefloor movers! 
                            • – Independent Bahamas V's Ivory Coast Afro Funk (Nik's Mukatsuku Edit)
                            • – Tumba Safari (Nik's Mukatsuku Re-Edit)
                            • 7"£6.99
                              Out of stock
                            Jon K / Pat ThomasAsafo / Enye WoaSoundway
                            Two late 80s Ghanaian highlife cuts taken from the catalogue of Nakasi Records. Jon K reworks a traditional Fanti language Asafo company song, 'Asafo...
                            • Jon K – Asafo
                            • Pat Thomas – Enye Woa
                            • 12"£8.99
                              Out of stock
                            DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant NicholsonEl NinoHot Casa
                            Contemporary, party-starting afro-funk heaters from French duo, DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson!
                            • DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson – El Nino
                            • DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson – Fontaine (Drink Drink)
                            • 7"£10.99
                              Out of stock
                            Sympathy For The Devil aka One + OneBy Jean Luc Godard featuring The Rolling Stones (1968)In2film
                            Jean-Luc Godard's Sympathy For The Devil is an exhilarating, provocative pastiche of a motion picture. While the focus of the film is on The Rolling Stones...
                            • Blu-ray Disc£6.99
                              Out of stock
                            Swinging Stars Of DominicaLas Mal Parle / Jam JamSofrito
                            Three minutes of Haitian-styled dancefloor perfection by Dominica’s finest, sixty years in the business; and cattin’ Latin on the flip, injected with...
                              • 7"£6.99
                                Out of stock
                              King Scratch / Guy Du Rosier OrchestraChristmas Time In Nassau / AnatoleSoul Jazz Records
                              Insane percussive heavy 60s party Mambo recorded in the Bahamas + Hypnotic 60s calypso recorded in Port-au-Prince. Caribbean party vibes...
                              • King Scratch & The Bay Street Boys – Christmas Time In Nassau
                              • Guy Du Rosier Orchestra – Anatole
                              Kyle HallEquanimityWild Oats
                              Deep house EP from Detroit wonder, Kyle Hall! Jazzy touches and broken beats added to this strong EP release on his own superb Wild Oats label. Features...
                              • Kyle Hall – Katastematic Pleasure
                              • Kyle Hall – 4wrd Motion
                              • Kyle Hall – No More Moon
                              • Kyle Hall – Ghosten 4 A 2nd X
                              • 12" EP£20.99
                                Out of stock
                              Africa O-Ye!A Celebration Of African MusicGuinness Publishing
                              DESCRIPTION:The sounds of Africa have been infiltrating Western music and culture for some time. This book traces the development of the various musical...
                              • Original Book (700g)£12.00
                                Out of stock
                              PenyaSuper Liminal (Remixed)On The Corner Records
                              From their debut LP, the afro-latin collective have tracks from their superb 'Super Liminal' LP remixed by some of the key associates of On The Corner...
                              • Penya – Cham Bomb (Photay Remix)
                              • Penya – Why So Angry (Sarathy Korwar Remix)
                              • Penya – Search It Out (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
                              • Penya – Iyesa (Daisho Remix)
                              • Penya – Tribes (Al Zanders Remix)
                              • 12" EP£13.99
                                Out of stock
                              PrinceInside the Music and the MasksSt Martin's Griffin
                              NEW USA IMPORT PAPERBACK £6 BARGAIN! Prince is the first book to give full treatment to his thirty-five-year career. Acclaimed music journalist Ronin...
                              • Book (450g)£12.99 £6.00
                                Out of stock
                              Scott GroovesThe Human Voice EPModified Suede
                              Deep vocal house business from Detroit! More killer wares from the legend known as Scott Grooves!
                              • Scott Grooves – Some Good Music
                              • Scott Grooves – Yongo Breeze
                              • Scott Grooves – We Move
                              • Scott Grooves – We Move (Acapella)
                              • 12"£12.99
                                Out of stock
                              New York In The 70sSoHo Blues - A Personal Photographic DiaryOverlook Duckworth
                              NEARLY 50% OFF. DELUXE LARGE FORMAT USA IMPORT PAPERBACK. KILLER! 100s of Wicked New York pix - From Studio 54 & The Mud Club disco, early CBGBs punk...
                              RothadamRebelShella Records
                              Back in stock..One of the deepest and most sought after roots 45s to ever come out of Canada! Recorded and released in Toronto circa 1975.
                              • Rothadam – Rebel
                              • Rothadam – I Was Born To Be A Rebel
                              • 7"£7.99
                                Out of stock
                              The Record Players:The Story Of Dance Music Told By History's Greatest DJsBy Bill Brewster and Frank BroughtonVirgin Books
                              OVER 50% OFF USA IMPORT PAPERBACK BOOK 450+ PAGES - Wicked!From the writers of 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life', Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton have come...
                              Rough Trade Shops Presents: Counter Culture 2018Various ArtistsRough Trade Shops
                              The annual round up of what Rough Trade loved from 2018. Featuring tracks from the likes of Sudan Archives, Smerz, Nubya Garcia, Tirzah and loads more!
                                • 2×LP£20.99
                                  In stockAdd to Bag
                                • 2×CD£10.99
                                  Out of stock
                                Highlife Saturday NightPopular Music and Social Change in Urban Ghana
                                WICKED BOOK! USA IMPORT PAPERBACK 60% OFF!!!! Highlife Saturday Night captures the vibrancy of Saturday nights in Ghana-when musicians took to the stage...
                                Trio TernuraGiraMelodies International
                                Essential reissue! All time classic Brazilian track reissued for the first time! ‘A Gira’ fuses Brazilian influences with percussive poly-rhythms....
                                • Trio Ternura – A Gira
                                • Trio Ternura – Last Tango In Paris
                                • 7"£11.99
                                  Out of stock