Willie Bobo Do What You Want To Do...

  • 1. Do What You Want To Do
  • 2. Shut Up and Pay Attention
  • 3. Hindi
  • 4. Come Together
  • 5. Soul Foo Yong
  • 6. Broasted or Fried
  • 7. The Thrill Is Gone
  • 8. How Can I Say Goodbye
  • 9. Never You Mind

Surely one of the most sought after Willie Bobo albums! A slamming album of hard funky instrumentals!

The album is a killer all the way through, a mixture of Latin and deep 70s Funk, one of the few perfect fusions of the styles. Includes the beautiful "Do What You Want to Do", "Broasted or Fried", and "Soul Foo Yong"