Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers The Witch Doctor (Tone Poet Edition)

    Blue Note
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      Tone Poet audiophile vinyl edition
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      • 1. The Witch Doctor
      • 2. Afrique
      • 3. Those Who Sit And Wait
      • 4. A Little Busy
      • 5. Joelle
      • 6. Lost And Found

      Recorded in 1961, but not released until 1967, The Witch Doctor features one of Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers’ all-time great line-ups: Wayne Shorter on tenor saxophone, Lee Morgan on trumpet, Bobby Timmons on piano, and Jymie Merritt on bass. Shorter and Morgan each contribute two tunes, with Timmons penning one.

      Highlights include Morgan’s spectacular 6/8 modal piece “Afrique” and Shorter’s minor masterpiece “Those Who Sit And Wait.” Bobby Timmons brings the deep soul goods on his composition “A Little Busy,” and the album closes with a fleet-footed romp through Clifford Jordan’s tune “Lost and Found.”

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