White Ring Black Earth That Made Me

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  • 1. IXC999
  • 2. king
  • 3. hands2holdudown
  • 4. roses
  • 5. suffocation
  • 6. faded
  • 7. we rot

Eerie, unsettling sounds blending heavy, distorted electronics with creepily sublime vocals, loitering with intent on the outskirts of pop music.

White Ring (Bryan Kurkimilis and Kendra Malia) met on the internet in 2007 and started an email correspondence and exchanged ideas and opinions about trance, rap, ebm, neo-folk, metal, loss, acceptance, and the boundaries of accessibility. Rocket Girl are reissuing their Black Earth that Made Me EP (going for a hundred dollars on ebay), adding the bonus track 'Suffocation', with the debut full-length due out next year.