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  • 1. Sandsnake
  • 2. Skream – Movin Snares

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Skream launches his own imprint Disfigured Dubz. As Altern 8 said Watch your bass bins I'm telling ya" . Arguably the biggest name in Dubstep and probably the most prolific producer too, Skream provides a more personal outlet for his creative genius on his own label. Moving Snares hurtle along at breakneck speed while techno textures, buzz saw effects and a driving insistent synthesised melody demonstrate why dubstep is the most intense, exciting music around at the moment. On ‘Sandsnake’ Skream teams up with Cluekid, better know for his Collabs with Cotti. A consistent fixture on his Rinse FM show, the track has a cheeky flute-esque melody with tough riffle shot snares that lead into a dutty bass grind that refuses to be pinned to one motif. Miss it at your peril