• 2. THE SEAL
      • 3. WINDMILL HILL
      • 4. DENIM
      • 5. HUNGRY ARE WE
      • 6. AH YEH
      • 7. BLOOD MILES
      • 8. SECRETS (CD & Digital Only)
      • 9. CELLOPHANE

      This is the fourth Beak> studio album, imaginatively titled ‘>>>>’. At its core we always wanted it to be head music, listened to as an album, not as individual songs. This is why we are releasing this album with no upfront singles or promo tracks.

      The recording & writing initially began in a house called Pen Y Bryn in Talsarnau, Wales in the fall out from the weirdness of the covid days. Remote and with only ourselves and the view of Portmeirion in the distance we got to work.

      With the opening track, ‘Strawberry Line’ as the metronomic guide for the album, we then resumed recording, as before, at Invada studios in Bristol, whilst still touring around Europe & North/South America.

      After playing hundreds of gigs & festivals over the years we felt that touring had started to influence our writing to the point we weren’t sure who we were anymore. So we decided to go back to the origins of where we were at on our first album. With zero expectations and just playing together in a room.

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        Mica LeviZola (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Invada
        Zola (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), featuring incredible original score by Mica Levi intertwined with dialogue from the Janicza Bravo film.
          • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) LSINV263LP£24.00
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          Cliff MartinezDrive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Invada
          The soundtrack to Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Drive' needs no introduction, and is hailed one of the greatest and most iconic film scores of recent times.
            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) INV106LP23£31.00
              Limited glow in the dark edition pressing
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            Gazelle Twin & Max de WardenerThe Power (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Invada
            Gazelle Twin and Max de Wardener's synth score to Corinna Faith's horror, The Power.
              • LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code INV256LP£22.00
                Limited white vinyl edition
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              Clint Mansell & Clint WalshBerlinInvada
              Clint Mansell and Clint Walsh’s reimagining of Lou Reed’s 1973 album ‘Berlin'. A blend of jangly goth-pop, early ‘90s synth, and classic singer-songwriter...
                • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) INV247LP£23.00
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                Kyle Dixon & Michael SteinStranger Things: Volume OneInvada
                Vinyl now in stock! Official issue of the spellbinding, John Carpenter-inspired, synth-heavy soundtrack to 1980s-set horror series ‘Stranger...
                • – Stranger Things
                • – Kids
                • – Nancy And Barb
                • – This Isn't You
                • – Lay-Z-Boy