Tom Trago Iris Remixes - Larry Heard / Linkwood / Kink

Rush Hour
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  • 1. What You Do (feat. Tyree Cooper) - Larry Heard's Fingers Dub Mix
  • 2. Being With You (Linkwood Remix)
  • 3. What You Do (feat. Tyree Cooper) - Kink's Vocal Remix
  • 4. What You Do (feat. Tyree Cooper) - Kink's Instrumental Remix

Breathing new life into Tom Trago's 2011 Iris album comes this heavy remix package consisting of house dons Larry Heard, KINK and Linkwood!!!!!!!!

Larry Heard applies his magic fingers to "What You Do",turning up a deep and emotional, melodic rework. Linkwood takes "Being With You" on a hi-tech soul spin whilst Kink produces an epic, frenzied house of "What You Do".