Tradi-Mods Vs Rockers Alternative Takes On Congotronics

  • 1. deerhoof vs kasai allstars – travel broadens the mind
  • 2. animal collective vs kasai allstars – quick as white
  • 3. andrew bird vs konono no.1 & sobanza mimanisa – ohnomo/kiwembo
  • 4. tussle vs konon no.1 – soft crush
  • 5. glenn kotche vs konono no.1 – traducteur de transmission
  • 6. lonely drifter karen vs kasai allstars – Hunting on the Moon
  • 7. jherek bischoff vs konono no.1 – Kule Kule (Orchestral Version)
  • 8. woom vs kasai allstars – enter the chief
  • 9. juana molina vs kasai allstars – hay supe que viajas
  • 10. mark ernestus vs konono no.1 – masikulu dub
  • 11. skeletons vs sobanza mimanisa – kiwembo/unstuck
  • 12. jolie holland & joel hamilton vs kasai alllsatars – nyeka nyeka
  • 13. aksak maboul vs kasai allstars – land dispute
  • 14. shackleton vs kasai allstars – mukuba special
  • 15. hoquets vs konono no.1 – likembes
  • 16. micachu & the shapes vs konono no.1 – n.o.k
  • 17. megafun vs kisanzi kongo – conjugal mirage
  • 18. au vs masanka sankayi – two labors
  • 19. alla vs basokin – mulu(me)
  • 20. bear bones, lay low vs konono no.1 – kuletronics
  • 21. burnt friedman vs konono no.1 – rubaczech
  • 22. oneida vs konono no.1 – nombre 1!
  • 23. optimo vs konono no.1 – wumbanzanga
  • 24. bass clef vs kasai allstars – the incident at mbuji-mayi
  • 25. ey3 vs konono no.1 – konono wa wa wa
  • 26. sylvain chauveau vs konono no.1 – makembe

The Congotronics series has spawned a fervent following in the world of indie rock and electronic music... and now that world answers back in musical form!

Crammed has asked a carefully chosen list of musicians (including Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Shackleton and many more) to come up with their own personal take on Congotronics. The result is this epic double album, consisting of 26 brand-new tracks from a wild mix of artists. They include covers, reworks and original compositions inspired by the electrifying sounds of Konono N°1, Kasai Allstars and other bands who play electrified traditional music (also known as "tradi-modern").

Most of the contributions blur the boundaries between reinventions and covers versions, reworks and homages. Featured artists include prominent US indie bands such as Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Andrew Bird, Megafaun, Oneida, Portland's AU, New York's Skeletons and Chicago's Allá, unique personalities such as Juana Molina, Jolie Holland and Glenn Kotche (of Wilco), London's mutant pop sensation Micachu & The Shapes, innovative electronic music producers such as Shackleton, Optimo and Bass Clef from the UK, and Germany's Burnt Friedman and Mark Ernestus (of Basic Channel and Maurizio fame), a rare appearance by the label's seminal band Aksak Maboul and many more. The Congotronics bands paid tribute to are primarily Konono N°1 and Kasai Allstars, but also Sobanza Mimanisa, Kisanzi Congo, and Kasai Allstars offshoots Masanka Sankayi and Basokin.

The album booklet includes quotes and statements by all contributors, who explain what drew them to Congotronics, and/or how they approached their track.

Very highly Recommended!!!