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  • 1. Rick Russo Introduction [Previously Unissued]
  • 2. Marshall Allen - Untitled Wind Synthesizer Intro
  • 3. Sun Ra - Untitled Keyboard Solo 1
  • 4. John Cage - Empty Words (Vocal Solo)
  • 5. John Cage - Empty Words (Silent Solo)
  • 6. John Cage - Empty Words (Vocal Solo)
  • 7. Sun Ra - Untitled Keyboard Solo 2
  • 8. Sun Ra - We Hold This Myth To Be Potential [Previously Unissued]
  • 9. Sun Ra - The Damned Air [Previously Unissued]
  • 10. John Cage - Empty Words (Vocal Solo) [Previously Unissued]
  • 11. John Cage - Empty Words (Silent Solo) [Previously Unissued]
  • 12. John Cage - Empty Words (Vocal Solo) [Previously Unissued]
  • 13. Sun Ra - The Living Parable [Previously Unissued]
  • 14. Sun Ra - This Is The Space Age [Previously Unissued]
  • 15. Sun Ra - Untitled Keyboard Solo 3 [Previously Unissued]
  • 16. Sun Ra - Enlightenment (featuring June Tyson) [Previously Unissued]
  • 17. Sun Ra - Untitled Keyboard Solo 4
  • 18. John Cage and Sun Ra - Silent Duet
  • 19. John Cage and Sun Ra - Empty Words And Keyboard
  • 20. John Cage and Sun Ra - Silent Duet 2
  • 21. Untitled Keyboard Solo 5

In June 1986, two 20th century heavyweights John Cage and Sun Ra came together in a Coney Island freak show for a one-off performance that has assumed truly legendary status.

Recorded and subsequently released in “unedited segments” the following year by Meltdown Records, the collaboration at Sideshows By The Sea has become one of the most sought after records in either discography.

Rare documentary proof of what really happened when John Cage met Sun Ra, it’s a record replete with dissonant electronics, astral flourishes, vocal experimentations and, as you’d expect from Cage, moments of profound silence. 

Modern Harmonic reissue the music at the concert as a deluxe, monophonic double, clear double vinyl and CD release for the first time, featuring over twenty five minutes of previously unheard music, and accompanied by liner notes from writer Howard Mandel, who was in the audience that night. 

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