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  • 1. Discipline
  • 2. Bones

Untold is back with two sick tracks for his second release on Hemlock, once again showing the label is not scared to journey into unfamiliar sonic territory.  Discipline is a dark mash-up of bass and Latin percussion strung together loosely with Untold’s trademark drum programming. An authoritative piece of music. 

'Bones' skips along with a killer tambourine break underpinned by angry bass snarls. An infectious ravey synth riff and haunting vocals take the tune in and out of the shadows. Weird, Fun dancefloor material. Tracks are receiving radio play and support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Scuba, TRG,Headhunter, Joe Nice.

Hemlock is a new dubstep label for a deeper dance floor with beautiful packaging. Founders Andy Spencer and Jack Dunning a.k.a Untold (Hessle Audio, BOKA) will nurture an imprint that will age gracefully, explore and inspire. Quality control is paramount.

Highly Recommended!!!!